90+ Irish Trivia Questions (And Answers): Will You Have The Luck Of The Irish?

Do you know the Irish flag colors?

Ireland is a vibrant and fascinating country!

Besides the widely celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, there's much more to Irish culture and people than what first meets the eye. For one, the country is home to many beautiful and breath-taking landscapes.

We have created this set of Ireland trivia to make the best Irish trivia quiz, full of Irish fun facts and Irish trivia for kids! In the process, we'll cover some famous Irish personalities and a few of the major cultural events of the country as well. For more quizzes, check out our Boston trivia and American trivia, but for now, may the luck of the Irish be with you!

General Irish Trivia Questions

Before we dive into wonderful and weird Irish trivia and specific topics such as St Patrick's Day trivia questions, why not attempt this easy Irish trivia game to find out more? Good luck!

1. Question: What is Northern Ireland?

Answer: A country north of the Republic of Ireland that is part of the United Kingdom.

2. Question: What is the weather like in Ireland?

Answer: It is mild and humid and witnesses abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes.

3. Question: What is St Patrick's Day?

Answer: Saint Patrick's Day is a famous Irish cultural and religious celebration to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick.

4. Question: What was invented in Ireland?

Answer: Color photography, the Hypodermic Syringe, the Guided Torpedo, the Binaural Stethoscope and more.

5. Question: Which famous people come from Ireland?

Answer: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Mary Robinson and Maureen O'Hara, among others.

6. Question: What is the population of Ireland?

Answer: Approximately five million people.

7. Question: Where is Ireland?

Answer: Western Europe.

8. Question: What is Ireland famous for?

Answer:Picturesque views, Saint Patrick's Day, Irish dancing and music.

9. Question: What is the capital of Ireland?

Answer: Dublin.

10. Question: In which county is Bunratty Castle located in Ireland?

Answer: Clare.

11. Question: What was the name of the 1993 Steven Spielberg movie in which Northern Irish actor, Liam Neeson played the lead?

Answer: 'Schindler's List'.

12. Question: What is the occupation of famous Irish personality Maeve Binchy?

Answer: Novelist.

13. Question: What is the name of the 1970 Eurovision winner who was also the Presidential candidate from Derry?

Answer: Dana Scallon.

14. Question: Which popular Charlton brother was the manager of the Irish football team?

Answer: John Charlton.

15. Question: Which Saint is said to have brought Christianity to the people of Ireland?

Answer: Saint Patrick.

16. Question: Dublin gives its name to which particular shellfish?

Answer: Dublin Bay Prawn.

17. Question: Grafton Street in Dublin City Centre is particularly famous for what?

Answer: Shopping.

18. Question: The national Cathedral of the Church of Ireland is located in which street?

Answer: Patrick Street.

19. Question: How many main rail stations are situated in Dublin?

Answer: Two.

20. Question: What is the name of the oldest college on College Green in Ireland?

Answer: Trinity College.

21. Question:  Which traditional Irish musical instrument was adopted as a logo by Guinness?

Answer: The harp.

22. Question: Which famous film was filmed in the west of Ireland?

Answer: 'The Quiet Man' (1952).

23. Question: Which popular actor of Irish descent played the role of Lawrence of Arabia in the popular 1962 movie 'Lawrence Of Arabia'?

Answer: Peter O' Toole.

24. Question: What is the name of the fairy that in Irish cultures is said to forewarn families of death?

Answer: Banshee.

25. Question: What is the salmon associated with in Irish mythology?

Answer: Wisdom and knowledge.

26. Question: At the annual Cork festival, what sort of music is celebrated?

Answer: Jazz.

27. Question: Which Northern Irish actor played the title role in the movie 'Michael Collins'?

Answer: Liam Neeson.

28. Question: Is St. Patrick's Day celebrated as a national holiday in Ireland?

Answer: Yes.

Ireland is home to beautiful landscapes.

Irish Political Trivia Questions

Attempt this assortment of Irish trivia facts to test your knowledge of the various political happenings that took place in Ireland!

29. Question: Which organization did Ireland join in the year 1955?

Answer: The United Nations.

30. Question: What is the English translation of 'Amhran na bhFiann'?

Answer: 'The Soldier's Song'.

31. Question: What is the name that is given to the Irish Prime Minister?

Answer: Taoiseach.

32. Question: Which Irish political party was founded in the year 1926?

Answer: Fianna Fail.

33. Question: Which political party was founded in the year 1933 with the amalgamation of the Cumann na nGaedheal, the Centre Party, and the Army Comrades Association?

Answer: Fine Gael.

34. Question: What musical symbol is on the coat of arms of the country?

Answer: The harp.

35. Question: True or false? Roman Catholicism the official state religion as per the Constitution in Ireland?

Answer: False.

36. Question: What is the name of the building in which the Irish Parliament sits?

Answer: Leinster House.

37. Question: What is the maximum term of an Irish Government as stipulated by the law?

Answer: Five years.

38. Question: What was the name of the Irish currency before it joined the Euro in the year 2002?

Answer: Punt.

39. Question: Which Dubliner, born in 1951, became the Taoiseach in the year 1997?

Answer: Bertie Ahern.

40. Question: What was the name of Enda Kenny's father?

Answer: Henry.

41. Question: What was the first name shared by the two female Irish Presidents in the 20th century?

Answer: Mary.

42. Question: What clothing item did Kerry T.D. Jackie Healy-Rae always don before making a public appearance?

Answer: A flat cap.

43. Question: Trevor Sargent became the leader of which Irish political party in the year 2001?

Answer: The Irish Green Party.

44. Question: Who took over as the leader of Ireland's Labor Party in the year 2002?

Answer: Pat Rabbitte.

45. Question: The demotion of which Fine Gael T.D. took place in 2004?

Answer: John Deasy.

46. Question: What does the position of Tanaiste signify?

Answer: Deputy Prime Minister.

47. Question: Which year recorded the first sitting of the Irish Parliament?

Answer: 1264.

48. Question: What is the minimum age an Irish citizen must be to contest for the seat of President?

Answer: 35 years.

49. Question: Which group of nations did Ireland leave in the year 1949?

Answer: The Commonwealth.

50. Question: During which decade did Ireland join the European Economic Community (now known as the EU)?

Answer: The '70s.

51. Question: John Hume and David Trimble shared the Nobel Prize in which category?

Answer: Peace.

52. Question: How many consecutive terms can an Irish President serve?

Answer: Two.

53. Question: Who became the first President of the Republic of Ireland?

Answer: Douglas Hyde.

54. Question: Which party merged with the Irish Labour Party in the year 1999?

Answer: Democratic Left.

55. Question: Which Irish personality became the first ever female Tanaiste?

Answer: Mary Harney.

56. Question: After serving their term of office, which Irish President went on to become the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights?

Answer: Mary Robinson.

57. Question: Which Irish President is well known for declining an invitation to Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding?

Answer: Patrick Hillery.

58. Question: Which day is observed on the first Monday of June in Ireland?

Answer: June Bank Holiday.

How much do you know about Irish sports?

Irish Sports Trivia Questions

It is now time to delve deep into a set of fun Irish trivia with this set of questions and answers revolving around the many events that were recorded in Irish sporting history. Attempt this quiz to find out more, good luck!

59. Question: In which city is the iconic Croke Park stadium situated?

Answer: Dublin.

60. Question: In which major rugby competition did Ireland emerged victorious in the year 2018?

Answer: The Six Nations.

61. Question: Who is said to have defended himself from a wolfhound with the help of only a hurl and a sliotar?

Answer: Cu Chulainn.

62. Question: Which county is the home of the Irish National Stud?

Answer: County Kildare.

63. Question: In which motorcycle race did Legendary Northern Irish motorcyclist Joey Dunlop register a tally of 24 total wins?

Answer: Ulster Grand Prix, County Antrim.

64. Question: The basic requirements of which GAA sport are a ball, a field of grass and a set of goalposts?

Answer: Gaelic football.

65. Question: Popular golfer Rory Mcilroy hails from which Northern Ireland county?

Answer: County Down.

66. Question: In the 2005 World Cup qualifying game, which player scored the winning goal for Northern Ireland against England?

Answer: David Healy.

67. Question:  Former snooker World Champion Dennis Taylor hails from which town in County Tyrone?

Answer: Coalisland.

68. Question: Which Irish sport gets mixed up at times with the Scottish game 'shinty'?

Answer: Hurling.

69. Question: Which is the main rugby venue in Limerick?

Answer: Thomond Park.

70. Question: Who is the only Irish cyclist to have won the Tour de France?

Answer: Stephen Roche.

71. Question: Irish racing driver Eddie Irvine drives for which Formula One motor racing team?

Answer: Jaguar.

72. Question: Which county houses the Gowran Park racecourse?

Answer: County Kilkenny.

73. Question: Where is the GAA ground Cusack Park located?

Answer: Mullingar.

74. Question: Where is the Curragh Racecourse is located?

Answer: Kildare.

75. Question: George Best is best known for representing which club?

Answer: Manchester United.

76. Question: The Kilkenny sporting teams are addressed by what nickname?

Answer: The Cats.

77. Question: Who was the winner of both the PGA Championship as well as The Open in 2008?

Answer: Padraig Harrington.

78. Question: What is the ball in the sport of Hurling called?

Answer: Sliotar.

79. Question: Which Irish jockey won the Grand National on his fifteenth attempt?

Answer: A.P. McCoy.

80. Question: At what score were the touring West Indies team bowled out for in their match against Ireland in 1969?

Answer: 25

81. Question: Who won the player of the match award in the victory that Ireland recorded against Pakistan on St. Patrick's Day in 2007?

Answer: Niall O'Brien.

82. Question: How many deliveries did Kevin O'Brien take for his century against England in their 2011 WC fixture?

Answer: 50.

83. Question: Which Irish born man became the first to play test cricket for England?

Answer: Leland Hone.

84. Question: Which Irish cricketer holds the dubious distinction of being the only player to be dismissed for 99 on their ODI debut?

Answer: Eoin Morgan.

85. Question: Ireland became an Associate member of the ICC in which year?

Answer: 1993.

86. Question: Which county holds the record for the most number of Sam Maguire Cups?

Answer: Kerry.

87. Question: After which Irish sports person is Belfast City's airport named?

Answer: George Best.

Irish Pop Culture Trivia

Attempt this Irish pop culture trivia quiz to test your Irish luck! Good luck!

88. Question: Which Irish writer was part of the first edition of the BBC's 'Question Time' in 1979?

Answer: Edna O' Brien.

89. Question: Actor-director Kenneth Branagh hails from which city?

Answer: Belfast.

90. Question: Writer Iris Murdoch, actor Richard Todd and actor Michael Gambon were all born in which city?

Answer: Dublin.

91. Question: Which Irish personality was the first ever to be featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1923?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw.

92. Question: In the movie 'Godfather', what is the name of the character who acts as the consigliere to the Corleone family?

Answer: Tom Hagen.

93. Question: Which author is regarded as the best-selling Irish-born author of all time?

Answer: CS Lewis.

94. Question: In which branch of the arts was Wicklow-born Ninette de Valois massively influential in Britain?

Answer: Ballet.

95. Question: The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was won by which Irish actress in 1989?

Answer: Brenda Fricker.

96. Question: How old was Saoirse Ronan when she earned her first ever Oscar nomination?

Answer: 13 years old.

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