50 Hat Puns That Will Make Kids Laugh

A young boy wearing a huge hat, big sunglasses and a red nose is smiling at the camera.

Did you know that the first hat that ever existed was recorded 15,000 years ago in a cave painting found in Central France?

Hats are a long-time fashion staple for all ages. Especially for kids, and it explains why most children can’t go out without putting their favourite hats on.

Hats symbolise many things. They have various purposes and authoritative meanings in history. In the social realm, wearing them represents authority, knowledge, and nobility. They are an essential part of some uniforms and also serve as protection from the weather, with one of the most popular hats being the baseball hat. Safe to say, we love them!

Here are examples of hilarious puns about hats that you can enjoy with the kids.

Hat Puns

We've rounded up the best hat-inspired puns you can share with the kids.

1. What do you call a lion with a cool hat? A dandy-lion.

2. When a dinosaur wears a cowboy hat and boots, it is a Tyrannosaurus Tex.

3. Don’t worry about other kids saying bad things about your hat. Haters gonna hat.

4. All these hat puns are beanie-th me!

5. What did the hat say to the tie? You hang around and I’ll go a-head.

6. The magician is wearing a hat so the audience won’t see their hare.

7. What will happen if you throw a white hat on the red sea? It becomes wet.

8. Have you seen my hat? I can’t think on top of my head.

9. What do you call a snake that wears a hard hat? A boa constructor.

10. What does a witch say when it can't decide which one to wear? Witch hat?

11. That beret looks beret-good!

12. Crazy hat ladies must live in “Mad-hat-tan”!

13. An irritable person who likes berets is a “hat-head”.

14. You could say cowboy hats are “well-rounded”.

15. My boss went into work with a hat, and I guess he is my super-visor.

16. Can you help dad find his beret? It’s an absolute headscratcher.

17. A frog leaves its bonnets and coats in the croak-room.

18. What did the scarf tell the beret? You go a-head, I’ll hang a little longer.

19. Which actress dislikes hats? It’s Anne Hat-away.

20. You look so fedora-ble with that fedora!

21. I would put you in my house if I was a sorting hat!

22. What happens to a witch with an upside-down nose? Her hat would blow off each time she sneezes.

23. I told dad that buying a new hat for a pound is a small price toupee.

24. A trending item on social media is a “hat-tag”.

25. I know a nun who always wears a hat out. I guess it’s her habit.

26. Try this bowler hat because you will look adora-bowl!

27. Why does the hen like wearing beanies? Because it needs to hat-ch its eggs.

28. What do you call a car that likes hat? A hat-chback!

29. The most famous Indian political activist who is also a hat lover is Ma-hat-ma Ghandi.

30. Hats hate the wind because it blows.

31. The Queen wears a teacup-shaped hat because she is royal-tea.

32. The soldier with the biggest hat in the army has the biggest head.

33. All gnomes have red pointy beanies. It’s a gnome fact.

Cap Puns

Cap-italise on being the funny one in the family by sharing these puns.

34. To make any boat a hat, flip it over and it becomes cap-sised!

35. There’s a rule that limits the number of hats. I guess you can say they put a cap on it.

36. When a computer can’t take its hat off it’s in caps-lock.

37. Sailors don’t like buying bucket hats because they’re afraid of capsizing.

38. If a coffee has a hat, it must be a cap-a-ccino.

39. A hat that says goodnight is a good nightcap.

40. The latest technology for balding dads is an iBald Cap.

41. When a beer wears a cap, it’s called a bottlecap.

42. You look cap-tivating!

43. We are in an environmental crisis because the ice-caps are melting.

44. You should put your thinking cap on, so you can get ahead!

Top Hat Puns

Have your pun game always on "top" with one of these puns.

45. A toy that’s also a hat and likes to spin around is a spinning top hat.

46. All top hats are top, because if they were bottom, they would be shoes.

47. A T-rex wearing a top hat is a dino-sir.

48. When a goldfish wears a top hat, it becomes so-fish-ticated.

49. A dinosaur that wears a dressy hat and a monocle, and drinks tea is a tea-rex.

50. You can tell a porcupine that has a top hat that it’s looking sharp.



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