CBeebies Limericks: Can You Do Better?

Mr Tumble from CBeebies.

We’ve previously ranked CBeebies theme tunes but, inspired by National Poetry Day on 1 October, we thought we’d make up our own little odes to our favourite shows. 

Below are six limericks inspired by CBeebies shows. If you like them, why not have a go at writing your own, with some help from the kids?

Peter Rabbit

There was a young rabbit called Peter,
Who was a notorious eater.  
He’d steal all the veg,
From under the hedge,
Consume them, and totter, and teeter.

February Frolics Willow Activity Farm, three bunnies.


Another young rabbit called Bing,
Had trouble when sat on a swing.
He wanted to stop,
And so called out to Flop,
But Mark Rylance had left to go acting.

Go Jetters

There was a sly baddy called Glitch,
Whose moustache would wiggle and twitch.
He wrote lots of letters,
And called the Go-Jetters,
But no one could help with his itch.

Molly and Mack from CBeebies standing together, Molly resting on Mack's shoulder.

Molly and Mack

Those siblings called Molly and Mack,
They know how to nail a track.
“I have an idea!” 
Will stick in your ear,
And “Oops, oh no!” keeps coming back.

Grace's Amazing Machines

There was a young woman called Grace,
Whose driving was awesome and ace.
To avoid car-park stress,
She plays The Darkness,
Now they soundtrack her every race.

Mr Tumble, Gigglebiz, Justin's House, etc.

The ubiquitous Justin Fletcher,
Is on every show, and I’ll bet’cha,
Those wall-to-wall tumbles,
and pratfalls and stumbles,
Have never once needed a stretcher.

Can you do better? Of course you can. Email matt@kidadl.com with any suggestions -- on any children’s theme.



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