How To Make An Easy DIY Unicorn Horn

Little girl wearing a DIY unicorn horn as she reaches for some flowers in the garden.

Image © serenko, under a Creative Commons license.

You don't need much to make a unicorn party really magical.

This easy to follow unicorn headband DIY will transform all your little guests into adorable creatures. You don't even need a headband template for this DIY project, all you need is sheets of foam, headbands, a glue gun and some decorations to make a unicorn horn!

There's nothing like a DIY project to get kids excited about arts and crafts. With this unicorn headband project, they can get as creative as they want and really let their personality come through by customising their unicorn horn. Follow the instructions below and you will get the most adorable unicorn headbands for your children.

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To Make This Unicorn Headband, You Will Need:

Large foam sheets (9" x 12").

A hot glue gun (to always be used by an adult).

Sharp scissors (to always be used by an adult).

A headband.

Decorations like plastic rhinestones, stickers, glitter glue.

Young girl in a purple dress and DIY unicorn horn petting a white pony who is also wearing a unicorn horn.
Image © artroomstudio, under a Creative Commons license.

How To Make A Unicorn Horn:

1) Take one foam sheet. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a diagonal line on the back side of the foam sheet, from the bottom left-hand corner up to the top right-hand corner.

2) With sharp scissors, carefully cut along the line.

3) Roll the triangle of foam into a cone. Keep rolling until the foam is completely rolled up. Roll it quite tightly to mimic the shape of a unicorn horn.

4) With a hot glue gun, glue the cone in place. You could put some glue on the inside of the cone and use the gun to secure the top of the cone in place.

5) An adult using sharp scissors should now trim the bottom of the cone into a straight line so that the cone can stand up on a flat surface.

6) Make a fringe at the bottom of the cone. With the scissors, carefully make little snips of 0.5cm into the base of the cone, every centimetre along the bottom of your unicorn horn.

7) Measure the diameter of your cone with a ruler. From the leftover foam, cut out a circle shape about a centimetre larger in diameter than the bottom of your cone.

8) With the hot glue gun, glue the foam circle to the top of the headband. Then, make a circle of glue on top the foam circle and place the bottom of your cone on top of it. Press it down gently so the fringe sticks to the glue. For extra safety, you can glue each piece of the fringe onto the circle.

9) Now it's time to decorate your unicorn headband! Glue rhinestones onto the cone, paint it a different colour, make patterns with glitter glue, or add some stickers to it for example.

10) If you are feeling creative, you could add unicorn ears to your unicorn headband DIY project. From the leftover foam, cut out two small triangles. Bunch up two of the corners to form an ear shape, then glue the unicorn ears on either side of the unicorn headband.

Toddler sat in front of a blue background wearing a DIY unicorn horn.
Image © Demkat, under a Creative Commons license.

Unicorn Headband DIY Tips And Tricks

If you are unable to get large sheets of foam to make a unicorn horn out of, thick paper or thin cardboard can do the trick. Simply follow the same instructions as above with your sheets of cardboard or paper. However, be aware that your DIY unicorn headband will be more fragile if you make it out of paper!

You could make this DIY unicorn project even simpler by transforming a party hat into a unicorn headband: simply paint over the party hats and let the kids customise their unicorn headbands with paint, glitter and stickers!

If you are hosting a unicorn party, you can make a unicorn horn for each guest in advance using this unicorn headband template and prepare a horn for each child at the unicorn party to customise with glitter, stickers, paint and pens! Once your party guests have finished decorating their DIY unicorn horn, they can play inventive pretend games together and really get the unicorn party started!

Mum and toddler sat at the table with art supplies ready to make a unicorn horn.
Image © davit85, under a Creative Commons license.

Who Can Help With This DIY Unicorn Headband?

Adults should be the ones cutting the foam with the sharp scissors and using the hot glue gun to make a unicorn horn.

However, kids as young as three will enjoy customising this unicorn horn DIY with stickers, pens and child-safe paint. Make sure to protect any surfaces with a plastic tablecloth or newspaper so your table and floor don't get too messy! Adult supervision is recommended for this DIY project, as it involves small objects like beads and jewels which present a choking risk.

This unicorn horn headband DIY is perfect for entertaining a birthday party of young kids: prepare one unicorn headband per guest in advance and let the children make their own DIY unicorn horn!



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