The Ultimate List Of Three-Syllable Girl Names

Pregnant mother thinks about the ultimate list of three-syllable girl names.

Looking for the perfect name for your baby girl?

Naming a new baby is one of the biggest decisions that every new parent faces.

We’re sharing adorable three-syllable girl names, along with their meanings and origins to help you find that perfect baby name.

1) Adeline - Of French origin meaning “noble”.

2) Alanna - Of Gaelic origin meaning “noble, harmony and fair”.

3) Ariel - Of Hebrew origin meaning “lioness of God”.

4) Amira - Of Arabic origin meaning “princess”.

5) Athena - Of Greek origin meaning “goddess of wisdom”.

6) Bethany - Of Hebrew origin meaning “daughter of the lord”.

7) Belinda - Of Spanish origin meaning “beautiful”.

8) Belisha - Of Italian origin meaning “fair; lovely one”.

9) Briana -  Of Celtic origin meaning “strong”.

10) Bianca - Of Italian origin meaning “white”.

11) Bryony - Of Latin origin meaning “to sprout”.

12) Camilla - Of Latin origin meaning “servant for the temple”.

13) Carissa - Of Greek origin meaning “loving”.

14) Catalina - Of Spanish origin meaning “pure”.

15) Christina - Of Latin origin meaning “the one who is a follower of Christ”.

16) Claudia - Of Latin origin meaning “lame”.

17) Daniella - Of Hebrew origin meaning “god is my judge”.

18) Davina - Of Scottish origin meaning “beloved”.

19) Deborah - Of Hebrew origin meaning “bee”.

20) Destiny - Of Latin origin meaning “one’s fate”.

21) Dominique - Of French origin name meaning “of the lord”.

22) Eliza - Of Hebrew Origin - meaning “consecrated to god”.

23) Eloise - Of French Origin meaning “battle maiden”.

24) Eleanor - Of Greek origin meaning “bright, shining one”.

25) Elodie - Of French origin meaning “foreign riches”.

26) Emily - Of Latin origin meaning “one who is industrious”.

27) Fiona - Of Celtic origin meaning “white, fair”.

28) Francesca - Of Latin origin meaning “from France”.

29) Flavia - Of Latin origin meaning “yellow hair”.

30) Fortuna - Of Latin origin meaning “good fate”.

31) Felicia - Of Latin origin meaning “happy, lucky”.

32) Gabrielle - Of Hebrew origin meaning “god is my strength”.

33) Geneva - Of French origin meaning “Juniper berry”.

34) Genevieve - Of French origin name meaning “woman of the family”.

35) Georgina - Of Greek origin meaning “farmer”.

36) Gloria - Of Latin origin meaning “glory”.

37) Harriet - Of English origin meaning “the ruler of the home”.

38) Harmony - Of English origin meaning “unison and peace”.

39) Havanna - Of English origin may derive from the word “heaven”.

40) Helena - Of Greek origin meaning “light”.

41) Henriette - Of French origin meaning “keeper of the Earth”.

42) Iesha - Of Arabic origin Meaning “alive and well”.

43) Imani - Of Swahili origin meaning “faith”.

44) Imogen - Of Irish origin meaning “maiden, innocent”.

45) Inayah - Of Arabic origin meaning “solitude, kindness or grace”.

46) Isabel - Of Spanish origin meaning “consecrated to god”.

47) Jessica - Of Hebrew origin meaning “god sees”.

48) Jennifer - Of English origin meaning “fair spirit”.

49) Juliet - Of French origin meaning “the child of Jove and the one who is full of youth”.

50) Juniper - Of Latin origin meaning “the one who produces youth”.

51) Karima - Of Arabic origin meaning “noble and generous”.

52) Kiana - Of Indo European meaning “light”.

53) Kimberly - Of English origin meaning “royal fortress meadow”.

54) Klaudia - Of Latin origin meaning “limping”.

55) Leona - Of Latin origin meaning “like a lion”.

56) Liana - Of Latin origin meaning “youth”.

57) Louisa - Of Latin origin meaning “the one who is a renowned warrior”.  

58) Lucinda - Of Spanish origin meaning “light”.

59) Lydia - Of Greek origin meaning “beauty”.

60) Madelyn - Of Greek Origin - meaning “high tower”.

61) Matilda - Of German origin meaning “power”.

62) Melissa - Of Greek origin meaning “bee and honey”.

63) Melody - Of Greek origin - meaning “song-like”.

64) Nadia - Of Greek origin meaning “hope”.

65) Nakita - Of Greek origin meaning “victory of the people”.

66) Naomi - Of Hebrew origin meaning “sweet, pleasant”.

67) Nicolette - Of French origin meaning “victory of people”.

68) Oceana - Of Greek origin meaning “from the sea”.

69) Olina - Of Hawaiian origin meaning “joyous”.

70) Ophelia - Of Greek origin meaning “to help”.

71) Ottilie - Of French origin meaning “prosperous in battle”.

72) Pandora - Of Greek origin meaning “all gifted”.

73) Peony - Of Greek origin meaning “healing”.

74) Philipa - Of Greek origin meaning “lover of horses”.

75) Priscilla - Of Latin origin meaning “of ancient time”.

76) Quintina - Of Latin origin name meaning “fifth”.

77) Qianru - Of Chinese origin meaning “pretty smile”.

78) Rhiannon - Of Welsh origin meaning “great queen”.

79) Roberta - Of German origin meaning “bright, famous one”.

80) Romilly - Of Latin origin meaning “strength”.

81) Rosalie- Of Latin origin meaning “rose”.

82) Rihanna - Of Celtic origin meaning “goddess”.

83) Sadia - Of Hebrew origin meaning “princess, lady”.

84) Sophia - Of Greek origin meaning “Wisdom”.

85) Savannah - Of Spanish origin meaning “treeless plain”.

86) Stephanie - Of Greek origin meaning “crown”.

87) Tabitha - Of Aramaic origin meaning “gazelle”.

88) Talia - Of Hebrew origin name meaning “dew from heaven”.

89) Tallulah - Of American origin meaning “running water”.

90) Tianna - Of Latin origin meaning “Christian woman”.

91) Tiffany - Of Greek origin meaning “Gods appearance”.

92) Ursula - Of Latin origin meaning “little female bear”.

93) Uriana - Of Greek origin meaning “heavenly”.

94) Uniqua - Of Latin origin meaning “only one”.

95) Valerie - Of Latin origin meaning “healthy, strong and valiant”.

96) Vanessa - Of Greek origin meaning “butterfly”.

97) Verity - Of Latin origin meaning “truth”.

98) Vienna - Of Austrian origin meaning “forest stream”.

99) Vivienne - Of Latin origin meaning “alive”.

100) Waverly - Of English origin meaning “meadow of quivering aspens”.

101) Wendelin - Of German Origin meaning “wanderer”.

102) Winona - Of Sioux origin meaning “firstborn daughter”.

103) Yolanda - Of Greek origin meaning “violet”.

104) Yoselyn - Of Latin origin meaning “joyous”.

105) Zakiya - Of Hebrew origin meaning “pure”.

106) Zabrina - Of Celtic origin meaning “a Welsh river name”.

107) Zahara - Of Arabic origin meaning “flower”.

108) Zelena - Of Hebrew origin meaning “careful, protective”.



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