How To Make The Most Of London With Kids Using A One-Day London Pass

Child in a chalk London

Get the London Pass today, from as little as £54.00 and make the most out of a day in London! Visiting London can be a fascinating especially when accompanied by your little ones. Exploring London however, can be a little intimidating. There are lots of places to visit and you might not have the time to do everything you want to all at once. Plus, you might not be 100% sure that everything is age appropriate for your mini friend.

And that's why we're here! We have put together a list of London's attractions that are fun for the whole family and close together. But why bother and book 3-4 different tickets when you can have everything assembled together on the London Pass, saving you both money and time. Book your pass today and visit these exciting venues all at once!

10:00am: Become a driver for the day at the London Transport Museum

Start your day by heading to The London Transport Museum, where kids go free with the London Pass, for some serious family locomotive fun. Learn about the evolution of modern transport since the 1800s and be amazed by the displays of old posters, station signs, old posters and even old tickets. Little ones will be fascinated by the interactive displays as they get to ride versions of buses, trains, taxis and take the wheel for the day. Older kids can explore the museum's collection in the interactive hands-on area and guess the origin of mystery objects, discover the people who have worked on public transport of the last 200 years and try on replica costumes.

Useful Tips:

- The best way to get to the London Transport Museum is by Tube. Head to Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Holborn, Embankment or Charing Cross.

- Buses RV1, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 13 stop at the Strand or Aldwych.

- Feeling peckish? Head to Bill’s in St Martin's Courtyard for some food. They have a great kid’s menu and it’s a 5-minute walk away.

- There are baby-changing facilities available on the ground floor.  

12:00pm: Grab 20% off lunch at Fire and Stone and hang out with Moomin

Within a 3-minute walk from from The London Transport Museum, you will find delicious pizza from around the world at Fire & Stone. The Moomin family have their own little shop in Covent Garden which is a 2-minute walk away from Fire & Stone. In there you will find little blue Moomin houses with all sorts of goodies from books and toys to rare memorabilia and limited edition items for sale that will definitely tempt you and your little one - she's too cute to ignore!

1:30pm: Stroll around the area

Have a wander around Covent Garden and explore around the area where you will find plenty of fun, family-friendly things to do. Enjoy the Covent Garden Apple Market that offers a great variety of goods and stalls with handmade crafts, jewellery, watercolours, prints and more impressive goods throughout the week. You can also head to the London Film Museum which a 4-minute walk from the Covent Garden Station. Toddlers will be fascinated by impressive James Bond vehicles and will have the chance see from up close all the cars, boats, bikes and even gyrocopters too. 007 will be waiting for your visit! Within a 10-minute walk you will find the impressive Trafalgar Square, with the majestic lions, the enormous statue of Admiral Lord Nelson, various street acts and the perfect spot for a photo opportunity. You can even impress your little one while educating with these fun facts about the square.

3:00pm: Head to the Postal Museum

From Trafalgar Square, hop on the Piccadilly line for 30 minutes and get off at Russell Square to pay a visit to the amazing Postal Museum - entrance is free with The London Pass! Step inside the world of the historic British postal service and learn about the fascinating story of the way we communicated from five-wheeled cycles to flintlock pistols. See a Mail Coach from the 1800s and have a close look at the the world's very first stamp, Penny Black. The whole family will be enthralled as they sort out the mail on a huge train carriage and send messages across the museum galleries through the pneumatic tubes - it's an educational and fun-filled museum that you won't forget in a hurry!

Useful Tips

- We recommend 2-3 hours to visit The Postal Museum Exhibition, Mail Rail Exhibition and the Mail Rail ride (which lasts approximately 20 minutes).

- Gender-neutral toilets, including baby-changing facilities, are located on the ground floor of The Postal Museum and Mail Rail, and the lower ground floor of Mail Rail.

- No buggies allowed on the lower ground floor of Mail Rail. Buggy parking is provided on the ground floor alongside lockers for storage.

- Lockers are available; the maximum approximate size is 60×29.5×27.5cm. A refundable £1/€1 coin is required to operate the locker.

- The Counter Cafe serves up hot drinks and freshly-prepared food, including healthy meals for the kids. There is a refreshment trolley in the Sorted play area.

- Or take a picnic and enjoy it at St Andrew's Gardens, which are a three-minute walk.



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