101 Iroquois Names With Meanings And History

The Iroquois people have a very rich, traditional history and their names are inspiring.

The Iroquoian people are one of the many Native American tribes who inhabited the Great Lakes area of North America.

In the aboriginal history of North America, Iroquois people and Hurons were the two major groups. The Iroquois Confederacy or Haudenosaunee is often heard of in Native American history; it refers to the group of six tribes or nations comprising the Mohawks, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca which were later further divided into many sub-clans.

The five tribes were later joined by the Tuscarora to make the five nations into six nations. Most of the Iroquois people inhabited areas that are now modern-day New York, lands surrounding the Great Lakes, parts of Quebec and southern Ontario state in Canada.

Today, the remaining Iroquois people are believed to be inhabitants of New York and surrounding areas. The Onandaga reservation or Haudenosaunee now stands as a sovereign independent nation and owns around 7300 acres of land that is originally a part of their own ancestral territory. The Onandaga nation currently operates independent of the jurisdiction of the New York State and ruled by a Council of Chief.

The Iroquois have always maintained their traditional democratic system and continues to follow the same to the present day. Although colonization wiped out most of their population through war and dominance, the Iroquoians have always been known for their political structure of society and the lifestyle they led. Iroquois society was also matrilineal; women were held in high regard as they were believed to be the life creators and in control of the distribution of food in their agricultural society. Benjamin Franklin admired their democratic principles, and many of their practices were incorporated into the American constitution.

The Iroquoian traditional longhouses that were inhabited by the many family members of the tribe is something that can still be seen in parts of New York, in areas that are now part of the Onondaga Reservation. Many of the Iroquois clans and sub-clans such as the Mohawks and Oneidas have also integrated themselves into the surrounding states and economies of the United States and Canada and inhabit urban areas. Nevertheless, Native Americans have always held their culture and history with much pride.

For those with a keen interest in Iroquois culture and history, opting for some of these unique ancient names for their children could be a lovely choice. For more baby names, take a look at Sioux Names and Apache Names.

Common Iroquois Names

Giving your child an Iroquois name would help in recognizing the indigenous culture and ancestral origin. Although most Native American names are rare, some names gained popularity. The wide usage has led many parents to choose indigenous names for their babies. The list below includes some common names, for both boys and girls:

1. Aviaja means "expressive and positive".

2. Brant (English origin) Joseph Brant was a Mohawk chieftain of the Iroquois. This name, although having an English origin, was later used by Native Americans.

3. Chaska (Sioux origin) meaning "firstborn son".

4. Chumani (Sioux origin) meaning "dewdrops".

5. Dakota is widely used by Americans to name their cute little girls. It means "friends" or "allies".

6. Esadowa means "wolves".

7. Kai (Navajo origin) meaning willow tree and is used both for boys and girls.

8. Kiona means "brown hills".

9. Makawee (Sioux origin) meaning "generous and full of abundance".

10. Moana gained popularity upon the release of the titular Disney film. The word refers to 'deep-sea' or "wide ocean".

11. Oneida stands for "long-awaited". It also means "the standing rock" amongst some Native American tribes.

12. Taima means "crash of thunder"

13. Talisa or Talisha means "beautiful water".

14. Winona (Sioux origin) meaning "firstborn daughter".

Iroquois Unique Baby Names For Girls

The Iroquois were known for many things, one of those was their traditional loghouses which still stand today.

The Iroquois comprised six tribes and further divided sub-tribes, but each of these tribes had a chief of their own, referred to as Tadodaho. Children are named after the chiefs in the tribes. These names are unique. You can choose one among them for your little one.

15. Aponi is also spelt Aponni or Apponni. It means "butterfly".

16. Cheyenne is the name of a Sioux sub-tribe. It is also the name of a city in Wyoming.

17. Hialeah means "a pretty prairie" and very rarely used. It is also the name of a city in South East Florida.

18. Lulu (Native American origin) means "rabbit". Its Native American origins can be traced back to the Apache, Creek or Choctaw. The name also has many German and Latin references.

19. Mika has gained popularity in recent times. It means "raccoon".

20. Malia The origin of the name Malia is not entirely restricted to the Iroquoians and is believed to have been derived from the Zuni native American tribes meaning "calm waters".

21. Nokomis is an uncommon name, it means 'grandmother' or "daughter of the moon".

22. Odina means "mountain".

23. Olathe means "beautiful" and is a good choice for your beautiful little princess.

24. Pocahontas (Native American origin) means "the playful one".

25. Shysie means "quiet little one".

26. Tala means 'wolf'. This seldom-used name has an Iroquois origin and was also the name of a character in Disney's "Moana".

Iroquois Unique Baby Names For Boys

Some of the Iroquois male chieftains have made a real name for themselves and are well-known. Why not choose one of their unique names for your little boy?

27. Ahanu means "laugh". Let your child's life be filled with laughter and happiness.

28. Atenati means "elk" amongst the Mohawk tribes.

29. Bidaban means "beginning of dawn".

30. Cochise is the name of a renowned and respected warrior chief.

31. Okwaho (Mohawk tribe origin), means "wolf" or "the one who can show loyalty".

32. Onas means "quill" or "pen".

33. Onontio means "big mountain".

34. Ezhno denotes the "one who lives in solitude".

35. Hiawatha means "maker of rivers". Hiawatha was one of the legendary chiefs of the Onondaga tribe that became a part of the Iroquois confederacy. He was a peacemaker who brought the many warring clans of the Iroquois together between the 16th and 17th century.

36. Koda means "allies" or "partners".

37. Magaska depicts "the one like a white swan".

38. Makya means "an eagle hunter".

39. Nayati means "he who wrestles".

40. Paytah depicts "the one born out of fire".

41. Sahale means "like a falcon".

42. Sequoyah means "sparrow".

43. Shawree means "cornstalk".

44. Shilah means "brother".

45. Taos means "place of red willows".

46. Tahoma means "giver of water".

47. Tarlo means "bear cub".

48. Tasunke means "horse". It is a good name if you want your son to be strong like a horse.

49. Tchondee means "tobacco".

50. Tenaya means "great leader". Let your son be a great leader.

51. Wapi means "four-leaf clover".

Cute Iroquois Names For Boys

Iroquois names reflect the bravery of their warriors and leaders but also sounds sweet and soft.

Naming your child can feel overwhelming with all the choices available. You want to name your child something that carries a beautiful and significant meaning.  At the same time, it would be best select names that are simple and easy to pronounce so that it won't cause any inconvenience for your child. Here are some popular, short and easy to pronounce Native American names with their meanings that were used by some of the Iroquois clans. These cute names will add to the cuteness of your bundle of joy.

52. Achak (Algonquin origin) means "spirit".

53. Aditsan (Navajo origin) means "listener".

54. Adriel means "beaver".

55. Ahiga (Navajo origin) means "he who fights" and it is a good name if you want your son to be a good fighter and not a loser.

56. Akando (Native American origin) means "ambush".

57. Ashkii (Navajo origin) The name is for a boy and the word itself means "boy".

58. Atsidi, (Navajo origin) means "blacksmith".

59. Awan means "somebody".

60. Cheveyo means "spirit warrior".

61. Choovio means "antelope".

62. Ciqala means "little one" and the apt name for your little one.

63. Dasan means "chief".

64. Diwali (Cherokee origin) means "bowl".

65. Dohosan (Kiowa origin) means "cliff".

66. Elan (Native American origin) means "friendly".

67. Elsu (Native American origin) means "flying falcon".

68. Eyota This name means "great". Do you want your child to be a great leader and live with great fame?

69. Hakan means "fire" and is the right choice if you want a powerful name for your child and if you want your child to bring a flame of change.

70. Howi (Miwok origin) means "turtle dove".

71. Igasho means "wanders".

72. Kitchi means "brave" and is a strong and powerful name for a boy.

73. Kwahu (Hopi origin) means "eagle".

74. Maska means "strong".

75. Moki (Hopi origin) means "deer".

76. Muraco means "white moon".

77. Ohanko means "prudent" and is a good choice if you want your baby to be careful and cautious.

Cute Iroquois Names For Girls

All the names for baby girls listed below are of native American origin and from one of the six nations of tribes of Iroquois. There are names that mean bird, flower, rainbow, angel and moon. Let your child soar high in the sky like a bird and bloom like a flower and be colorful like a rainbow and shine like a moon.

78. Abey means "leaf".

79. Aiyana means "eternal bloom".

80. Alaqua means "sweet gum tree".

81. Alona means "oak tree".

82. Amitola means "rainbow".

83. Angeni means "spirit angel".

84. Anoki means "actor".

85. Ayita means "worker".

86. Benquasha means "daughter of Ben".

87. Chenoa means "white dove".

88. Chilali means "snowbird".

89. Chimalis means "bluebird".

90. Dyani means "deer".

91. Enola means "magnolia flower".

92. Etania means "wealthy".

93. Istas means "snow".

94. Koko means "night".

95. Minda means "knowledge".

96. Mitena means "new moon or coming moon".

97. Nita: means "bear".

98. Sakari means "sweet".

99. Satinka means "magic dancer".

100. Wapeka means "skillful".

101. Zaltana means "high mountain".

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