The Best Things To Do in Watford's Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park in West Watford is the town's largest park, covering 190 acres of open green space to explore with your little ones. With wonderful woodland trails, gorgeous green spaces and tonnes of unique family activities to enjoy, Cassiobury Park is one you can easily spend a whole day in and certainly one of the best things to do in Watford on a balmy day.

Essential Things To Do in Cassiobury Park

Explore the Local Nature Reserve

Hosting a wonderful nature reserve which is home to over 70 bird species, Muntjac deer, foxes and even bats, this Watford Park is the perfect place for your little nature lovers to explore. Take your binoculars along and head out for a great day of bird-watching with the children!

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Get Playful in the Splash Park

Cassiobury Park opens one of it's funnest features in summer with their awesome Splash Park and paddling pool playground for children 14 years and under! Check back for their opening times when the weather gets warmer and grab your swimsuit for a day of wild wet play. There is also a smaller playground for children up to 6 years old open all year round, with all your usual slides and swings for little ones to make use of.

Paddle Under the Rustic Bridge

Running under the beautiful Rustic Bridge, walk along Watford's trickling river or even take a paddle on warmer days. Don't forget your net to join the other children newt-catching along the way!

Take a Ride on their Miniature Railway

To take your day out to a whole new level of excitement, don't miss the park's amazing miniature railway! With a small charge of just £1.50 per person, the railway runs during weekends, school holidays and bank holidays and is one reason why this park is the most-loved in Watford.

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Get Active!

Cassiobury Park also boasts a whole heap of diverse sports facilities to get the kids active, with paid-for adrenaline-filled trampolines and zipwires, two outdoor gyms, a vast football pitch and even a fishing lake on site.

Spend Your Special Events Here

As well as all of these wonderful regular facilities, Cassiobury Park also hosts heaps of events throughout the year. From their renowned firework displays for bonfire night, school holiday bouncy castles and Cassiobury Farm event days during the summer to visit everything from meerkats to flamingos, be sure to search what's on when you visit.

Things To Know Before You Visit

Cassiobury Park s free and open to the public every day. The park never officially closes, but the car park does shut at 9pm so watch out! An on site car park is available for public parking 6am-9pm but is likely to be very busy between 2pm - 4pm on weekends, in which case on-street free parking is available (check for restrictions). The park is also easily accessible by public transport, being just minutes from Watford underground station, Watford Junction and Watford High Street overground stations. Luckily for doggy owners, dogs are allowed everywhere in Cassiobury Park - just not in the playgrounds! If you need some refreshment during your day of walking, splashing, jumping and wildlife-spotting, there is the great Cha Cafe on site serving delicious drinks and treats all year round (open 11am-5pm on weekends!).

With its wonderful walks, great green space, nests of nature to search amongst and so many fun family facilities available to use, Cassiobury is one of Watford's best parks that is sure to provide a jam-packed day for your kids to remember.

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