100 Best Teddy Bear Names Better Than "Ted"

teddy with teddy bear names

The 'teddy' got its name in 1901, when the president of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt, refused to shoot a cub during a hunting trip. This news spread across the country, and toy bears became widely made and sold across America, called 'Teddy Bears,' after the president, and they've been our worldwide favourite stuffed toy ever since.

Choosing their teddy bear's name lets your child use their imagination, and connect more deeply with their teddy bear. By giving a toy a name and deciding if it's a girl or boy teddy, or a gender-neutral bear, you can create a unique personality for the toy, and they can become the special friend your little one loves and adores for a long time to come.

Finding the perfect name can be hard, but we've come up with some of our favourite teddy bears names to help boost your little one's creativity and bring your bear to life.

We think our list has some of the best teddy bear names out there, and we hope it sparks your imagination to create a special name for your child's special friend.

Cute Teddy Bear Names

Choosing the name for teddy bear can be tough, but sometimes a cute classic is best! Check out our favourite cute choices for some adorable inspiration.

1) Softie

2) Paws

3) Booboo

4) Lucky

5) Buttons

6) Dusty

7) Biff

8) Patch

9) Pebbles

10) Buddy

11) Baby Bear

12) Snowball

Classic Names for a Classic Bears

These old-time classics are the best choice for fancy friends who love attending fancy tea parties!

13) Walter

14) Wally

15) Ralph

16) Maggie

17) Ernie

18) Oscar

19) Barnabas

20) Polo

21) Grace

22) Fred

23) Abigail

24) Nancy

25) Napoleon

26) Clarence

27) Horace

28) Bobby

29) Roger

30) Gilda

The Sweetest Names

If your child has a bear with soft brown fur, these cute, yummy names might be what you choose!

31) Caramel

32) Cherry

33) Choco

34) Honey

35) Cookie

36) Chocolate

37) Sweetie

38) Sugar

39) Yummy

40) Waffle

41) Sprinkles

42) Skittles

43) Cake-pop

44) Brownie

45) Biscuit

Funny Teddy Bear Names

For cheeky bears with naughty tendencies, these popular funny name choices will make you and your child laugh.

46) Eddy the Teddy

47) Fuzzy Wuzzy

48) Mr. Bear

49) Chubbs

50) Grizzly

51) Mr Hugglesworth

52) Bozo

53) Beethoven

54) Mr Fluffles

55) Snuggabug

56) Rocky

57) Blubber

58) Sargent

Girly Names for Teddy Bears

For the sweetest care bears, these popular name choices might be your child's top choice.

59) Buttercup

60) Glitter

61) Twinkle

62) Sunshine

63) Rainbow

64) Kisses

65) Sasha

66) Snowbell

67) Ditsy

68) Belle

69) Queenie

70) Princess

71) Angel

Disney Names

If your child is a big Disney fan, you'll love these name ideas from our favourite Disney movies!

72) Baloo

73) Mickey

74) Minnie

75) Alice

76) Dopey

77) Dumbo

78) Sneezy

79) Pluto

80) Geppetto

81) Bill

82) Nibs

83) Darling

84) Grumpy

85) Spot

86) Oddball

87) Rolly

88) Perdita

Famous Teddy Bear Names

For a child who likes the idea of a bear with a name no one will forget, try out some of these for size.

89) Pooh

90) Piglet

91) Yogi

92) Winnie

93) Paddington

94) Snoopy

95) Simba

96) Nala

97) Woody

98) Buzz

99) Fozzie

100) Duffy



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