How To Make An Iggle Piggle Cake

Mum and daughter in the kitchen spooning out cake batter for an Iggle Piggle cake.

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Iggle Piggle is the beloved main character of In The Night Garden.

Big, blue and lovable, Iggle Piggle is almost always found carrying his red blanket. Just as Iggle Piggle delights kids from behind the screen, the blue doll would be a lovely adornment on a cake.

Colourful and oh-so-familiar, an Iggle Piggle cake with fondant would be a lovely centrepiece for a 1st birthday or 2nd birthday celebration, plus we think three and four-year-olds will love it too! What's more, an In The Night Garden cake with Iggle Piggle on top would go down perfectly at a fancy dress In The Night Garden themed birthday party too

How To Make An Iggle Piggle Cake

Here's how to make an Iggle Piggle cake, to impress fans of the kid's show In The Night Garden, and fans of cake!

Time Needed: 20 minutes preparation for the cake, then 50 minutes for baking, plus 20 minutes for decorating.

You Will Need

For The Iggle Piggle Cake:

-Butter or margarine (350g).

-Caster sugar (350g).

-Eggs (7).

-Vanilla extract (1 tablespoon).

-Self-raising flour (350g).

-A cake tin (20cm diameter).

-Greaseproof paper (or use extra butter to grease the cake tin).

For The Iggle Piggle Cake Buttercream:

-Butter (112g).

-Icing sugar (225g).

-Vanilla extract (1 tablespoon).

Toddler eating cake with her hands, icing all over her face and fingers.
Image © Mariana Villanueva, under a Creative Commons license.

For Decorating The Iggle Piggle Cake:

-A knife.

-A spatula.

-A rolling pin.

-Icing smoother.

-A cake board (around 25cm) covered in foil (pre-made or taped on smoothly).

-Fondant (light blue, red, black, and white).

-A small paintbrush.



For The Iggle Piggle Cake:

1) Preheat the oven to 170C.

2) In a large bowl, mix the butter and sugar and until light and fluffy.

3) Crack the eggs into a separate bowl and mix well, then add to the birthday cake mix in four batches, stirring with each addition.

4) Add the vanilla extract, then stir.

5) Sift the flour into the birthday cake mix, gently stirring until fully incorporated.

6) Line the baking tin with greaseproof paper, then transfer the birthday cake mix into the tin before placing in the oven for at least 50 minutes.

7) After 40 minutes, check the cake by inserting a skewer or knife in the middle. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready.

8) Leave to cool completely on a wire rack for at least an hour.

For The Iggle Piggle Cake Buttercream:

1) Add the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract to a large bowl, then mix until very fluffy.

Eggs and a whisk on the kitchen table ready to go into the Iggle Piggle cake batter.
Image © stevepb, under a Creative Commons license.

For Decorating The Iggle Piggle Cake:

1) Place the cooled cake in the centre of a cake board covered with foil.

2) Use a knife or cake-cutter to slice the cake in half horizontally, then remove the top layer.

3) Use a spatula to spread a layer of buttercream over the bottom layer of the cake (using 2/3 of the buttercream) put the top cake layer back on, then press the cakes together lightly with the cream in-between.

4) Spread the rest of the buttercream over the top and sides of the birthday cake, evenly.

5) Roll out a sheet of light-blue fondant (half a centimetre thick) large enough to completely cover the birthday cake.

6) Cover the birthday cake with fondant, smooth and trim.

For The Iggle Piggle Cake Topper:

1) Take a tangerine-sized amount of blue fondant and roll into a large, long teardrop shape.

2) Flatten the top and bottom slightly - this will form the body.

3) Repeat step 1 but roll into a flattened circle, then slice in half.

4) Roll each half into a sausage, tapered slightly at one end - these will be legs for Iggle Piggle.

5) On the other end of each leg, press in slight indentations with your finger, for the foot pads to go.

6) Make diagonal cuts from the tapered ends, cutting off pieces the length of a small screw.

7) Use a small paintbrush and water to wet each diagonal edge, then attach to the body of Iggle Piggle, such that he appears to be seated.

8) Put a toothpick through the body vertically, so that it sticks out where the head will be.

9) For the arms, roll out another blue fondant tangerine (slightly smaller) cut in half and roll into sausages.

10) Mark the wrists with the end of the toothbrush, then flatten the shorter end of fondant to make the hand.

11) Press on the other end to flatten it a bit, then use the paintbrush and water to attach to the body, resting the hands in Iggle Piggle's lap.

Close up of a child kneading dough.
Image © webandi, under a Creative Commons license.

12) Use blue fondant to make another small tangerine shape, then place on a flat surface, flatten slightly and adjust to a bean shape for the head.

13) Make shallow holes in the face for the eyes, then make two little white fondant ovals to go in these holes.

14) Make two tiny black fondant balls for the pupils, then place on top of the white fondant.

15) Use small amounts of blue fondant, rolled into mini sausages, to make eyelids for Iggle Piggle. Then make another tiny ball for the nose.

16) Take a small piece of black fondant and make it into a long teardrop, before flattening at one end and placing on the face to make the smile.

17) For the hair, create four holes on the top of the head starting in the middle, then towards the left.

18) Roll four tiny pieces of red fondant with pointed ends and stick in the holes to give Iggle Piggle some hair.

19) Place head on body, securing with the toothpick. If it's too big, remove some fondant and carefully reshape.

20) For the foot pads, flatten two small balls of red fondant, then place into the foot indentations.

21) Roll a flat red rectangle for the blanket, then arrange on the body with a corner under one of the arms.

22) Insert one toothpick into the cake to mark the position of the topper, then place Iggle Piggle on the stick to attach it to the birthday cake - done!

Top Tips

This delightful In The Night Garden cake can be enjoyed by kids celebrating their 1st birthday or 2nd birthday (though some fondant can be removed first to reduce the overall sweetness).

To cut the waiting time, why not bake this birthday cake the night before, cover loosely and then allow it to cool overnight?

For a vegan In The Night Garden cake substitute each egg with one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds (or ground chia seeds) whisked with three tablespoons of water. Wait until this mixture is fully absorbed before using. Remember to use vegan butter too!

This fabulous birthday cake is best kept at room temperature, wrapped completely in cling film it will stay fresh for up to four days.

When wrapped in cling film, the 'In The Night Garden' cake can be stored in the freezer for up to four months.

For an extra birthday treat, why not make an Iggle Piggle batch of cupcakes? Or make an Iggle Piggle batch of cookies?



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