How To Make A Scooby Doo Cake For Your Child's Birthday

Young girl wearing a chef's hat smiling in the kitchen with flour on her face as she bakes a Scooby Doo cake.

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Scooby Doo is an iconic franchise, well-loved by many people, and birthday cakes inspired by this series don't disappoint.

Making an amazing birthday cake that your children will love doesn't have to be a mighty task. We have put together some groovy Scooby Doo cake ideas to take the stress out of planning a birthday party.

We've included a straightforward recipe for a plain chocolate cake followed by some helpful tips to turn it into a Scooby Doo birthday party cake that will wow everyone. There is an array of Scooby Doo birthday cakes you can make at home with varying levels of effort and skill required. We have also included some excellent swaps for vegan and gluten free requirements so that everyone can enjoy a slice of Scooby Doo birthday cake. A Scooby Doo themed birthday party is a great option for the whole family to enjoy and your children will love the mystery and excitement of the Scooby Doo theme.


For The Cake: 175g butter and one or two teaspoons grease the tin, 175g golden caster sugar, 175g self raising flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder, 40g cocoa powder, three large eggs, four tablespoons of boiling water.

For The Icing: 150ml double cream, 150g chocolate.

Person holding a bowl of flour over the mixing bowl for the Scooby Doo cake batter.
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Method For Making The Cake:

This recipe is great for children aged two and above, who can help bake these cakes with parental supervision and have a taste themselves when it is ready.

To Make The Cake:

Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

Mix together 3 eggs, flour, sugar and baking powder in a large bowl.

In a separate bowl, mix cocoa powder and water.

Add the cocoa mixture into the large mixing bowl.

Grease your cake tins using butter.

Pour the mixture into the cake tins. Level the top with a spatula.

Bake in the oven for roughly 20 minutes.

Allow the cake to cool then turn it onto a cooling rack.

To Make The Icing:

Chop the chocolate into chunks.

Heat the double cream and chopped chocolate in a pan on the hob. For this step you can also microwave it for up to a minute.

Allow the icing to cool for a little while to thicken up.

Close up of person mixing the Scooby Doo cake batter with chocolate chips.
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Make A Birthday Cake Into Scooby Doo

There are many ways to make a Scooby Doo birthday treat. Below are two options for creating a cake modelled after the clumsy great dane and one for creating the Mystery Machine itself. All of these recipes can be adapted to your child's favourite Scooby Doo character and to fit the theme of their birthday party.

If You Have A Square Tin:

Use a square cake tin at least the same size as or bigger than A4.

Print out a picture of Scooby Doo's head to use as a template.

Cut around the shape to make the shape of Scooby Doo's head. (Instead of cutting a square cake you could also use a Scooby Doo cake tin).

Cover the entire cake with brown fondant.

Cut out the features of Scooby Doo's face, such as eyes, ears, collar and nose, using coloured marzipan or fondant and add to the cake.

If You Have A Round Tin:

Follow the cake recipe above.

Level-off the top of the cakes so they can be stacked.

Stack them on top of one another with your favourite cake filling in between the cakes.

Roll out a large circle of brown fondant and place it over the cake, smooth out the top and sides.

Using marzipan or more fondant, create the Scooby-Doo ears, eyes, nose and collar. Add these to the cake.

You can add any extra textures such as smile lines using a blunt knife and marking it into the fondant to bring Scooby Doo to life.

The Mystery Machine:

Bake four square cakes using the recipe above.

Stack them on top of each other with icing in between.

Use a paper template to cut the cake into the shape of The Mystery Machine.

You could use buttercream and pipe it onto the cake to look like the Mystery Machine.

You could also use fondant or marzipan to decorate the Scooby Doo cake. You can find pictures on the internet to print for outlines you can cut around.

Little girl at a birthday party wearing a party hat sat at the table eating some Scooby Doo cake.
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There are so many options for decorating Scooby Doo cakes but here are some great baking alternatives available for different dietary requirements.

Vegan: An amazing swap for eggs is cider vinegar but don't worry, you won't taste it in the birthday cake! To make a vegan sponge cake you will need: 150g of dairy free spread, 300ml of your favourite plant based milk, one tablespoon of cider vinegar, 300g of self-raising flour, 200g of golden caster sugar, four tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda.

Gluten Free: Gluten free four is an excellent swap to create a yummy cake. You can use gluten free flour in our recipe to create your Scooby Doo birthday treat. Use a gluten free flour so you can bake a brilliant Scooby Doo birthday cake that doesn't compromise on taste.

You can purchase gluten free and vegan fondant and marzipan at most large supermarkets, look out for Scooby Doo themed products whilst you are there!

Kidadl's Top Tips

Here are some extra tips and tricks to help you create a fun and fresh Scooby Doo Birthday cake.

Use your favourite biscuits to make some Scooby snacks that Scooby Doo himself would love. You can add extra chocolate, icing or decorations to biscuits.

To keep the cake moist, don't open the oven door until the cake is at least 75% cooked.

You can rejuvenate a stale Scooby Doo cake by microwaving it for roughly 10 seconds to add some moisture back!

A well baked cake will pull away from the sides of the cake tin a little bit and also feel springy if you gently press the top of the cake.

You can purchase a very cute Scooby Doo cake topper to add excitement to a shop-bought cake. You can even purchase personalised Scooby Doo cake toppers with your child's name on, the cast's iconic catchphrases and much more.

Scooby Doo cupcakes can be a great way to simplify the cake decorating process. You could create the Scooby Doo ears using marzipan or fondant and add them to the cupcakes. You can also get smaller sized Scooby Doo birthday cake toppers that will look delightful on a cupcake. Cupcakes are a great option for a birthday party.



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