Book Now: Natural History Museum, Science Museum and V&A All Reopening

Natural History Museum

Encouraging news from South Kensington, where three of the country’s top family museums are set to reopen.

The ‘Big Three’ will all be back in action from August, as follows:

Natural History Museum: 5 August

V&A: 6 August (lower sections, with further galleries opening 27 August.

Science Museum: 19 August

Importantly, entry is free but tickets need to be pre-booked via the museums’ websites. Needless to say, the three venues will all have social distancing measures in place, and a raft of other precautions to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

Image: Natural History Museum

Cafes will be open at all three museums. Both the Natural History Museum and the V&A has large outdoor spaces to explore as well as their famous galleries.

Welcome back to a trio of treasure houses, who are as much friends as museums.



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