Magnificent Boys' Names Beginning With M

Mother holding a baby called Mark, one of our magnificent boys' names beginning with M.

Congratulations parents-to-be. There's a lot to think about when you're preparing to welcome a new baby, so why not take a break from making hospital bag lists and nappy stockpiling, and let Kidadl help you out with the fun stuff - baby names.

If you're looking for baby boy names starting with M specifically, or if you're just looking for inspiration, our list of baby boy names is the perfect place to begin your search. And from Old English boys names to Cornish boys names, even to old man inspired boys names, don't forget to check out our other hand-picked lists for the ultimate baby boys' names inspiration.

Popular Boys' Names Beginning With M

Baby Maddox drinking milk on the sofa, one of our magnificent boys' names beginning with M.

If you're on the search for boy names that start with M that aren't too out there, you're sure to find some inspiration in our list of popular baby boy names from around the world.

1. Marc, Mark (English origin) meaning 'warlike' and derived from the Latin name Marcus.

2. Martin (Latin origin) meaning 'servant of Mars' (The Roman God of war).

3. Marcus (Latin origin) meaning 'dedicated to Mars' (the Roman God of war).

4. Miles (English/Latin origin) meaning 'soldier'.

5. Mario (Italian origin) meaning 'warlike'.

6. Malik (Arabic origin) meaning 'king'.

7. Mohammad, Muhammad (Arabic origin) meaning 'to be praised' or 'glorified'.

8. Maddox (English origin) meaning 'son of Madoc'.

9. Marco (Italian origin) meaning 'warlike'.

10. Magnus (Latin origin) meaning 'greatest'.

11. Montgomery (English and French origin) meaning 'from the hill of the powerful man' and 'Gomeric's hill'.

12. Marcelo (Spanish and Italian origin) meaning 'young Marcus' or 'young warrior'.

13. Manzo (Japanese origin) meaning 'third son'.

Nature Inspired Boys' Names Beginning With M

Whether you search on land or under the sea, in the animal kingdom or the world of plants, the abundance of nature always inspires some really unique and memorable baby names. So, if you're looking for baby boy names that start with M that bring a touch of natural wonder, check out this list.

1. Mahpee (Native American origin) meaning 'sky'.

2. Makani (Hawaiian origin) meaning 'wind'.

3. Mano (Hawaiian origin) meaning 'shark'.

4. Maple (English origin) named after the Maple tree.

5. Marlon (French origin) meaning 'little falcon'.

6. Marshall (English/Scottish origin) meaning 'lover of horses'.

7. Mingan (Native American origin) meaning 'grey wolf'.

8. Minoru (Japanese origin) meaning 'to ripen,' 'mature' or 'bear fruit'.

9. Moss (English origin) meaning 'dweller by the peat bog' or 'marshland'.

Occupation Inspired Boys' Names Beginning With M

Many baby boy names have originated from traditional professions. If you're on the search for baby boy names that start with M that really capture our history, tradition and strong work ethic, you'll find the perfect baby boy name here.

1. MacPherson (Scottish origin) meaning 'son of the parson'.

2. Mason (English origin) meaning 'one who works with stone'.

3. Melvin (English origin) meaning 'mill worker', 'gentle Lord' or 'council protector'.

4. Mercer (English origin) meaning 'merchant'.

5. Merwin (Celtic origin) meaning 'mariner'.

6. Miller, Millard (English origin) meaning 'one who grinds grain'.

7. Milton (English origin) meaning 'mill town'.

Religion Inspired Boys' Names Beginning With M

Dad and baby Marlon, a magnificent boys' name

Religious texts are a brilliant place to search for boys names. You can find unusual boy names beginning with M taken from every corner of the globe and, even if you're not religious personally, these baby boys names have such sweet meanings, they're hard to resist.

1. Malachi (Hebrew origin) meaning 'messenger of God'.

2. Malcolm (Scottish origin) meaning 'disciple of Columba'.

3. Maloney (Gaelic origin) meaning 'devoted to God'.

4. Manuel (Spanish origin) meaning 'God is with us'.

5. Marvin (English origin) meaning 'great Lord'.

6. Mathew (Hebrew origin) meaning 'gift of Yahweh'.

7. Mateo (Spanish origin) meaning 'gift of God'.

8. Matthias, Mathias (Welsh and Hebrew origin) meaning 'gift of God'.

9. Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'who is like God?'

10. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning 'who is like God?'

11. Miguel (Spanish origin) meaning 'who is like God?'

12. Mitchell (English origin) meaning 'who is like God?'

Virtue Inspired Boys' Names Beginning With M

We all want our children to grow up with integrity so they become the best versions of themselves they can be. And what better place to start than at the very beginning - with their name. If you fancy looking for baby names starting with M that hold the values you want to pass on to your baby boy, you're sure to find the right name here.  

1. Macauley (Scottish heritage) meaning 'righteous'.

2. Maher (Arabic origin) meaning 'skilful' or 'talented'.

3. Makoto (Japanese origin) meaning 'sincerity' or 'truth'.

4. Manfred (German origin) meaning 'strength' and 'peace'.

5. Manning (English origin) meaning 'son of a hero,' 'brave' or 'valiant'.

6. Matin (Arabic origin) meaning 'strong,' 'solid' or 'powerful'  .

7. Medwin, Medwyn (English and German origin) meaning 'strong or powerful friend'.

8. Milan (Slavic origin) meaning 'gracious'.

9. Milo (German origin) meaning 'gracious' and possibly derived from the English name Miles.

10. Modesto (Latin, Italian and Spanish origins) meaning 'modest' or 'restrained'.

11. Mohsen (Arabic origin) meaning 'the one who does good' or 'benefactor'.

Water Inspired Boys' Names Beginning With M

Murry, Murphy and Merlin, three babies on the floor, with magnificent boys' names beginning with M.

Water is often associated with peace and calm, so if you're on the search for baby boy names that start with M that will hopefully imbue your baby boy with all the serenity of a zen pond, this is the list for you.

1. Marlow, Merlow (English origin) meaning  'from the hill by the lake' or 'driftwood'.

2. Maxwell (English origin) meaning 'from Maccus' spring'.

3. Mehul (Sanskrit origin) meaning 'rain'.

4. Melborn, Melbourne, Melburn (English origin) meaning 'from the mill stream'.

5. Merlin (Welsh origin) meaning 'sea fortress'.

6. Morgan (Welsh origin) meaning 'of the sea'.

7. Morrissey (Irish origin) meaning 'choice of the sea'.

8. Moses (Hebrew origin) meaning 'delivered/saved from the water'.

9. Murdock (Celtic origin) meaning 'protector of the sea'.

10. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning 'descendent of the sea'.

11. Murray (Gaelic and Celtic origin) meaning 'settlement by the sea' and 'lord and master'.



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