50 Halfling Names For Your Dungeons & Dragons Character

D&D is one of the most popular role-playing games.

Halflings are the tiniest race in Dungeons and Dragons.

An iconic poster-child of D&D, halflings have been a major race since the first edition of Dungeon Master's Guide was released. This home-loving peaceful race were officially called hobbits until the second edition of D&D.

Halflings have a rich cultural tapestry, with strong family-focused tight-knit communities. Halfling character names are mostly lore-friendly. The two common traits in male halfling names are that they are seldom long and mainly do not end in a vowel. Alternatively, female names tend to be longer, and often end with a vowel sound. The following are lists categorized by male, female, and also gender-neutral halfling names.

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Halfling Names For Girls

Halflings are popular characters in Dungeons & Dragons.

A fantastic selection of female halfling names are listed below.

1. Adaldrida (German origin) meaning "sweet".

2. Alora (African origin) meaning "dream". Alora is the name of a halfling thief in 'Baldur's Gate'.

3. Amaryllis (Greek origin) meaning "sparkling".

4. Berylla (Greek origin) meaning "sea foam green jewel".

5. Charmaine (English origin) meaning "charm".

6. Eglantine (English origin) meaning "a type of wild rose".

7. Gelvira (Visigothic origin) meaning "lofty and true".

8. Hilda (Old Norse origin) meaning "battle".

9. Lidda (Hebrew origin) meaning "the biblical city of Lydda". Lidda the Rogue is a recurrent character in D&D handbooks as an illustration of the rogue archetype, becoming a popular female rogue halfling name.

10. Linzy (Old English origin) meaning "island of linden trees". Linzy is a chaotic bard companion in the D&D 5th edition-based role-playing game, 'Pathfinder: Kingmaker'.

11. Mazzy (Hebrew origin) meaning "a precious pearl". Mazzy is a fighter class, lawful good halfling in 'Baldur's Gate 2'.

12. Merla (French origin) meaning "blackbird".

13. Merry (English origin) meaning "cheerful".

14. Mirabella (Latin origin) meaning a "miracle".

15. Pansy (English origin) meaning the flower "violet".

16. Sebille (English origin) meaning "prophet".

17. Verna (Latin origin) meaning one born in "springtime".

18. Yana (Cherokee origin) meaning "bear".

Halfling Names For Boys

(D&D includes a fascinating collection of names for male halflings.

Halfling names' for boys are often meaningful, see our best selection of male halfling names below.

19. Adalgrim (Germanic origin) meaning "noble" (from 'adal') face (from 'grim').

20. Adelard (Germanic/French origin) meaning "brave and noble".

21. Adric (African origin) meaning "blessed ruler".

22. Bilbo (Spanish origin) meaning "a type of short sword", and a Spanish city.

23. Bill (English origin) meaning "with the gilded helmet".

24. Cotman (English origin) meaning "one who resides in a humble dwelling".

25. Drogo (English origin) meaning "to carry".

26. Dudo (Spanish origin) meaning "doubt".

27. Eder (Hebrew origin) meaning "flock".

28. Eldon (English origin) meaning "old servant".

29. Fassbinder (German origin) meaning "cooper". Fassbinder the Strong is a burly halfling warrior featured in 'Warhammer Universe'.

30. Frodo (Germanic origin) meaning "wisdom."

31. Largo (Spanish origin) meaning "tall" - an interesting choice for a halfling.

32. Montaron (Spanish origin) meaning "huntsman". Montaron is the name of a fighter/thief neutral evil halfling in 'Baldur's Gate'.

33. Peregrin (Spanish origin) meaning "pilgrim". Peregrin Took is a major hobbit character in 'The Hobbit'. His shortened name, 'Pippin', also makes for a great name for halflings.

34. Regis (Latin origin) meaning "king". Regis is a major halfling character in R.A. Salvatore's 'The Crystal Shard'.

35. Rorimac (Gaelic origin) meaning "red king".

36. Rufus (Latin origin) meaning "red".

Unisex Halfling Names

There are a few halfling names which can be used for both sexes, see our selection below.

37. Belwyse (Latin/Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "a lawful learned person".

38. Drew (Irish origin) meaning "the offspring of a druid".

39. Fay (Old French origin) meaning "loyalty".

40. Furret (Latin origin) meaning "little thief".

41. Idrees (Arabic origin) meaning "instructor".

42. Jordyn (Hebrew origin) meaning "to descend".

43. Kelsys (Old English origin) meaning "victorious fleet".

44. Kerry (Gaelic origin) meaning "people of Ciar", an ancient Celtic tribe.

45. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning "repose", also a biblical figure.

46. Pat (Latin origin) meaning "noble".

47. Rael (Old Hebrew origin) meaning "lord of the light".

48. Serafen (Hebrew origin) meaning "an angelic entity".

49. Teagan (Irish origin) meaning "beautiful".

50. Vala (English origin) meaning "the chosen one".

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