Fantastic Dinosaurs And Where To Find Them In London

Children looking at a dinosaur

Do you have a diehard dino fan in your clan? Let’s face it, pretty much every family has at least one member that absolutely loves dinosaurs - if not all of them! Now, while we can’t actually take our kids to marvel at them at the local zoo, it is possible to get up close to large and life-like sculptures and models. Let’s take a closer look at some of the very best places to go dinosaur spotting in London.

Delve into the history of dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

Yep, probably the ultimate dinosaur destination in the city, the Natural History Museum can offer you lots of insights into the prehistoric creatures. The world-famous museum is packed with plenty of dinosaur artefacts and bones from many different species. If you’re looking for a destination with oodles of information on all different types of dinosaurs for kids - this is the one! There’s an entire dinosaur gallery with lots of fossils to explore and everything is marked out with easy to understand signage. 

Your kids will get the chance to see an Iguanodon, a diplodocus, a baryonyx among others. The T-Rex, in particular, is a favourite!

boy looking into a glass box at a fossil of a dinosaur

Immerse yourself at Dinosaur World Live 

The ultimate place to get up close and personal with dinosaurs in London has got to be the Dinosaur World Live show at The Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre. This theatre production for those aged 3-12, is highly interactive, so you won’t just get to marvel at the dinos from a distance. Your kids (and you) can join in the adventure as an array of dinosaur puppets, including the much-loved T-Rex and Triceratops, put on quite the show. Don’t underestimate the puppets - they’re a lot more lifelike than you might expect! 

Dinosaur World takes you on an exciting journey back in time as you explore the journey of dinosaurs over prehistoric times. There’s even a meet and greet at the end.

dinosaur world live performance at the wembley park theatre

Wander through the Dinosaur Trail at Crystal Palace Park

You may already have been aware that Crystal Palace Park is a lovely park, but did you know that there are life-sized dinosaur models hidden in its midst? Yes, this park is London’s very own little Jurassic Park. There are more than 30 dinosaur statues to discover among the grounds. They’ve been around since 1854 and are Grade 1 listed monuments, so they’re actually quite fascinating for both you and the little ones to discover. 

Other than dinosaur spotting, there’s plenty more to do for all ages in Crystal Palace Park. There’s a farm, a boating lake, a maze and a playground to keep all family members thoroughly occupied and entertained, so come on down!

dinosaur sculpture at a London park



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