Things To Do This Weekend, 21st-22nd December

The Shard in front of a sunrise in London.

If you need some inspiration for what to do this weekend then look no further! We've looked at what's on and chosen our top picks.

Make A Manga Comic

The British Museum have got a brilliant free drop-in session at their Samsung Centre on Saturday. Kids over 5 can make their own manga comic! It’s a chance to learn about the design language and story-telling techniques of manga and create a comic using your own photos!

My First Christmas

On Saturday you can celebrate your little one’s first Christmas at Welwyn Garden City. This multisensory class with Music Bugs is perfect for babies under 12 months. Expect singalongs, acoustic music, festive fun and a free gift.

So Board At The Old Nun’s Head

If you’re a family of board game buffs then head to the Old Nun’s Head on Sunday for 5-hours of fun! So Board host a monthly games session where you and your family can play your favourites as well as give some new ones a try. Whether you’re into party games, trivia or mysteries, the 160 games means there's bound to be something that appeals to you. The board games available mean this is best suited to kids over 8.

Get competitive with So Board

The View From The Shard

Head up one of the most iconic buildings of London’s skyline this weekend. The View From The Shard takes you right to the top and is the best way to see the city. At 800ft high, you’ll be on Cloud 9!

Christmas Magic Show

The Christmas Magic Show at the Twisted Fork is on Sunday and it’s set to be spellbinding. Have a look at our recent blog post of reasons why your kids will love it. There’ll be some classic tricks as well as some magic you’ll have never seen before. It’s great for kids between 3 and 9 years old.

The Museum of The Moon

The Natural History Museum is currently hosting a beautiful installation that features a replica of the moon. The 6-metre model even has NASA footage of the moon’s surface reflected on it, it’s out of this world! 


Head to Kidzania this weekend and your kids will have the opportunity to help run this indoor city! It’s their chance to try out a range of jobs, whether they want to be a vet or a radio DJ, they can give it all a go! Have a look at our blog post full of top tips.

Put out that fire!

Nick Cope’s Festive Family Show

Children’s musician Nick Cope is putting on a Festive Family Show! Join him to sing and dance your heart out to some of his classic tunes and new hits. His music is perfect for kids between 2 and 7 and covers a range of relatable topics, from nits to new schools. There’s nothing he can’t turn into a catchy song.

James Bond Walking Tour

Calling all secret agents! This James Bond Walking Tour is a great way to see the city if your kids are over 9. It combines your favourite bits of fiction from the films with real facts about the secret service. Check out familiar locations and famous landmarks as you make your way around London on this top secret mission!

Parliament Hill

If you’re after some fresh air this weekend, head to Parliament Hill. It’s the perfect spot for a view of the city as you kick a ball about, play in the park or explore the woods. There’s a great cafe onsite too!

The Muppets Christmas Carol

The Muppets Christmas Carol is a Christmas family favourite! It’s on this Saturday at Regent Street Cinema as part of the Kids’ Kino club. Look out for the much-loved muppet characters and get ready for plenty of laughter. This film is great for kids over 5.

Join The Muppets for A Christmas Carol

Captain Flinn And The Pirate Dinosaurs: The Magic Cutlass

Ahoy there! Join Captain Flinn and his crew on their search for the Magic Cutlass as they take on an epic adventure. Inspired by the hugely popular kids books, this show is perfect for pirates aged 3 to 8. 

The Diner

A taste of America is closer than you think at this USA inspired diner in Camden. Whether you want to treat yourself to some pancakes or tuck into a burger, The Diner will have something for you. They’ve got a great kid’s menu too!

Christmas By The River

Arguably the Christmas market with the best view, Christmas By The River in London Bridge is definitely worth a visit this weekend. The market is Apres ski themed but it’s definitely still family friendly with plenty of food and gift stalls. There’s even a brilliant Snowman sculpture trail.



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