Jump In Enfield: All You Need To Know To Bounce Safely Now

Girl making a pose in the air as she bounces on the indoor trampolines.

Image © Jump In Enfield.

Jump In Enfield is ready for all jumpers to get back bouncing this summer.

Considered to be one of the best trampoline experiences in London, Jump In is brimming with activities and games like dodgeball and indoor climbing. This day out is perfect for kids who love to be active, or just need to let out some excess energy!

As well as their normal sessions, Jump In trampoline park also offer relaxed sessions for toddlers and SEN children, offering a great expert service.

Jump In To These Activities

Jump In is a fantastic way to bounce back into some fun. Kids over 4 will be able to bounce to their heart's content, with so many fun activities on offer. Here are some of our favourites:

Take On A Challenge: There is a sky-high adventure to be had on the Slam Dunk basketball court where you'll be jumping as high as NBA stars. Or the foam pit is a wonderful way to practice some gymnastic flips and spins.

Open Play: Here, kids gain access to all areas of the play trampoline areas, including the gladiator battle beams and more. The Open Jump trampoline session can be booked for 1, 1.5 or 2 hours. Kids can challenge family and friends to dodgeball, slide down extreme slides, have fun on the trapeze and more.

Clip 'N Climb: This indoor rock climbing activity is perfect for adventurous climbers if they want to move on from the trampoline aspect of Jump In. There is no climbing experience necessary, and there are friendly staff there to help. The session includes a 15-minute safety briefing and then 45 minutes of climbing fun!

Friday Night Takeover: This fun party night at this trampoline park lets kids 4 and up enjoy a live DJ (with music requests allowed), and jump to their favourite tunes as a perfect way to end the week.

Young boy posing in the air as he bounces at Jump In trampoline park.
Image © Jump In

Important Details  

There is an onsite restaurant and snacks are available. From 3 to 31 August, there is a 50% discount when you eat in at Jump In and Gravity Force in line with the government scheme. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, up to £10 per person. You can use this deal as many times as you like.

From coffee and cake to re-energise or a delicious and yummy pizza cooked in their pizza oven. There are meal deals available too.

Parking And Facilities: There is parking on site, toilets, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.


Off Peak (Monday to Friday Term Time): Open Jump Session 1 hour (5+): £8.00. Open Jump Session 1 hour (Under 5’s): £5.00. Extra 30 mins: £4.00. Extra hour: £6.00

Peak (Weekends, and School Holidays): Open Jump Session 1 hour (5+): £11.50. Open Jump Session 1 hour (Under 5’s): £11.50. Extra 30 mins: £3.00. Extra hour: £6.00

Grip Socks: £2.50

Two little girls bouncing at Jump In Enfield.
Image © Jump In Enfield

Toddler and SEN Sessions

The relaxed sessions are sensory-based, and perfect for SEN children. It includes soft lighting, and soothing or no music which creates a calm safe and friendly space to explore and play in. Sensory play is great at helping children to feel happy in a safe environment. Siblings are welcome to join their family who want a quieter place to play.

The toddler sessions are run in the quieter times at the Jump In in Enfield, to give little ones a chance to play and explore the trampoline park in its entirety with age-appropriate activities. Toddler time is available for one hour slots on Saturday mornings and all throughout school holidays.

COVID-19 Measures

Online bookings are required and the Jump In trampoline park will reopen on Saturday the 25th July with limited capacity (reduced by at least 50%). The soft play remains closed.

There is a green light system in place that will ensure social, or rather physical, distancing is maintained to allow everyone from jumpers, to staff, to be spaced out.

All jumpers must use hand sanitiser provided and disinfectant will be readily available throughout, and court crew will be wearing protective face buffs to ensure everyone is safe.  Some areas may be out of action from time to time for cleaning but will not affect all areas.

There will be designated area bubbles for the cafe area and there is a system in place for coffee and snacks to be delivered safely.  

It is advised that supervising adults should remain in the café or seating area unless agreed by the Duty Manager. This is to enable safe physical distancing trampoline ratios. This does not apply to the Toddler Time or SEN Relaxed sessions, the reduced capacity will allow for supervisor support of children.



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