The Best 41 Girl Names Ending In On

A young baby girl wearing a pink jumper looking beyond the camera.

Are you looking for a traditional name for your baby or something more popular?

We have rounded up 40 of the best girl names which end in on. From around the world, these names are all unique in their way and are perfect for a baby girl.

Each of the names on our list, also include the origins of the name and the meanings behind them. So you can find the perfect name for your baby girl.

Popular Baby Girl Names Ending In On

Suppose you're looking for a popular girls' name for your baby which also ends in on. You have come to the right place! Here are some of the most popular girl names that end in on.

1. Addison (English origin) Addison is a baby name meaning 'child of Adam'.  Addison consists of several spellings including Adison and Adisen.

2. Addyson (American origin) another spelling of the name Addison, which is a popular name in the USA.

3. Cameron (Scottish origin) although the name Cameron is gender-neutral, the name Cameron was made famous by celebrity Cameron Diaz. Despite the name meaning 'bent nose.'

4. Emerson (German origin) the original meaning of Emerson is 'son of Emery' and is raising in popularity.

5. Madison (English origin) Madison is one of the top names on the list of girl names ending in on, meaning 'son of Matthew'.

6. Rhiannon (Welsh origin) a Welsh name which has the meaning 'divine queen', perfect for your little princess.

7. Shannon (Irish origin) one of the top names in the list and it means 'little wise owl' in Irish.

Traditional Names Ending In On

If you have a soft spot for more traditional names, we've got some lovely traditional names for your baby girl. These names are not always typical but have traditional roots.

8. Alison (English origin) the name Alison means 'Son of The Noble One' which became a popular girls name in the mid-twentieth century.

9. Hae-Won (Korean origin) a traditional Korean name which means 'of grace and head'.

10. Ffion (Welsh origin) The name Ffion is pronounced like FEE-on and is a Welsh name traditionally meaning 'foxglove.'

11. Jazmon (Persian origin) Jazmon translates to 'gift from God' and is a lovely girl name ending in on.

12. Karon (Danish origin) a name meaning 'pure'. But it is also the Danish variation of the name Katherine.

13. Kirston (Scandinavian origin) A version of the name Christine in Scandinavia.

14. Raison (French origin) a lovely pick of baby names meaning 'thinker.'

15. Saffron (English origin) a name that means 'yellow flower'.

16. Sharon (Hebrew origin) Sharon translates to 'in the holy land of Sharon'.

17. Solon (Greek origin) a name that means 'wise'. A perfect choice of name for a baby.

A baby girl is being held by her father, she is looking over his shoulder and laughing at the camera.

Names After Places Ending In On

Using the name of a place as a name for your baby is becoming increasingly popular. Here are our top picks of baby names which are also names of places ending in on.

18. Brighton (English origin) a name after the seaside town of Brighton in the UK which means 'From The Bright Town.'

19. Dayton (English origin) suitable for both a girl and a boy, the name Dayton has the meaning 'a town full of sunshine.'

20. Devon (Irish origin) the name Devon is a place in Britain, but also means Poet in Irish.

21. London (English origin) a name which has the definition of 'fortress of the moon'. However, it is also popular due to the capital city of Great Britain.

22. Zion (Hebrew origin) the meaning of Zion is 'highest point' and is also a biblical place name.

Two Syllable Names Ending In On

Are you looking for a name which has a certain number of syllables? We have some of the top two syllable names ending in on for you.

23. Ashton (English origin) meaning 'Ash Tree Town' this a unisex name, however, it is currently soaring in popularity as a girls' name.

24. Falon (Irish origin) Falon is a girls' name which translates to 'the leader'.

25. IIon (Greek origin) translates to 'light' and is one of the best girl names ending in on.

26. Lennon (Irish origin) an Irish name which means 'lover'. Lennon is also the surname of the famous musician John Lennon.

27. Nanon (French origin) one of the French baby girl names meaning 'grace'.

28. Sion (Welsh origin) a Welsh variation of Joanna

Three Syllable Names Ending In On

If you are looking for more than two syllables, why not check out our picks for these lovely names consisting of three syllables that end with on.

29. Battzion (Israeli origin) a girls name used in Israel which hosts the meaning 'daughter of Zion.'

30. Briannon (Celtic origin) the name Briannon means 'strong, she ascends' and is the feminine version of the name Brian.

31. Camaron (English origin) the girl name Camaron has the meaning of 'spiritual one.'

32. Remington (English origin) meaning of Remington is 'place on a riverbank.'

Unique Girls' Names Ending In On

If you are searching for a unique name, here are our favourite unique names—that end with on from around the globe.

33. Carmon (English origin) a name which originated in England. When translated, it means 'unique'.

34. Caron (English origin) the name Caron has the meaning of 'loving and kind'.

35. Ellison (English origin) Ellison translates to 'Son of Elias'.

36. Halcyon (Greek origin) meaning 'Kingfisher bird' after the mythical bird Halcyone who could calm the seas.

37. Landon (English origin) is a girls name which means 'long hill', that ends in on.

38. Moon (American origin) a fascinating baby name which means 'from the moon.'

39. Shevon (Gaelic origin) has the meaning of 'God is gracious' and also a variation of Joan.

40. Tarragon (Latin origin) a girls' name of Latin root which means 'aromatic'

41. Yon (Korean origin) a girls' name ending in on that translates as a 'lotus blossom'.



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