101 Navajo Names With Meanings And History

Navajo, The American Indian group Athapaskans, meaning the "People" are tribes with a proud history.

Naming a child is a thrilling adventure for the parents.

Your child is going to be called with the same name forever in their life. Hence, the name you choose should be perfect.

Did you know that the psychological ramification of a name is a real thing? The Navajo or the Native Americans adopted the practice of naming a person as they grow in age and experience. The tribes follow a lot of traditions and their names too are traditional. Having a traditional name is always a great honor. Do you want to give your baby a name reflecting the tribal tradition, heritage and pride? If so, Navajo names are a wonderful choice. There are many beautiful names for boy babies and girl babies in Navajo.

If you are in search of a cute Navajo name for your baby, read on. For more baby names, take a look at Ancient Baby Names and Country Girl Names.

Gender Neutral Baby Navajo Names

Many of the Native American Navajo names often depict the meaning and definition of a particular characteristic. Since characteristics do not look at gender, neither do these unisex Navajo names.

Here are some gender-neutral Native American names that you can use for your baby girl or boy.

1. Abedabun (Native American origin): This Navajo name means the "sight of the day".

2. Ameyalli (Native American origin): This lyrical name means a "fountain".

3. Awena (Native American origin): This name means "sunrise".

4. Behitha (Native American origin): This name has the meaning "eagle".

5. Brocky (Native American origin): This means the "feathers that come over from the hill".

6. Byue (Native American origin): It means someone who is like a slow-moving stream of water.

7. Chantesuta (Native American origin): This represents someone with a firm heart.

8. Citali (Native American origin): This name translates to a "star".

9. Dakota (Native American origin): This native American name means a "companion" or a "friend".

10. Isi (Native American origin): A short and sweet name meaning a "beautiful deer".

11. Kai (Native American origin): It is a popular Navajo name. It means a "willow tree".

12. Keemeone (Native American origin): This name means "rain".

13. Meztli (Native American origin): This name means a "moon".

14. Mika (Native American origin): Funnily, this name means "rabbit".

15. Onacona (Native American origin): This interesting name means "white owl".

16. Sháńdíín(Native American origin): Pronounced as shahnt-een, this name means "sunshine".

17. Shikoba (Native American origin): A familiar name in the Native American Heritage, this name means a "feather".

18. Simi (Native American origin): This simple yet elegant name means "the valley of the wind".

19. Xquenda (Native American origin): Pronounced as shkayn-dah, this name has a deep meaning -"the soul".

20. Yunuen (Native American origin): This unique name is translated to "half-moon".

Navajo Names For Baby Girls

Navajos have deep attachment and respect for mother nature and fierce leadership, reflecting in their traditions, especially via baby names. Here are some lovely old and new Native American female baby names for your little girl child.

21. Adsila(Native American origin): This delicate name means blossom in the Native American language.

22. Aponi (Native American origin): The dainty name means "butterfly".

23. Awinita (Native American origin): The soulful name means a "fawn".

24. Calfuray(Native American origin): This name specifically means a "lovely violet flower".

25. Ghigau (Native American origin): A fierce name depicting a "war woman" or "most beloved woman".

26. Gouyen (Native American origin): The name resonates with the "wise".

27. Iara (Native American origin): A rather interesting name, it means "water mistress".

28. Ixchel (Native American origin): From a colorful origin, this name means "rainbow lady".

29. Kantuta (Native American origin): This name means a Cantua flower, where Cantua originated from Kantuta.

30. Kaya (Native American origin): A popular name which means 'she who arranges rocks.'

31. Kimimela (Native American origin): This name signifies a butterfly.

32. Koko (Native American origin): This name means 'the night.'

33. Malinalli (Native American origin): This name translates to grass.

34. Millaray (Native American origin): The name symbolizes a golden flower.

35. Mona (Native American origin): It means gathering the devil's snare seed.

36. Nascha (Native American origin): It is the Navajo equivalent of an owl.

37. Nicte (Native American origin: This sweet name represents a flower.

38. Nita (Native American origin): This means a bear.

39. Rayen (Native American origin): This, too, stands for a flower but belongs to a different heritage.

40. Sanicte (Native American origin): The name signifies a white flower particularly.

41. Tlalli (Native American origin): Denoting the Native American ties to nature, this Navajo name means Earth.

42. Topʉsana (Comanche origin): This Navajo name signifies a prairie flower.

43. Urpi (Native American origin): This one means a dove.

44. Wilma (Native American origin): The name means resolute protection.

45. Zitcala (Native American origin): This unique name personifies a bird.

Navajo Names For Baby Boys

Giving your baby a Navajo name could bestow upon them many gifts and qualities.

Native American names for male babies are often based on strength, character, and personality. Your brave baby boy can have his warrior name, depicting his fierce personality and wise leadership. You can also add on a Navajo element to an existing name, such as Begay, which is a surname meaning "his son".

46. Ashkii (Native American origin): Perfect name for a performer as it means "entertainer".

47. Bidzill (Native American origin): A Navajo boy name, it means "he is strong".

48. Canonicus (Native American origin): This is the famous Chief of the Narragansett tribe.

49. Chaschunka (Native American origin): The meaning of this baby boy name is a "wave".

50. Chaske (Native American): This Navajo name means "junior" or the "firstborn".

51. Chula (Native American origin): This Native American name means "fox".

52. Dohasan (Native American origin): A playful Native American name means a "little bluff".

53. Heinmot (Native American): meaning "thunder".

54. Hiawatha(Native American origin): This quintessential Navajo name for a baby boy means "he who combs."

55. Hototo (Native American origin): This name is synonymous with the warrior spirit who sings.

56. Ishi (Native American origin): The Native American name for a man.

57. Kintpuash (Native American origin) meaning strikes the water brashly.

58. Manuelito (Native American origin): The name of a prominent leader of the Native American tribe.

59. Masssasoit (Native American origin): This respected Navajo name means the "Chief".

60. Powhatan (Powhatan): It is a beloved Navajo village name given to boys.

61. Tamanend (Lakota origin): A friendly denotation, this Navajo name means someone easy to talk to.

62. Tasunka (Native American origin): This boy baby name means "horse.'

63. Tatanka (Native American origin): A commonly used name to signify assertion means a bull.

64. Tekoomsē (Native American origin): This lovely Navajo name means a "shooting star".

65. Tisquantum (Native American origin): Denoting anger, this Native American boy's name means "diving rage".

66. Thayendanegea (Native American origin): This name means strength.

67. Wovoka (Native American origin): This Native American name means a "woodcutter".

Unique Navajo Names

You are a lucky parent of a beautiful and one-of-a-kind baby. Don't you think your baby's unique personality should have a complementing name? Here are some unique Native American baby names to consider for your little bundle of joy.

68.  Aiyana (Native American origin): This lovely name means "endless beauty".

69.  Anakin (Native American origin): Simple yet so precious, this name means a "soldier".

70.  Aqissiaq (Native American origin): The name is synonymous with 'like a bird.'

71.  Dyani (Native American origin): A rare name meaning "deer".

72.  Geniinewab (Native American origin): It means one who is sitting like an "eagle".

73.  Haseya (Native American origin): In Navajo, this name means ' to rise.'

74.  Hialeah (Native American origin): It means a "pretty prairie".

75.  Jalen (Native American origin): This eloquent name means a" flute".

76.  Kimama (Native American origin): This one means "butterfly girl".

77.  Millaray (Native American origin): This one stands for "blossom of gold".

78.  Naira (Native American origin): It means "woman with big eyes."

79.  Nizhoni (Native American origin): Meaning "pretty".

80.  Nokomis (Native American origin): This one means "from my grandmother".

81.  Shikoba (Native American origin): This one is "everyone's friend".

82.  Xochitl (Native American origin): The name symbolizes blossoming.

83.  Zyanya (Native American origin): Meaning "eternally".

Most Popular Navajo Names

These Navajo names are some that you will often find within their community. These names are usually picked up for their meanings and weaved in with the original name to give a child's name character and weight.

84. Abey (Native American origin): Meant for girls, this name means a "leaf".

85. Abornazine (Native American origin): This is an Abenaki name meant for boys, meaning the "flame's keeper".

86. Achak (Native American origin): Usually reserved for the tribe's gents, this name means "spirit".

87. Ahiga (Native American): An action verb, the name means "he who fights".

88. Ahote (Native American Hopi origin): A Hopi name meaning "the restless one".

89. Chayton (Native American origin): A Sioux word for a "falcon".

90. Chenoa (Native American origin): A delicate name which signifies "white dove".

91. Cheveyo (Native American origin): A Hopi name, which means "spirit warrior".

92. Ciqala (Native American origin): A name in Dakota, which means "little one".

93. Dezba (Native American origin): Typically, a boy's name, this Navajo name, means "war".

94. Dilyehe (Native American origin): It is a Navajo translation to the star cluster the Pleiades.

95. Gaagii (Native American origin): It means "raven" in Navajo.

96. Mai (Native American origin): The Navajo name which represents a "bright flower".

97. Niyol (Native American origin): This serene name means "wind" in Navajo.

98. Ooljee (Native American Sioux tribe origin): A baby boy's name and it means "moon".

99. Sialea-lea (Native American origin): In Navajo, this means a "little bluebird".

100. Tséghádiʼnídíinii Atʼééd (Native American origin): Right out of the Navajo mythology, it means a "rock crystal girl".

101. Yanaha (Native American origin): It means "brave" in Navajo.

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