63 Quaint Girls' Names Beginning With Q

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Let's think about baby names!

We know that girl names that start with Q aren't necessarily the first names that spring to mind, but bear with us! We've collected some really gorgeous girl names starting with Q that you're sure to love - and you can guarantee that with these far from popular baby names, there won't be any other girl in your daughter's class with the same name.

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Fierce Female Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

If you're on the search for baby girl names that start with Q that say your baby girl will grow up to be a strong, powerful modern woman, this is the baby girl names list for you.

Qadira (Arabic origin) meaning  'powerful.'

Qi (Chinese origin) meaning 'life force.'

Qiang (Chinese origin) meaning 'strong' or 'rose.'

Quella (English origin) meaning 'to kill' or 'to pacify.'

Quispe (Quechuan origin) meaning 'free.'

Quinn, Quinna (Irish origin) meaning 'descendent of conn,' the derivative 'conn' meaning intellect.  

Quintessa (Latin origin) meaning 'essence' ie. something in it's purest form - the fifth element.

Quirien (Dutch and Latin origin) meaning 'spear.'

Quirina (Latin origin) meaning 'warrior.'

Nature Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

Baby girl wearing a white headband gazing up at a plant.

The world around us never fails to bring us beautiful, meaningful and unusual baby names. These baby girl names starting with Q will bring all the majesty of nature to your own baby girl.

Qadan (Mongolian origin) meaning 'a cliff.'

Qamar (Arabic origin) meaning 'moon.'

Qamarjahan (Arabic origin) meaning the 'moon of the world.'

Qing yuan (Chinese origin) meaning 'a clear spring' or 'deep water.'

Quaralia (Australian origin) meaning 'star.'

Quasar (English origin) meaning 'meteorite.'

Queralt (Catalonian and Celtic origin) meaning 'high rock.'

Quetzalli, Quetzali, Quetzally (Aztec origin) meaning 'beautiful feather.'

Quyen (Vietnamese origin) meaning 'bird.'

Quynh  (Vietnamese origin) meaning 'night-blooming flower.

Number Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

From quatre (four) in French to quince (15) in Spanish, numbers in many different languages start with Q. And over the years, they've inspired baby girl names that start with Q as well. If you're due your fourth or fifth child, or think they just have a ring to them, this list of baby girl names is for you.

Quartilla (Latin origin) meaning 'fourth.'

Quentin, Quentina (Latin origin) meaning '(born) fifth.'

Quintina (Latin origin) meaning '(born) fifth.'

Quincie, Quinci  (French origin) meaning 'estate of the fifth son.'

Quintona (Spanish origin) meaning 'the fifth girl.'

Pretty Girls' Names Beginning With Q

Newborn baby girl's feet poking out of a pink blanket.

Perhaps you're on the search for baby girl names starting with Q that really capture traditional femininity.  You're sure to find a name as adorable as your baby girl in this baby name list.  

Qianru (Chinese origin) meaning 'pretty smile.'

Qiao (Chinese origin) meaning 'pretty.'

Qinyang (Chinese origin) meaning 'sunshine of my heart.'

Quartney (modern), a variation of the name Courtney, which is of French origin and means 'short nose.'

Quenby (Scandinavian origin) meaning 'womanly.'

Quillane (Irish origin) meaning 'fair maiden.'

Quinlan (Gaelic origin) meaning 'graceful or 'well made.'

Quita has two popular origins: Spanish where it means 'little girl' or French meaning 'tranquil.'

Relaxation Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

Children can often be guilty of being little bundles of raw energy that are anything but relaxing! So if you're after girl names that start with Q that bring a touch of spa-like calm, check out this baby names list for girls.

Quana (Native American origin) meaning 'aromatic.'

Queturah, Quetura, Qiturah (Arabic and Hebrew origin) meaning 'incense' or 'scent.'

Quibilah (Egyptian origin) meaning 'peaceful.'

Quies (Latin origin) meaning 'tranquil.'

Quitterie (French origin) meaning 'quiet' or 'tranquil.'

Religion Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

Religious texts have long inspired our most popular baby girl names. So if you're on the search for baby girl names that start with Q that reflect heritage and spirituality, this is the baby name list for you.  

Qeleigh (Celtic origin) meaning 'church' or 'monastery' and a variation of the name Kelly.

Qiraat (Islam origin) meaning 'recitation of the Quran.'

Qirat (Islamic origin) meaning 'beautiful recitation.'

Qiyyama (Islamic origin) meaning 'stand for Allah.'

Quddusiyah (Urdu origin) meaning 'one who is sacred' or 'pious.'

Royalty Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

Baby girl wearing a pink flower crown sleeping next to a toy unicorn.

Your baby girl is sure to be your little Queen, so why not name her as such? If you don't fancy being quite so overt, there are also some other baby girl names that start with Q that mean the same but aren't quite so obvious.

Queen (English origin) meaning 'Queen.'

Queenie (English origin) meaning 'Queen.'

Queena (English origin) meaning 'Queen.'

Quenna (English origin) meaning 'Queen.'

Quinbie, Quinby (Scandinavian and English origin) meaning 'from the woman's estate' or 'Queen's settlement''

Unusual Girls' Names Beginning With Q

If you're on the search for really unusual girl names that start with Q, then this baby name list for girls is for you. With unique meanings, you'll find baby girl names starting with Q that are as unique as your own baby girl.

Qacha (Mongolian origin) meaning 'flank.'

Qing (Chinese origin) meaning 'blue.'

Quilla (English origin) meaning 'quill', the feather pen.

Quintana (Spanish origin) meaning '{from the} country house.'

Quirita (Latin origin) meaning  'a citizen.'

Quorra (Modern origin) allegedly invented for the science fiction film Tron.

Quvenzhane (modern) created by combining the names Qulyndrei and Venjie.

Virtue Inspired Girls' Names Beginning With Q

It's nice to think of all the different characteristics our children could grow up to have. Why not try giving your baby girl a head start with her name? Whether you want your baby girl to grow up adventurous or kind, this list of baby girl names that start with Q will inspire the perfect baby name.

Qabalah (Islamic origin) meaning 'responsibility.'

Qasiba (Arabic origin) meaning 'she who plays the flute.'

Qimat (Arabic origin) meaning 'one who is valuable.'

Quan (Chinese origin) meaning 'compassionate.'

Qanaat (Urdu origin) meaning 'patience.'

Quaniyah (African American origin) meaning 'trustworthy.'

Querida (Spanish origin) meaning 'beloved.'

Quest (Latin origin) meaning 'seek' or 'search.'

Questa (French origin) meaning 'one who seeks.'



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