30 Panda Puns That Are Bear-y Cute

A day in the life of a panda consists solely of eating and sleeping.

Not only are pandas absolutely adorable, but they're also fascinating creatures.

For example, did you know that pandas are actually born pink in color? Or that their entire day consists solely of eating and sleeping?

Not only are the cuddly animals extremely interesting, but they've also provided us with the opportunity for so many funny panda puns. Whether you're planning a trip to the zoo, or you've got a panda-fanatic in the family, take a look at our favorite 30 puns down below.

Perfect for both kids and adults, you'll be able to get everyone laughing in no time at all!

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Bamboo-Related Panda Bear Puns

We all know that pandas love their bamboo, which means there are plenty of funny related puns that you can share with your friends and family!

1. The panda lost his dinner. He was totally bamboozled.

2. On Halloween, pandas scare each other by shouting bam-BOO!

3. Pandas are endangered because bamboo shoots.

4. Pandas get to the hospital in bamboo-lances.

5. Two pandas got into a fight. They've both got bambooboos!

6. That panda has a special nickname for his girlfriend. He calls her his bam-boo!

Classic Panda Puns

If you like a  good old classic panda pun, you're in for a treat. Check out our favorites down below, and see if you can add any yourself!

7. Did you hear about the party that the bears threw last night? It was panda-monium!

8. When panda bears rob banks, they always wear a pandana!

9. One panda asked another if they were friends. Just bearly, he answered.

10. A panda bear's favorite breakfast is panda-cakes.

11. Pandas find it absolutely unbearable when they're forced to move from their natural habitat.

12. If a panda gets sick, they should take some pandadol!

13. A large group of sick pandas? Don't you mean a panda-mic?

14. If you ask a bear what his favorite part of the body is, he'll say the panda-creas.

15. I hope you have a stu-panda-ous day today!

16. If you've ever wondered how pandas cook their dinner, they use a pan. Duhhh.

17. Pandas have fur coats, because they'd look pretty stupid in leather jackets.

18. You only need two letters to spell panda. P, and, A.

19. The difference between a panda and a polar bear is about 1,000 miles.

20. The panda's jokes were not good. In fact, they were pretty unbearable.

21. There was a panda with a slight stutter. It's a story that bears repeating.

22. That panda walks on his own a lot. She's very inde-panda-nt!

23. One panda bear said to the other, "I've never met herbivore!"

24. Pandas are so lazy, they only do the bear minimum.

25. I've got to pand it to you, you did a great job today!

Famous for their black and white fur, pandas are born pink.

Black And White Panda Puns

The iconic black and white colored fur that makes pandas instantly recognizable is a great starting point for panda puns. If you enjoy 'what’s black and white' jokes, then you'll love these similar puns!

26. If you ever see something that's black and white and red all over, you've just seen a sunburnt panda.

27. Pandas like old movies because they're in black and white.

28. If you ever see something that goes black white black white black white black - you've just witnessed a panda rolling down a hill.

29. If you've ever wondered what's black and white and standing in the corner of your room, it's a naughty panda.

30. You see that black and white thing going round and round? Yep, that's a panda stuck in a revolving door!



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