Kidadler Review: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic.

A Christmas Carol is a classic festive tale and a show we’ve seen as a family plenty of times. This performance was particularly special though, with Scrooge portrayed brilliantly as a character the audience managed to both love and hate at the same time. He’s someone that reminds us of an old friend, family member, or at least someone that we know and I think that familiarity and understanding is just one reason why this show is so popular.

We had a great view!

As soon as we entered the theatre, people couldn’t wait to take their seats and the whole place was buzzing with excitement. The first thing we heard was the beautiful violin and the rest of the band, helping the tale come alive before the show even started! The kids seemed to love the tinkling bells the actors were playing and I thought the music was definitely a highlight of the show, it made the whole thing even more uplifting. The acting was great too, with diverse talent that brought every character to life in a creative and imaginative way.

One thing that was particularly memorable were the tiny lanterns hanging all over the place, they helped to create a wonderful romantic and dramatic atmosphere. They were used brilliantly to bring the 3 Ghosts of Christmas to life during the performance. The ghosts themselves weren’t scary, just mysterious, and came across quite friendly which managed to intrigue and excite all the kids in the audience.

Amospheric lanterns

The stage was small but multifunctional and the enthusiasm of everyone in the room made it feel like a little celebration was happening. In between the songs, everyone was clapping and singing along with the actors and people got quite emotional following the rhythms of the story. 

It’s clear why A Christmas Carol returns to the stage again and again, and why people keep going to see it! We were definitely left feeling festive and couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home, it was a perfect family outing.



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