Stylish Girls' Names Beginning With S

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Here at Kidadl we know how important it is to absolutely love the name you give to your child. Though it can be tricky to choose, this handy list of the top girls' names that start with S will help you on your journey of selecting the perfect baby name for your baby girl.

These stunning girl names that start with S are wonderful choices - whether you're seeking a traditionally popular baby girl name like Sally, a  striking nature-inspired name like  Storm or Sky or a meaningful biblical name like Sarah, we've got all the greatest baby girl names starting with s here at Kidadl! Check out this list below, for our top favourite baby girl names beginning with S.

Classic Girls Baby Names That Start With S

These traditionally popular baby girl names are perfect choices for parents who want a simple but beautiful name for their baby girl.

1) Sally (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Princess'.

2) Samantha (Hebrew /Aramaic Origin) meaning 'Told by God' or 'Listener'.

3) Sandra (Greek/English Origin) meaning 'Defender of the people'.

4) Sarah (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Princess'.

5) Shannon (Hebrew/Irish Origin) meaning 'God is gracious' or 'old river' .

6) Sharon (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Of the fertile plain'.

7) Shelly (Hebrew/English Origin) meaning 'Like God'/Little Lamb' or 'Meadow'.

8) Shirley (English Origin) meaning 'Bright meadow'.

9) Stacy (Greek Origin), 'Bountiful Grain' or 'Resurrection' .

10) Stella (Latin Origin) meaning 'Star'.

11) Stephanie (Greek/French Origin) meaning 'Crown'.

12) Susan (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Graceful Lily'.

13) Suzanne (Hebrew/French Origin) meaning 'Lily'.

14) Susannah (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Lily'.

15) Sylvia (Latin Origin) meaning 'From the forest'.

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Contemporary Girl Names Beginning With S

In recent years, these baby names have become popular, with parents of baby girls everywhere loving these modern, trendy baby girl names that start with S.

16) Sabrina (Latin Origin) meaning 'The river Severn'.

17) Sadie (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Princess'.

18) Serenity (Latin Origin) meaning 'Peace'.

19) Shiloh (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Peace'.

20) Sidonie (French Origin) meaning 'From Sidon' (an ancient city which is now Phaida in Lebanon).

21) Sienna (Latin Origin) meaning 'To be old'.

22) Sophia (Greek Origin) meaning 'Wisdom'.

23) Sophie (Greek/French Origin) meaning 'Wisdom'.

24) Sydney (English Origin) meaning 'Wide Meadow'.

Baby Girl Names That Start With S, Inspired By Nature

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These pretty nature-inspired girl names that start with an S are stunning options - whether you love the idea of naming your baby girl after a precious gemstone like Sapphire, or want a summery name for your daughter.

25) Sadira (Arabic Origin) meaning 'Lotus Tree'.

26) Saffron (English Origin) meaning 'Yellow Flower'.

27) Sage (Latin Origin) meaning 'Herb' or 'Wise'.

28) Sakura (Japanese Origin) meaning 'Cherry Blossom'.

29) Sapphire (Hebrew/English Origin) meaning 'Blue, Gem'.

30) Savannah (Taino Native American Origin) meaning 'Open Plain'.

31) Sephora (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Bird'.

32) Sequoia (Cherokee Native American Origin) meaning 'Sparrow' or 'Redwood Tree'.

33) Silver (English Origin) meaning 'The metal silver'.

34) Sky (Scandinavian Origin) meaning 'The Sky'.

35) Starlight (English Origin) meaning 'Light of the stars'.

36) Storm (English Origin) meaning 'Tempest'.

37) Summer (Germanic/English Origin) meaning 'Warm Season'.

38) Suri (Persian Origin) meaning 'Red Rose'.

Baby Girl Names That Start With S From Around The World

These great baby names that start with S are from all over the world, and are simply splendid choices for your baby girl.

39) Sabra (Hebrew/African Origin) meaning 'Prickly Pear' or 'Patience'.

40) Sada (Japanese/Arabic Origin) meaning 'Pure One' or 'Good Luck'.

41) Sakari (Hindi Origin) meaning 'Sweet'.

42) Salima (Arabic Origin) meaning 'Safe'.

43) Salma (Arabic/Persian Origin) meaning 'Peace, perfection' or 'Sweetheart'.

44) Samira (Arabic/Persian Origin) meaning 'Loved' or 'Princess'.

45) Samara (Arabic Origin) meaning 'Protected by God'.

46) Salome (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Peaceful'.

47) Sancia (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning 'Sacred'.

48) Sandrine (Greek/French Origin) meaning 'Protector'.

49) Sansa (Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'Praise'.

50) Sareen (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Princess'.

51) Sasha (Slavic/Greek Origin) meaning 'Defender of mankind'.

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52) Sashenka (Russian Origin) meaning 'Defender of mankind'.

53) Saskia (Germanic/Russian Origin) meaning 'Saxon woman' or 'Defender of mankind'.

54) Selma (Arabic/English Origin) meaning 'Peaceful' or 'Divine Helmet'.

55) Semele (Greek Origin) meaning 'Mother Earth'.

56) Seraphina (Hebrew/Latin Origin) meaning 'Fiery'.

57) Shahla (Arabic Origin) meaning 'Beautiful Eyes, flower'.

58) Shanessa (Irish Origin) meaning 'God is gracious'.

59) Shanti (Hindi/Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'Peace'.

60) Shea (Irish Origin) meaning 'Hawk'.

61) Shura (Russian Origin) meaning 'Defender of mankind'.

62) Shira (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Song, poem'.

63) Simone (Greek/French Origin) meaning 'God had heard'.

64) Sonia (Greek/Russian Origin) meaning 'Wisdom'.

Baby Girl Names Starting With S Inspired By Famous People

Why not choose one of these delightful baby girl names that start with S, influenced by celebrities?

65) Saoirse (Irish Origin) meaning 'Freedom'.

66) Scarlett (English Origin) meaning 'Red'.

67) Selena (Greek/Spanish Origin) meaning 'Moon'.

68) Serena (Latin Origin) meaning 'Tranquil'.

69) Shakira (Arabic Origin) meaning 'Thankful'.

70) Sinead (Irish Origin) meaning 'God is gracious'.

71) Sofia (Greek Origin) meaning 'Wisdom'.

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Unisex Baby Names Beginning With S

Give your baby girl one of these top baby names that are popular with parents of baby boys and girls alike!

72) Sawyer (English Origin) meaning 'Woodcutter'.

73) Saylor (Germanic Origin) meaning 'Dancer, acrobat'.

74) Scout (French Origin) meaning 'To Listen'.

75) Shawn (Irish Origin) meaning 'God is gracious'.

76) Shelby (Irish Origin) meaning 'From the village on the ledge'.

77) Skylar (Dutch Origin) meaning 'Scholar'.

78) Stanley (English Origin) meaning 'Stony meadow'.

79) Sunny (English Origin) meaning 'Sunshine, happy'.

80) Sutton (English Origin) meaning 'From the south'.

Baby Names Starting With S From The Movies

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Name your baby girl after top movie and TV characters, for an instantly iconic or uniquely niche baby name.

81) Sabel (Unknown Origin) 'Oath to God'.

82) Sandy (Greek/English Origin) meaning 'Defender of the people'.

83) September (Latin Origin) meaning 'Seventh month'.

84) Snow (English Origin) meaning 'Frozen Rain'.

85) Stacia (English Origin) meaning 'Resurrection'.

Mythological Baby Names Beginning With S

Why not choose one of these baby names beginning with S inspired by the myths of the ancient world?

86) Salacia (Latin Origin) meaning 'Salt'.

87) Selene (Greek Origin) meaning 'Moon Goddess'.

88) Soteria (Greek Origin) meaning 'Salvation'.

89) Sterope (Greek Origin) meaning 'Flash of lightning'.

90) Suadela (Greek Origin) meaning 'Persuasion, Charming Speech'.

91) Syrinx (Greek Origin) meaning 'Nymph'.



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