40 Mushroom Jokes That Are Super Fun-gi

Mother and son lying on the bed laughing at mushroom jokes.

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Like being the one who always has a joke to tell?

There are a surprising amount of funny jokes you can tell about mushrooms. Why not try memorising a few of these to roll out next time your friends are at your house – or entertain your family by becoming the best mushroom joke teller around!

Before we get started, here are a few mushroom facts to put you in the know. Did you know that mushrooms are a type of fungus? Or that sometimes mushrooms are called toadstools? A person who studies mushrooms is called a mycologist and there are over 10,000 known types of mushrooms, but mycologists think there are probably thousands more mushrooms we just haven't discovered yet. The most common type of mushroom that we eat in the United Kingdom is called the button mushroom, but there are plenty of others you might see in the supermarket, like portabello mushrooms. In French mushrooms are called 'champignons' (pronounced 'cham-pin-yon).

Two toadstools growing in the grass.
Image © Igor Yemelianov on Unsplash

Fungi Jokes

We think this most common type of mushroom punchline, the 'fun guy' joke,  is bound to grow on you. Why not try them out and see what your friends think?

1.What did the girl mushroom say to the boy mushroom? You're a fungi (fun guy).

2.Why did the mushroom have so many friends? Because he was a fungi!

3.Why was the mushroom invited to so many parties? Because he was a fungi!

4.Who would be the best food to hang out with, a strawberry, a banana or a mushroom? A mushroom of course, because he's a fungi.

Small child reaching out to touch a mushroom growing in the ground.
Image © Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash

Question And Answer Mushroom Jokes

These jokes are so much fun, because they get your audience guessing the answer.

5.How do you get into the mushroom? Ring the porta-bella.

6.How does a mushroom clean its house? With a mush-broom.

7.What do you call a book about mushrooms? A fun-guide.

8.What did the grouchy mushroom say to the loud mushroom? Put a cap on it.

9.Why are mushroom children so good? They don't want to get in truffle.

10.What does a mushroom sit on? A toadstool.

11.What kind of mushroom lives in the sea? Oyster mushrooms.

12.Did you hear the joke about fungus? You won't like it, but it will grow on you.

13.Which vegetable should you have with jacket potatoes? Button mushrooms.

14.How does a mushroom car sound? Shroom, shroom.

15.What kind of room has no doors or windows? A mush-room.

16.What made the mushroom farmer a good person? He had really good morels.

17.What's the difference between a mushroom and a tree? One's a tree.

18.How much room does a mushroom need to party? As mushroom as possible!

19.What happens when two fungi get married? They become fung-us!

20.What did the teacher say about the student's attempt at making pizza? There's so mushroom for improvement.

21.What's a vampire's favourite soup? Scream of mushroom.

22.Why does the fungus always win the argument? Because they don't leave mushroom for debate.

23.What do you call a fungi that makes music? A decomposer.

24.What did one mushroom say to the other mushroom? Nothing. Mushrooms can't talk.

25.What sort of room can you eat? A mushroom.

26.What's the only room in your house you can't go into? A mushroom.

27.Where do mushrooms go for a night out? Salad bars.

28.What do you get if a frog eats a mushroom? A toadstool.

29.Why didn't the mushroom like school? Because it spored him.

30.What did the mushroom say as he fell off a cliff? Help! I'm in truffle.

31.How much room does a fungi need to grow? As mushroom as possible.

32.What's the world's biggest mushroom competition? The champignon's league.

33.Why did the fungi leave the party? There wasn't mushroom for dancing.

34.Why do toadstools grow so near each other? They don't need mushroom.

Mushrooms growing in the woods.
Image © Kulli Kittus on Unsplash

Mushroom Puns

A silly mushroom pun is always good value. See if you can make up a few yourself.

35.I'm being squashed – there's not mushroom in here.

36.I'm spored of your puns.

37.Mushroom puns are usually in spore taste.

38.Better be good – you don't want to get in truffle.

Mushroom Knock, Knock Jokes

We all love a knock, knock joke, especially when it involves mushrooms. Why not try these out on your friends and family? Its bound to make them laugh!

39.Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Fun who?

Fungi! (Fun guy!)

40.Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Toad who?


41.Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Mush who?

Mushroom in there?

Fungi growing in the grass.
Image © Ste Wright on Unsplash

Mushroom Story Jokes

Keep your audience captive by telling these jokes about mushrooms.

42.A man goes to the doctor's with a carrot in one ear, a stick of celery in the other and a mushroom up his nose. "Doctor," says the man, "I'm in terrible shape. What can I do?"

And the doctor says, "You need to start eating more sensibly."

43.A mushroom walks into a bar and orders a lemonade. "That will be £11," the bartender says. The mushroom pays for the drink and the bartender says, "We don't often get mushrooms in here."

So the mushroom says, "With prices like these, you won't get many more."

44.What's the difference between a Stormtrooper at a party and a mushroom being picked? One's a bad guy having a fun time and the other's a fungi have a bad time.

45.A mushroom walks up to a tomato and asks him out on a date. As the evening wears on, the tomato is just sitting there, not saying much and looking miserable. "What's wrong?" the mushroom says. "Aren't you enjoying yourself?"

"I guess I'm just not a fungi,"  says the tomato.

46.Two leprechauns are in the forest and one starts eating mushrooms, so the other one says to him, "Are you having fun, Gus?"



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