74 Portuguese Boy Names With Meanings

Mum holding sleeping baby in arms, thinking of Portuguese boy names.

Still on the search for the perfect name for your new baby?

Why not consider a beautiful Portuguese baby name? There are so many beautiful Portuguese names for boys and we've decided to compile a list of the most popular Portuguese boy names.

Check out these popular baby boy names with Portuguese origins. Choose a Portuguese name from this list and give your baby a European name that will give him the edge on his travels. Choose a name in Portuguese and your baby will grow up with an original, continental name that is sure to make him open-minded about other cultures and influences and will give him a connection from birth to beautiful Portugal. You don't need to be a Portuguese boy to have a Portuguese name. Many Portuguese names are also common in Spanish-speaking countries. Portuguese boy names all have Latin origins so would not be out of place in any Romance-speaking country.

Portuguese baby names are so versatile and choosing a name from another culture for your boy is a good way to avoid selecting an over-popular name for your child. We have scoured the net for the most popular names hailing from Portugal and have compiled a list of the most popular names from beautiful Portugal for you to choose from. We hope you will find some inspiration from these Portuguese names and wish you luck in your name search.

Boy looking into toybox, with a Portuguese boy name

A-H Names

Check out these popular names from Portugal. You can take inspiration from our name list and give your child one of these beautiful Portuguese boy names.

1. Abel - meaning "breath".

2. Abilio - meaning "proficient" or "skillful" or "able".

3. Abrahao or Abraao - meaning "father of a multitude". This is a lovely ancient Portuguese baby name which is a version of the popular name Abraham.

4. Adao - meaning "earth" or "red". This is the Portuguese version of Adam.

5. Afonso - meaning "noble and ready". Several Portuguese kings have been called Afonso and this regal name has also been very popular with the Spanish nobility and royalty throughout the ages.

6. Agosto - a beautiful name meaning "venerable".

7. Alberto or Adalberto - meaning "bright nobility".

8. Aleixo (Alayshoo)- meaning "defender".

9. Alexandre - meaning "defender of mankind". This is a great name to choose in 2020. Maybe your Alexandre will grow up to be a climate change warrior or human rights defender?

10. Aloisio (Aloysio)- meaning "famous warrior".

11. Alvaro - meaning "guardian". One of the most popular names in both Spain and Portugal.

12. Andre or Andres - meaning "man" or "warrior".

13. Angelo - meaning "messenger". A perfect name for an angelic baby.

14. Anselmo - meaning "with divine protection".

15. Antonio - meaning "priceless" or "invaluable". The Portuguese Spanish form of Anthony.

16. Anxo (Ansho)- meaning "angel" or "messenger". This is a Galician-Portuguese boy name.

17. Armando - meaning "soldier".

18. Artur - meaning "noble" or "bear". This is the Portuguese form of Arthur.

19. Baltasar - meaning "protected by God".

20. Belmiro - meaning "handsome".

21. Benedito - meaning "blessed".

22. Benjamim - meaning "son of the right hand". This is the Portuguese form of the popular name Benjamin.

23. Carlos - meaning "man". A popular name in both Portugal and Spain and a very regal choice for a baby name.

24. Casimiro - meaning "commands peace". We love this Portuguese given name as it should bestow on its owner both serenity and leadership qualities.

25. Clemente - meaning "gentle and merciful".

26. Cristiano - meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ". A great name for any football fan or spiritually inclined name-seeker.

27. Diogo - meaning "St James" or "teaching". This is a very popular, quintessential Portuguese boy name.

28. Duarte (Dwartay)- meaning "guardian of prosperity".

29. Eleuterio (Elooterio)- meaning "the liberator".

30. Estevao - meaning "crown". This is the Portuguese version of Stephen.

31. Eugenio - meaning "well born". If you're proud of your ancestry this could be a good choice for you.

32. Fausto - meaning "lucky".

33. Feliciano - meaning "happy" or "lucky". A very positive name for a boy.

34. Flavio - meaning "yellow hair". A good choice for a blonde!

35. Gaspar - meaning "treasure bearer". Gaspar was one of the three Kings from the nativity story in the Bible.

36. Gregorio - meaning "watchful" or "vigilant". The Portuguese form of Gregory.

37. Gualter - meaning "ruler of the army". Portuguese variant on Walter. Pronounced like Walter.

38. Hilario - meaning "happy" and "joyful". This is a lovely choice for a giggling bundle of joy.

Smiling baby looking at mum, probably named after the Portuguese boy name Hilario because he is so happy

I-O Names

The J in Portuguese is pronounced, unlike in Spanish. Many of these Portuguese boy names may already be familiar to you as they are popular names throughout Europe. If you're searching for boy names but can't make your mind up, consider one of these lovely Portuguese boy names below.

39. Jacinto (Zhasinto) - meaning "hyacinth flower". Boy flower names are quite uncommon so this is a lovely choice for any flower-lovers out there. Hyacinths are beautiful, fragrant flowers grown from bulbs.

40. Jaime - meaning "one who follows". Many use this name in honour of St James who was an apostle.

41. João  (Zhwao) - meaning "God is gracious".

42. Joaquim (Zhoakim)- meaning "Jehovah raises up". This baby name has Hebrew origins.

43. Jorge - meaning "earth-worker" or "farmer". This is the Portuguese form of George.

44. Jose - meaning "God shall add another son". This is the Portuguese Spanish version of Joseph.

45. Josue - meaning "God is salvation". This is the Portuguese version of Joshua.

46. Lourenço (Loorensoo)- meaning "of Laurentum", a town in Italy. This is the Portuguese variation on Lawrence.

47. Lucio - meaning "light". Let your child be a shining light in the world with this beautiful Portuguese given name.

48. Luis - meaning "famous warrior".

49. Manuel - meaning "God is with us". This is a variant on Emmanuel and a very popular name in both Portugal and Spain.

50. Marcelo, Marcio or Marcos - meaning "defence" or "of the sea".  Maybe your baby will be a sailor and you can join him catching sardines for the barbecue on a Portuguese beach at some point in the distant future.

51. Mario - meaning "male" or "virile".

52. Matteus - meaning "gift of God". This baby name is related to the name Matthew.

53. Miguel - meaning "who is like the Lord?" This is a Portuguese Spanish form of Michael.

54. Nuno - meaning "ninth".

55. Osvaldo - meaning "divine power" or "divine ruler".

P-Z Names

More incredible baby names from Portugal. These popular Portuguese boy names are sure to ring some bells as many are common in the UK. Many Portuguese popular names are also popular elsewhere as they have come from Latin and are found in many countries where Latin-derived languages are spoken.

56. Paulo - meaning "small".

57. Pedro - meaning "rock" or "stone". This is the Portuguese form of Peter.

58. Rafael - meaning "healed by God".

59. Raul - meaning "wise wolf". If you have a baby who's wise beyond his years you could consider this Portuguese given name.

60. Reinaldo or Ronaldo- meaning "wise ruler".

61. Ricardo - meaning "powerful ruler". Another of the most popular names for boys in several European countries.

62. Rodrigo - meaning "famous power".

63. Rui - meaning "famous power".

64. Sandro - Meaning "defender of man". This is a diminutive of Alejandro, or Alexander.

65. Sergio - meaning "to serve". One of the most popular names for boys in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

66. Silvio - meaning "from the forest". If you are in love with nature this could be a great choice for you.

67. Simao (Simow)- meaning "one who listens". This is the Portuguese variation of Simon.

68. Tadeu - meaning "courageous" or "big-hearted".

69. Teodoro - meaning "gift from God".

70. Valentim - meaning "healthy" or "strong".

71. Vicente - meaning "conquering".

72. Virgilio - meaning "flourishing".

73. Valente - meaning "healthy and strong".

74. Zacarias - meaning "remembered by God".



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