My Delicious Visit to Lewis of London

Lewis of London.

The summer might be almost at its end, but our love for ice-cream is forever! Lewis of London is an amazing family run farm in Barnet with irresistible flavours that will tickle your tastebuds! With bouncy cows, a play house and straw pits to entertain your little ones it's the perfect to spend your final summer days. Top your visit by enjoying Kidadl's exclusive 15% off mouthwatering ice cream selections including chunky chocolate and classic vanilla!

If you're looking for a good place to while away an hour or so with the kids in deepest North London it is certainly worth a trip.

The ice cream was genuinely delicious. Half of the local police constabulary seemed to show up while we were there and when asked if there was a disturbance they replied, "Oh no, we just come here because we love the ice cream"! Praise indeed. The kids loved trying new flavours like lemon meringue and white chocolate and at £2.50 for a generous scoop and £3.50 for a double whammy it's decent value.

Lewis of London

The grounds consist of a little sandpit area for babies and toddlers, a separate hay bale area for lots of jumping about for both young and older kids and a few animals dotted around with several benches. The Easter egg hunt was a cute touch and good value at £1, especially since the reward was a kinder egg which was received with much excitement (yes the afternoon was a considerable sugar high but hey it's the holidays!).



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