123 O Names That Are Oh-So Lovely

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It is fair to say that choosing the perfect baby name is an exciting but onerous task.  

To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve scoured the internet in search of the very best baby names beginning with the letter O.  We’ve covered all bases with boy baby names, girl names and unisex baby names with a mix of contemporary, unique and classic baby names that start with the letter O, there are plenty here to get you inspired.

Before we start, here are some of our top tips for choosing the perfect name for your new addition: Pick out your favourites and make a shortlist, use the names daily and see which one sticks. Check the initials. Think about how the name could be shortened and make sure you’re happy with the shortened version or possible nicknames. And finally, consider the meaning of your chosen baby name or seek inspiration from your family tree. Good luck!

Baby Boy Names Beginning With O

Start your search here! Want to find brilliant baby boy names? Browse our list of classic, contemporary and unique baby names that start with O. From Obama to Ozzie we’ve rounded up some brilliant boy names that we think you will love!

Smiling newborn baby.

1) Obama - Of African origin, this popular baby boy name means “crooked”.

2) Obi - Of African origin meaning “heart”.

3) Obie - Of English origin meaning "inspiration".

4) Octavio - Of Latin origin meaning “eighth”.

5) Octavius - Of Latin origin, this baby boy name means “eighth”.

6) Odell - Of English origin meaning “start of the valley”.

7) Odin - Of Norse origin meaning “a chief deity of Norse mythology”.

8) Oliver - Of English origin, this classic baby boy name means “peaceful".

9) Ollie - Of English origin meaning "elf warrior".

10) Olson - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “son of Olaf”.

11) Omar - Of Arabic origin meaning “life of thriving”.

12) Omari - Of African origin meaning “God is the highest”.

13) Omarion - Of American origin meaning “combination of Omar and -ion”

14) Oren - Of Gaelic origin meaning “pale-skinned”.

15) Oris - Of Hebrew origin meaning “tree”.

16) Orley - Of German origin meaning “famous country”.

17) Orpheus - Of Greek origin meaning “the darkness of night”.

18) Orson - Of Latin origin meaning “bear”.

19) Orlando - Of Spanish origin meaning “the fame of the land”.

20) Orton - Of English origin meaning “from the shore settlement”.

21) Orville - Of French origin meaning “Gold town”.

22) Osaka - Of Japanese origin, this unique baby boy name means “greatest prize”.

23) Osbourne - Of English origin meaning “bear God”.

24) Oscar - Of English origin, this popular baby boy name means “God’s spear”.

25) Osias - Of Hebrew origin meaning “salvation”.

26) Osman - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “God’s protection”.

27) Osmo - Of Finnish origin meaning “young man”.

28) Osmond - Of English origin, this classic baby boy name means “divine protector”.

29) Oswin - Of English origin meaning “God’s friend”.

30) Otten - Of German origin meaning “riches”.

31) Othello - Of Hebrew origin, this classic baby name means “he has the sound of God”.

32) Otis - Of German origin meaning “Wealth; son of Otto”.

33) Otto - Of German origin meaning “wealthy”.

34) Owain - Of Welsh origin meaning “youth”.

35) Owen - Of Welsh origin meaning “noble born”.

36) Owley - Of English origin meaning “from the ox enclosure”.

37) Oz - Of Hebrew origin, this unique baby boy name means “powerful, courageous”.

38) Ozur - Of Norse origin meaning “son of Thorleif”.

39) Ozzie - Of English origin meaning "divine power".

Girl Baby Names Beginning with The Letter O

Want to find perfectly pretty girl names? Browse our list of girls baby names that start with the letter O, perfect for a little princess.

Newborn baby girl cuddling a teddy.

40) Oana - Of Romanian origin meaning “God is gracious”.

41) Oba - Of African origin meaning “river goddess”.

42) Oceana - Of Greek origin, this beautiful baby name means “feminine form of Oceanus”.

43) Octavia - Of Latin origin meaning “eighth”.

44) Ode - Of African origin, this baby girl name means “born on the road”.

45) Odelia - Of French origin meaning “wealthy, prosperous”.

46) Odele - Of German origin, this baby girls name means “wealth”.

47) Odessa - Of Greek origin meaning “Wrathful”.

48) Odette - Of French origin meaning “variant of Odelia”.

49) Odina - Of Native American origin meaning “mountain”.

50) Odysseia - Of Greek origin, this unique baby name means “wrathful, wandering”.

51) Ohanna - Of Hebrew origin meaning “gracious gift of God”.

52) Offal - Of Celtic origin meaning “mythical sister of Ove”.

53) Oksanna - Of Ukrainian origin meaning “hospitable”.

54) Ola - Of Hawaiian origin meaning “life”.

55) Olabisi - Of African origin meaning “joy multiplied”.

56) Olga - Of German origin meaning “blessed, holy”.

57) Olena - Of Greek origin meaning “shining light”.

58) Olette - Of Latin origin meaning “small winged one”.

59) Oliana - Of Hawaiian origin meaning “variant of Oleander”.

60) Olinda - Of Greek origin,  this beautiful baby girl name means “violet flower”.

61) Olita - Of English origin meaning “winged”.

Little feet and toes of a newborn baby.

62) Olive - Of Irish origin meaning “olive”.

63) Olivia - Of Latin origin, this popular baby name means “olive tree”.

64) Olivie - Of Latin origin meaning “olive”.

65) Olivette -  Of Latin origin meaning “olive tree”.

66) Olympia - Of Greek origin meaning “from mount Olympus, home to the Gods”.

67) Oma - Of Arabic origin meaning “mother, people, nation”.

68) Omorose - Of Egyptian origin meaning “beautiful child”.

69) Omyra - Of Latin origin meaning “myrrh”.

70) Ona - Of Hebrew origin, this short and sweet baby name means “graceful”.

71) Ondine -  Of French origin meaning “wave of water”.

72) Onaiwah - Of Native American origin meaning “Awake, alert”.

73) Oona - Of Irish origin meaning “lamb”.

74) Opa - Of Native American origin meaning “owl”.

75) Opel - Of English origin, this pretty baby girls name means “jewel”.

76) Ophelia - Of Greek origin meaning “help”.

77) Oprah - Of Hebrew origin meaning “fawn”.

78) Oralee - Of Hebrew origin meaning “the lord is my light”.

79) Orchid - Of Greek origin meaning “orchid flower”.

80) Oria - Of Latin origin meaning “golden”.

81) Oriana - Of Celtic origin meaning “blonde”.

82) Oribella - Of Latin origin, this unique baby name means “beautiful golden child”.

83) Orida - Of Native American origin meaning “expected one”.

84) Oriel - Of French origin meaning “bird”.

85) Orlantha - Of Teutonic origin meaning “renowned fame”.

86) Orlean - Of French origin meaning “golden”.

87) Orlena - Of French origin meaning “gold”.

88) Orna - Of Irish origin, this sweet baby name means “little green one”.

89) Orsa - Of Italian origin meaning “little female bear”.

90) Orzora - Of Hebrew origin meaning “God’s strength”.

91) Ossi - Of German origin meaning “divine power”.

92) Orva - Of English origin meaning “brave friend”.

93) Ottilie - Of French origin meaning "prosperous in battle”.

94) Otylia - Of German origin meaning “prosperous”.

95) Ove - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “edge”.

96) Owena - Of Welsh origin meaning “noble-born”.

97) Ozara - Of Hebrew origin meaning “treasure, wealth”.

98) Ozette - Of American origin, this unique baby name means “deep lake”.

Unisex Baby Names That Start With O

On the search for gender-neutral baby names? Then look no further, browse our list of popular unisex names from Oak to Oxford, we have some brilliant options to choose from.

Newborn baby sleeping soundly.

99) Oak - Of English origin meaning “near the oak trees”.

100) Oakley - Of English origin, this popular baby name means “meadow of oak trees”.

101) Oba - Of African origin meaning “river goddess”.

102) Ocean - Of Greek origin meaning “sea”.

103) Octavia - Of Italian origin meaning “eighth”.

104) October - Of American origin meaning “born in October”.

105) Oda - Of Norse origin meaning “point”.

106) Odalis - Of French origin meaning “chambermaid”.

107) Ode - Of African origin meaning “born on the road”.

108) Ofra - Of Hebrew origin meaning “young deer”.

109) Ohio - Of Native American origin meaning “large river”.

110) Ola - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “ancestors relic”.

111) Oli - Of German origin meaning “elf warrior”.

112) Omega - Of Greek origin meaning “the end”.

113) Onyx - Of Greek origin meaning “claw”.

114) Opal - Of Hebrew origin meaning “treasured jewel”.

115) Orland - Of German origin meaning “renowned in the land”.

116) Orleans - Of French origin meaning “blessed with the gift of gold”.

117) Ori - Of Hebrew origin meaning “my light”.

118) Oriel - Of Russian origin meaning “eagle”.

119) Orion - Of Greek origin meaning “boundary”.

120) Ove - Of Celtic origin meaning “mythical daughter of Dearg”.

121) Orville - Of French origin meaning “from the gold town”.

122) Osvaldo - Of Spanish origin meaning “God rule”.

123) Oxford - Of English origin, this popular name means “ford of oxen”.

We hope that you’ve found a few new baby names beginning with O, for more inspiration make sure to check out our other baby name blogs!



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