Meet Thomas The Tank Engine and All His Friends at Drayton Manor – Who’s Who

Thomas Land

Want to earn yourself some serious brownie points with your kiddos? Then take them to Drayton Manor Park’s Thomas Land for a fun day of hanging out with Thomas the Tank Engine and the other popular characters from the North Western Railway.

A long-time favourite with kids, Thomas and his group of friends continue to draw children into their world with imaginative stories and classic backdrops, so here are just a few of the North Western Railway workers you’ll get to meet during your time at Thomas Land - who will delight your kids the most?

All Aboard the Bertie Bus

Meet Thomas the Tank Engine at Drayton Manor

At last, your children will be able to put Bertie Bus to the ultimate test: is he really faster than Thomas the Tank Engine? Climb aboard the Bertie Bus and find out! As a special treat, Bertie Bus has decided to ditch the roads and take his passengers to the skies instead for a full view of the Thomas Land and all his friends. This is a great ride for young adventurers who aren’t quite ready for the crazy, fast rides just yet.

Adventures at Sea

If you a fancy a break from exploring Thomas Land by foot or flying through the skies with Bertie Bus, it’s time to set sail with Captain’s Sea Adventure spinning ride. Board one of the locomotive ships for an exciting voyage across the sea and enjoy cool water splashing on to your deck during the hot summer months.

Locomotive Mayhem Madness

Fancy a dizzying ride with the locomotive gang Mavis, Rusty, Salty, Bert and Dennis? Then get on board Diesels Locomotive Mayhem spinning ride! Hop on to your favourite locomotive and wait for the mayhem to commence. Spinning you around and around, Diesel’s Locomotive Mayhem will prepare you for more advanced roller coaster rides in the rest of Drayton Manor Park.

Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy

families wait to board jeremy jet at Thomas land

After having explored Thomas Land from high above the skies on Bertie Bus, you might want to turn flying into your new hobby. In that case, head on over to Jeremey Jet’s Flying Academy with your first, three lucky passengers, pick your favourite plane and soar to the skies at a gentle pace. Following a safe landing at Sodor Airport, relax and enjoy the praise for your incredible flying skills!

A Rocking Ride with Bulstrode

For real giggles and a rocking ride, you’ll have to catch up with Thomas’ friend, Bulstrode the barge. Hop on to his back and try to keep your balance as he’ll take you up and down a U-shaped track, spinning in circles and rocking from left to right. You won’t know which way is up or down once your feet hit solid ground again, but you’ll definitely want to ride on Bulstrode again. And again.

Terence’s Driving School

Not everyone is made to fly through the sky, so if you’d rather work on your driving skills, head on over to Terence’s Driving School! Pick your favourite Terence vehicle and show your parents they have nothing to worry about – you’ll ace that driving test the minute you turn 17, thanks to all you’ve learned at Thomas Land’s very own driving school.



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