Things To Do This Weekend, 11th-12th January

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If you’re in need of some inspiration to combat those January blues then look no further. We’ve rounded up the best of what’s on this weekend to help you kick-start the term with a bang!

The Cat In The Hat - Last Chance!

This Saturday is your last chance to catch the beloved Dr Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat live on stage at the Turbine Theatre! You’ll find familiar rhymes and family-favourite characters in this hilarious show, featuring original songs and costumes that bring the drawings right off the page!

the cat in the hat

Colour The Collection

Looking for some free creative fun? Head to the British Museum for this drop-in digital workshop where your budding artists will be able to redesign classic art pieces using tablet technology. Get imaginative with colour schemes and immerse the kids in culture without them even realising in this innovative, mess-free way! 

So Board at The Four Thieves

What better way is there to spend a rainy Sunday than with an afternoon full of board games? So Board’s weekly game sessions are stocked full of your old family-favourites plus the newest, quirkiest board games for you and the kids to try out. Drop-in to The Four Thieves this Sunday or buy a ticket for 5 hours of unlimited play!

School of Rock - The Musical

Are your kids budding musicians or avid Dewey Finn fans? School of Rock - The Musical brings this childhood favourite film to stage in a burst of music, energy and hilarity that is guaranteed to have you up rocking on your feet and grabbing the nearest guitar. Read more about why we think you’ll love it here.

school of rock the musical

Mary Poppins Returns at Kids' Kino Club

Need a little help teaching the kids to settle down post-Christmas? The heartwarming Mary Poppins Returns is showing at Regent Street Cinema’s weekly Kids’ Kino Club this Saturday! Spend the morning singing, dancing, laughing and learning with everyone’s favourite Nanny. 

Vegan Chocolate Truffles Workshop

Trying Veganuary? You can still get your chocoholic fix at R&M Fine Chocolate’s vegan chocolate making workshop this Sunday, where you’ll learn to make delicious truffles and bring them home for the family to enjoy. Who said indulgence had to stop with Christmas?

Plonk Crazy Golf

Missing your favourite sport this winter? Plonk Crazy Golf in Islington is a unique indoor 7-hole golf experience perfect for getting playful inside during those drizzly January days. Round up the family and head to this quirky crazy golf course just off Holloway Road this weekend!

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Another beloved children’s book adaptation, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, is coming to the end of its run at the Royal Haymarket Theatre this month. You only have two weeks more to step into this delightful story on stage featuring sing-along songs and teatime frivolity that the whole family will love!

Year 3 at The Tate Britain

Turner Prize and Oscar winner Steve McQueen brings together hundreds of Year 3 class portraits in this nostalgic new exhibition at the Tate Britain. You’ll be touched by this unique and hopeful depiction of our future generations and your kids will be introduced to art in a wonderfully relatable way.

& Juliet

& Juliet 

Who doesn’t love a new twist on a classic? Shaftesbury Theatre’s & Juliet rewrites the end of Shakespeare’s most famous play to bring Juliet centre stage in a celebration of female empowerment and iconic pop music and in this glitzy, fun-loving musical. If you want to make a real girls day of it, you can even bag a free prosecco afternoon tea at Cafe Rouge with this ticket.

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