My Crazy Time at Plonk Crazy Golf in Camden


Plonk yourself in the heart of Camden! Gather up the family and get ready for an epic game of golf in Camden Market. Grab your coloured clubs and balls and hit the the neon paradise in Camden Town! With Kidadl's savings of 17% you'll want to take to the holes time and time again!

We chose to visit Plonk Camden (there are several locations) and my kids loved the fluorescent tiki-hut vibe. Tucked into a corner of the famous stables market, with clubs to suit different ages, the course has 9 holes which you can do in any order and can repeat for extra putting practice. The multi-coloured neon course was a hit with all the family and my kids loved filling in the score card as we went around and showing their mother where the sporting genes had fallen!

two boys playing mini golf on a colourful neon golf course

It’s a fun-packed activity that we squeezed into 40 minutes but if you want to make a day of it there was loads in the area to combine it with - including a visit to the next door “Cereal Killer” cafe - a real school holiday treat where you can concoct the most weird and wonderful cereal banquets with tastes from all over the world.

boy at the cereal killer cafe in london standing in front of milk and cereal

We used the opportunity to stroll around Camden Market inspecting the various trinkets and wares which brought back memories of my teenage years. Afterwards we walked 5 mins down to Camden lock and watched the boats come and go with a drink by the river. You can then jump on a boat (trip) of your own by the bridge which takes you through to Regents Park for an afternoon of rowing or playground fun depending on what you fancy!

boy on a neon golf course at plonk crazy golf in camden


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