35+ Percy Jackson Trivia Questions (And Answers): Will You Become A Legend?

How much do you know about the 'Lightning Thief'?

The 'Percy Jackson' book series is a pentalogy of fantasy adventure novels based on Greek mythology.

The series, written by Rick Riordan and released in 2005, has to date sold a total of 69 million copies in around 35 countries. It was also adapted by Fox into two films, released in 2010 and 2013.

The story portrays a Demigod who is forced on adventures across the USA that he never prepared for, with his two best friends. On the way, lessons about friendship, bravery, confidence, selflessness and much more keep you turning pages. Riordan took inspiration for this series while he was reading a different bedtime story for his own son. Are you up for this intense quiz, which includes 'Percy Jackson' sacred animal trivia? Well, read on and enjoy these quiz questions on 'Percy Jackson', for for more check out our hard 'Harry Potter' trivia and 'Star Wars' trivia quizzes too.

'Percy Jackson' Book Quiz Questions

The books are the heart and soul of the series. Sure you've read them well enough? Answer these questions to know your worth!

1. Question: Who is the author of the 'Percy Jackson' series?

Answer: Rick Riordan.

2. Question: What is the name of Percy's mother?

Answer: Sally Jackson.

3. Question: Which is the fourth book in the 'Percy Jackson' series?

Answer: 'Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Labyrinth'.

4. Question: In 'Percy Jackson: The Sea Of Monsters', one of the undead soldiers is called Riordan, as a reference to who?

Answer: Rick Riordan, the author.

5. Question: Which Greek God is Percy Jackson's father?

Answer: Poseidon.

6. Question: Who was later discovered to be the real lightning thief?

Answer: Luke.

7. Question: How many Furies does Percy kill?

Answer: Three.

8. Question: Who is Thalia's father?

Answer: Zeus.

9. Question: What is Annabeth Chase's hair color?

Answer: Honey blonde.

10. Question: Who is Luke's mother?

Answer: May Castellan.

11. Question: The series includes how many books?

Answer: Five.

12. Question: Who is the father of Annabeth?

Answer: Professor Frederick Chase.

'Percy Jackson' Greek God Trivia Questions

Poseidon is the great God of the Sea, also Percy's father.

A true 'Percy Jackson' may have already decided which Greek God their parent would be if they were to be a Demigod, but how much do you really know about them? Find out with this quick quiz!

13. Question: Who is the Goddess of springtime?

Answer: Persephone.

14. Question: What is the Roman name of Demeter?

Answer: Ceres.

15. Question: Who rides Poseidon's chariot?

Answer: Hippocampi.

16. Question: Athena is the Goddess of?

Answer: Wisdom.

17. Question: Who is Hermes's mother?

Answer: Maia.

18. Question: Which Greek God serves as the director of Camp Half-Blood?

Answer: Dionysus.

Hard 'Percy Jackson' Trivia Questions

Details are hard to remember but even harder to spot. Did you notice these 'Percy Jackson' details? Head in for this wild quiz! Find out how accurately you remember the book with this set of 'PJO' quizzes.

19. Question: What makes Hades return Percy's mother?

Answer: He receives his Helm of Darkness.

20. Question: What did the banner at the black-tented pavilion in the Fields of Asphodel say?

Answer: "Judgements for Elysium and Eternal Damnation - Welcome, Newly Deceased!"

28. Question: Name the Roman counterpart of The Furies?

Answer: The Dirae.

21. Question: How old is Percy when he is first introduced?

Answer: 12.

22. What kind of music is played in the Ares cabin?

Answer: Rock music.

'Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief' Trivia Quiz Questions

'Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief' was the first book from the series, and it stole the hearts of millions of kids. Ace this 'Percy Jackson' trivia game to call yourself a true 'Lightning Thief' fan.

23. Question: Name the magical sword given to Percy?

Answer: Anaklusmos/Riptide.

24. Question: Which of Percy's teachers turn out to be the centaur, Chiron?

Answer: Mr Brunner.

25. Question: When was the book released?

Answer: 2005.

26. Question: In the book, where is the Underworld?

Answer: Los Angeles.

27. Question: The master bolt belongs to who?

Answer: Zeus.

28. Question: Who is the leader of the Hermes Cabin?

Answer: Luke Castellan.

How much do you know about 'Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief'?

'Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters' Trivia

'The Sea of Monsters' was one of the best books of the series. Everyone loved it, but how well do you know it? Answer these quizzes on Percy Jackson 'Sea Of Monsters' trivia to find out! Make sure you don't search for the answers first!

29. Question: Who is Grover searching for?

Answer: Pan, the patron God of the wild.

30. Question: At Camp Half-Blood, who guards the Golden Fleece?

Answer: The dragon, Peleus.

31. Question: What are the coordinates of the Sea of Monsters?

Answer: 30,31N and 75,12W.

32. Question: How many known entrances are said to be there to the Sea of Monsters?

Answer: Two.

33. Question: How are Tyson and Percy related?

Answer: They are paternal half-brothers.

34. Question: Name the ship boarded by Clarisse, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover?

Answer: CSS Birmingham.

'Percy Jackson And The Titans Curse' Trivia

How much do you know about Percy, Annabeth, and Grover? Let's see how well you can answer these quick 'PJO' questions!

35. Question: What mythological creature is Dr. Thorn?

Answer: Manticore.

36. Question: What does the lion pelt turn into once Percy wears it?

Answer: A jacket.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Percy Jackson' trivia questions, then why not search for more quizzes with our Batman trivia, or 2000s movie trivia?



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