17 Cracking Easter Activities KS2 Kids Will Love

KS2 child holding a bag of Easter eggs

With the Easter holidays not far away, you might be in search of the best activities to mark the occasion this year. With our list full of Easter activities below, you'll have no problem finding great family days out.

Family Day Pasta Making Workshop

easter pasta making for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: An afternoon of pasta making will allow kids to get creative with cooking by teaching them all sorts of tricks on how to make the perfect pasta - they'll even be able to take their work home.

Why parents will love it: This workshop will be a great family activity - help your little ones to create all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes with the support of an expert pasta-maker.

Nearest station: East Putney

Kew Gardens

kew gardens for easter

Why kids will love it: With 300 acres of botanical gardens to search through, kids will have no problem spending a whole day at Kew Gardens. The huge variety of activities catered to KS2 kids will help your young ones learn all about the natural world through seeing all kinds of greenery up close.

Why parents will love it: It's the perfect time of year for a relaxing day out. With 5 cafes spread across the gigantic site, you can easily spend a whole day here.

Nearest station: Kew Gardens

London Museum of Water and Steam

museum for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: This quirky museum combines learning for primary-school kids with loads of fun activities.

Why parents will love it: It's not only great for kids -  the interactive parts of the museum will be a great resource for you to learn alongside your kids.

Nearest station: Kew Bridge

Cannizaro Park

park for kids at easter

Why kids will love it: Perfect for any young ones who love exploring, kids will be able to search Cannizaro Park for all kinds of plants and wildlife.

Why parents will love it: Just off Wimbledon Common, this is a perfect springtime visit for a restful day in the gardens.

Nearest station: Wimbledon

Chelsea Stadium Tour

chelsea tour for kids

Why kids will love it: Any young Chelsea fans will love this Easter treat. A tour around the stadium includes the chance to get close to the pitch, walk down the tunnel and see the changing rooms.

Why parents will love it: With the support of an expert guide, you will learn so much about this amazing old stadium - make sure to search around the trophy room to get a taste of this famous club's history.

Nearest station: Fulham Broadway

Bishops Park

park for kids at easter

Why kids will love it: Set right by the river, Bishops Park offers sports facilities and playgrounds which your kids are free to explore.

Why parents will love it: While your kids make the most of the activities on offer, you will be able to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the park.

Nearest station: Putney Bridge

Hampton Court Palace

hampton court palace at easter

Why kids will love it: If your children have been studying the Tudors at KS2, they will love immersing themselves in the world of Henry VIII.

Why parents will love it: A day out at Hampton Court Palace offers the chance to marvel at the magnificent palace grounds or explore the famous maze.

Nearest station:  Hampton Court

Wonderlab at the Science Museum

science museum for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: Any budding scientists will be fascinated by seeing the experiments and exhibitions up-close at Wonderlab.

Why parents will love it: As well as teaching your children all about science, the Wonderlab offers the chance for kids and parents alike to get hands-on with all kinds of experiments.

Nearest station: South Kensington


kidzania easter activities

Why kids will love it: Kids will be free to explore all kinds of roles in this mini-city. Whether they choose to be a radio presenter, firefighter or a pilot, they will learn to help each other and manage their resources.  

Why parents will love it: KidZania is a great resource for teaching your kids problem solving skills. They will work together with other kids to develop important life skills, as well as working on their maths skills through worksheets and managing their own money.

Nearest station: Shepherd's Bush.

V&A Museum

v&a museum for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: The V&A promises a day of great easter kids' activities. The museum includes a range of interactive exhibits teaching your kids about art and design in a hands-on way.

Why parents will love it: For a day out this Easter, the V&A has something for everyone. From clothes to cars, there is so much on show at the V&A.

Nearest station: South Kensington  

Kirkaldy Testing Museum

museum for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: This is a unique easter day out for any KS2 engineers. Teaching your children all about London's industrial history, a visit here is a great resource for sparking their imaginations.

Why parents will love it: A great easter activity if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this offers a chance to see the one of a kind Universal Testing Machine.

Nearest station: Southwark

The Barbican Conservatory

barbican easter activities

Why kids will love it: Kids will love being free to roam around this tropical hideaway. From all kinds of species of fish to plants from around the world, there is so much here to keep the kids entertained this easter.

Why parents will love it: This unique day out offers a chance to take in some incredible scenery. Make sure to explore the Barbican Centre afterwards!

Nearest station: Barbican

The Design Museum

design museum for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: Kids can let their creative side flourish at the Design Museum. Their workshops aimed at primary school children are fantastic resources for any budding young artists.

Why parents will love it: At the leading museum of contemporary design worldwide, everyone can get in touch with their creative side!

Nearest station: High Street Kensington Station.

Globe Theatre Tours

globe tour for ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: A tour around the Globe will allow you to step back into the past - a brilliant resource for any kids enthusiastic about history.

Why parents will love it: Not only a wonderful day out for kids, a tour around the Globe Theatre offers a chance to gain a unique insight into the life and work of Shakespeare.

Nearest station: Blackfriars

Museum of London Docklands

kids at museum of london docklands

Why kids will love it: This activity for easter is a great way for children to learn about London's maritime history - a perfect learning resource for any KS2 kids.

Why parents will love it: The Mudlarks gallery includes loads of interactive activities for you and your young ones to take on. What's more, this museum is situated right by the riverside, making it a perfect stop on a day by the river.

Nearest station: Canary Wharf

Cutty Sark

greenwich easter activities

Why kids will love it: Kids will not only be able to let their imaginations run wild, a day here also promises teaching them all about the history of this iconic ship.

Why parents will love it: Whilst your kids will love exploring the ship, you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon by the river. The Cutty Sark also includes a great cafe below deck.

Nearest station: Cutty Sark DLR

Body Worlds

body worlds ks2 kids

Why kids will love it: This unique experience will be fascinating for your young ones. They will learn all kinds of weird and wonderful things about human bodies - a fantastic resource for any primary school kids.

Why parents will love it: This exhibition is great fun for all ages, teaching you all about the mysteries of the human body.

Nearest station: Piccadilly Circus

Be sure to check out our Easter Collection for all of our best picks for Easter activities. For more egg-cellent family activities, visit kidadl.com.



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