Make Some Noise With Your Own DIY Drum

diy drum

Make your own DIY drum and create some new family beats!

Dance to the beat of your own drum - quite literally! If your kids are missing their music lessons, are dying to take up a new skill or just want to make some noise, then why not fashion a homemade musical instrument yourself! A DIY drum is a really easy one to make and play for all ages; all you need is a bowl, some paper and a few rubber bands! This is a great homemade musical instrument to help pre-schoolers find their rhythm, or for older kids to test out different beats using various sized bowls. Soon the whole family will be making music together from your very own DIY drum kits!

1. Grab a few different sized plastic bowls you can find in the kitchen

2.Place a piece of paper over the top of your bowl and seal it on with an elastic band, wrapping it around twice if you need to. If you want to jazz up your homemade drum then why not draw some designs onto your paper before you seal it, or write your name so that everyone knows it’s your musical instrument!

3.It’s as easy as that - you now have a DIY drum! Experiment to see how the noises change with the different sized bowls and start a beat as a family.

Why not incorporate your homemade musical instruments into your next homeschooling music lesson? It’s a great way for kids to get crafty, learn some tunes and have fun as a family from home! 

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