Tattershall Farm Park: Everything You Need To Know

Two lambs in the field at Tattershall Park Farm.

Farms are a lovely way to spend meaningful family time together whilst learning and playing.

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, many outdoor places across the country are reopening with new measures in place to protect staff and visitors. Tattershall is one of the best farms in Lincolnshire to visit with the family, so if you're in the area, make sure to pay it a visit.

Outdoor play area for children at Tattershall Park Farm.
Image © Tattershall Farm Park.

Things To Do In Tattershall Farm Park

There's plenty of fun things for you and the family to do at Tattershall Farm Park. There is a huge outdoor play area where your children can run around and have lots of fun, including a zip wire, climbing frame and other areas for them to explore.

The farm's top attraction is their 'encounter' feature, which allows children and families to learn about different animals whilst holding or interacting with them. These animals include guinea pigs, sheep, goats, minibeasts and even reptiles.

If personal encounters with the animals aren't your cup of tea, why not take a walk around the farm and spot all the different kinds of creatures that live along the animal trail? Or sit down and enjoy one of the incredible falconry shows that run at 11am and 1pm every day. This experience is unlike any other, and you'll get to see some beautiful birds of prey in all their glory.

Tattershall Farm also offers some more hands-on activities for the family to take part in, for example, their upcoming August Bushcraft Weekend Camp or the Wreath Making activity coming up in November.

How To Get To Tattershall Farm Park

Address: Marsh Lane Bank Farm, Tattershall, LN4 4JR, Lincolnshire, England.

Finding Tattershall Farm Park can be a little difficult if you're not entirely familiar with the area. Driving to the farm will be your best bet, as it's located within the farm lands of Lincoln. Once you're in Tattershall, you'll need to head towards Woodhall Spa, and take the first left onto Marsh Lane. Marsh Lane is a single track road, there is a small bungalow halfway down the road and you'll want to continue driving after this until you pass the hump. From here the road is a little bumpy so be careful, and once you pass the sign for Moon Lake Fisheries you should be nearly there!

Parking is available on site (including disabled parking).

If you wish to visit the farm for a lovely family day out, there is no booking required and prices are £6.95 per entry, but free for children under two.

Facilities At Tattershall Farm Park

Tattershall Farm Park offers disabled parking spots as well as disabled toilets. Most of the farm (including activities such as the animal trail) is accessible to wheelchairs, buggies and mobility scooters. While service animals are permitted into the farm, staff kindly ask that any other animals stay at home.

Visitors are allowed to bring a picnic for a day out to Tattershall Farm Park, but please make sure to respect the outdoor areas by cleaning up and disposing of your litter in one of the many bins provided. There are picnic benches available as well as an under cover picnic area in the indoor activity centre.

If you don't wish to bring a picnic, there is a lovely cafe available for hot foods that cater for different allergies and dietary restrictions.

COVID-19 Restrictions And Precautions

Social distancing signs at Tattersall Park Farm.
Image © Tattershall Farm Park.

Due to COVID-19 there have been some changes and restrictions made to keep visitors safe. The cafe now offers takeaway food, so you can still enjoy a hot meal if you don't wish to bring food from home. Unfortunately, the indoor play areas and soft play barn aren't open for the time being due to precautionary measures.

All other areas including the animal barn and outdoor play areas are still open for visitors enjoyment.

Please make sure to stick to other government regulations regarding COVID-19 while you enjoy your day out, bring your own hand sanitiser just to be safe, and try to keep as socially distanced as possible.

Whilst updates are still coming, please make sure to follow the Tattershall Farm Park Facebook page, instead of the website, as this is where the newest information gets shared.



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