Playing Monopoly as a Family? These 7 Things are Bound to Happen

Monopoly as a family

Monopoly has been bringing families together for generations and is the undisputed king of the board games.

The rules of the game are clear, yet often lead to Monopoly fights over differing interpretations. Meanwhile, the many quirks of the game, largely unchanged since the 1930s, prompt the same old jokes from the players.

So whether you're playing the game for the first time, or settling down to a family tradition, see how many of these things happen.

1. The game begins with an argument over who gets to be the Scottie dog.

2. If the Scottie dog and the hat piece end up on the same board space, you must balance the hat upon the dog's head, as though nobody had ever thought of doing that before.

3. You get into a long and complex argument about the rules of the "Free Parking" space.

Playing Monopoly As A Family

4. Whenever you land on the "Just Visiting" section of the jail square, you have to point out, with emphasis, that you are just visiting, and you are not a criminal.

5. Somebody turns over the card that says, "You have won second place in a beauty contest". There is no escaping the predictable comments.

6. You know it's a cliche, and you've been biting your tongue all game, but suddenly you glance down at your pile and... it just pops out: "I wish this were real money."

7. Nobody seems to know how Monopoly ends, even though the rules of the game are clear. One player will claim that the winner needs to own every property on the board. Another will hang on in there by taking out unsecured loans from the bank. A third version ends when one of the players accumulates a certain amount of money. Some would say that nobody is the winner in a game of capitalist excesses and unbridled greed. But we all love the board game really.

Other Family Activities: (perhaps with fewer arguments)

-Enjoy a family brunch

-Watch a documentary together

-Brave some other board games



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