40 Geography Puns That Kids Will Love

Geography is the science we use to research the surface of the Earth.

Geography is the science we use to research the surface of the Earth.

People who study geography are interested in the physical features of Earth like deserts, rivers, mountains and oceans, as well as the way people live in the natural world. We call the geography that is about how people live human geography, and geography about nature physical geography.

I'm sure you'll agree, the world is a pretty big topic to get our heads around, especially when we start learning some facts. Did you know, the entire population of the world could fit inside Texas easily? Or that the Himalayas are getting 0.6 inches higher every single year? If you're a geography fan, check out our great list of world-class puns to laugh your way to learning.

Map Puns

If you need a road map of the funniest puns around, we've got just the thing for you.

1.I met a cartographer who was a spider. He made web-based maps.

2.My friend knows how to read maps better than anyone. He's a legend.

3.If you're a good geography teacher, you can't ever tell a student to get lost.

4.I walked past my friend Sam on his boat scribbling on a map. I'm certain he's plotting something.

5.The grumpy cartographer got kicked out of map-making club. They don't let anyone in who has a bad latitude.

6.I heard if you look in the corner of a map, and see the word, "oregano," you'll die. I think it's just herb-in legend.

7.A bully beat me up with a map of Belgium. I'm completely covered in Bruges.

8.I adore my map, I'd be absolutely lost without it.

9.I finally found my book of maps. Atlast.

10.I planned a journey south east on my map. It was some downright good navigation.

Geography shows us the Himalayas are getting 0.6 inches higher every year.

Earth Puns

These silly puns are quite frankly out of this world, don't you agree?

11.Shout out to Earth, it really keeps me grounded.

12.My mum told me that Earth is at a 23.5 degree angle. I told her, "that's not right." She typed it into Google, to prove that it was true. "Exactly," I said, "if it was right, it'd be 90 degrees."

13.It blows my mind that we only celebrate Earth day once a year, when we celebrate Sun day every single week!

14.Telescopes are always pointed away from Earth. It's because we use them to search for intelligent life.

15.This planet means the absolute world to me.

16.The Earth is a very space-cial place to me.

17.I just love the way the Earth rotates, it really does make my day.

18.The flat earth society is booming, it has members all around the globe.

19.Aliens are refusing to visit Earth. It's because it only has one star.

Physical Geography Puns

If you can't get enough great puns about geography, you're gonna love these physically awesome ones.

20.So you want some puns about rocks? Give me a minute and I'll dig some up.

21.I bought Earth once. It was cheap as dirt.

22.May the forest be with you.

23.Geology rocks, but geography is definitely the best.

24.I love wind farms, I'm a big fan.

25.You need to start using solar power. Don't be a fossil fool.

26.Beleaf what you want, but plants really do have feelings.

27.Mountains aren't funny, they're absolutely hill areas.

28.Haters gonna hate, equators gonna equate.

29.My friend told me he hates jokes about rocks. My sediments exactly.

30.The metamorphic rock really struggled in tests. He just couldn't handle the pressure.

31.Volcanoes are so hot right now.

32.The big rock was so shy, he always wished he was a little boulder.

Country Puns

We can't travel the world all the time, so Czech these funny geography puns out.

33.I'm fed up of everyone bragging about their fitness levels. I think I need to move out of Iran.

34.Do you know what country in South America is the best holiday destination? I assumed Uruguay who'd know.

35.I want to move my house ten feet to the left. I'll probably need to go to Ukraine.

36.I took a trip to Switzerland, but I found it really disappointing. The flag was a big plus though.

37.I always end up getting hurt somehow, so need to live somewhere there's easy access to emergency supplies. That's why I chose Stockholm.

38.I'm fed up of fake countries, so I'm going to Israel.

39.My word of warning - don't mess around in West Africa. You're Ghana have a bad time.

40.I can't think of any more puns, but I'm sure my mum will know a few, Alaska later.



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