59 Brilliant Dutch Names With Meanings

Baby with dutch names smiling and laughing back.

Trying to come up with baby names can be quite the challenge at times, especially when you want to keep your heritage involved and you don't know whether you're expecting a boy or a girl.

Thankfully, the Netherlands has plenty of great, popular, and unique names to get inspired by. Creativity can be a strong point for the Dutch, with painters and architects flowing out of the country - so don't be surprised that their names follow suit.

If it's a Dutch name that you're after - we've got you covered. From Anneliese to Jansen to Skylar, you're bound to find the perfect name for a boy, a girl, or even a gender-neutral one. Take a look at the lists below, and find out each name's special meaning.

Dutch Girl Names

Baby girl on her back, with a pretty Dutch name.

If it's Dutch names for girls that you're looking for, you're in the right place. As parents, it's important to keep your heritage running through the family, and what better way than by giving your little girl a first name all the way from the Netherlands?

1) Aleid - (pronounced ah-let). This gorgeous Dutch baby name means "noble kind, or of the noble sort".

2) Angelina - An anglicised version of the Dutch first name Engelina, this name means "messenger, or messenger of God".

3) Anneliese - A popular and pretty Dutch and German name, Anneliese means "favour".

4) Anke - This beautiful name means "grace, favour, or eagle", and also has Hebrew origins to it.

5) Betje - (pronounced bet-je). A Dutch form of the name Beth, meaning "devoted to God".

6) Carolien - Similar to the English name Caroline, this one means "strong, or free".

7) Cilla - This cute moniker has several meanings; "venerable, ancient, sixth, or blind".

8) Cornelia - Originating in the Netherlands and quickly spreading across the world, this one means "horn".

9) Drika - Well-known in Holland and Germany, the name Drika means "ruler of the house".

10) Elise - This pretty name means "promise of God", and is popular among Dutch people.

11) Else - A shortened form of the English Elizabeth, Else means "promise of God".

12) Femke - An adorable name meaning "peace, or little girl".

13) Gerda - This one means "guardian, peace, or fertility".

14) Greetje - (pronounced gret-yeah). Originating from the word Greta, this gorgeous name means "a pearl".

15) Hannie  - This name means "grace, or graceful".

16) Isa - A strong moniker meaning "ice, iron, or strong-willed".

17) Jacoba - A common female name in the Netherlands, this means "supplanter".

18) Jantine - A unique name meaning "God is forgiving".

19) Katelijne - (pronounced kat-eh-line-uh). The Dutch form of Katherine, meaning "pure".

20) Luus - Deriving from the name Lucia, this one means "light".

21) Margareta - This Dutch and German name signifies "a pearl.

22) Marieke - A Dutch form of the name Mary, it means "a drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved".

23) Nicoline - Parents in both Holland and all across Europe love this name, meaning "victory of the people".

24) Rebekka - This pretty name means "to tie, to join, or to snare".

25) Rhetta - Of Dutch and Scandinavian origin, this means "a speaker".

26) Sanne - A form of Susanna, this shortened version means "a lily".

27) Trijntje - (pronounced  trein-je). This name means "pure, or chaste".

Dutch Boy Names

Baby on back while parents choose him a Dutch name.

Looking for a Dutch baby name for your little boy? People with Dutch lineage all over the world are more and more often using Dutch names for their children or adopting them into similar English forms. Take a look at the lists below and check out our favourite popular, and attractive names that we've found - that the whole family can be proud of.

28) Aart - This boy name of Dutch origin means "like an eagle".

29) Aldert - A great name meaning "of noble strength".

30) Andries - (pronounced aan-drees). Perfect for a boy, this name signifies "he who is manly".

31) Bastiaan - A Dutch form of Sebastian, this means "revere".

32) Christoffel - This name means "Christ-bearer".

33) Cobus - A lovely name meaning "supplanter, or holder of the heel".

34) Daan - Short and sweet, this one means "God is my judge".

35) Diederik - (pronounced dee-derik). A popular choice in the Netherlands, this means "ruler, or ruler of the people".

36) Filippus - A Dutch form of Philip, and often shortened to Filip - this one means "fond of horses".

37) Frans - Popular in the Netherlands and Denmark, this name means "free".

38) Guus - Sometimes used as a shortened form of Augustus, this one means "staff of the Goths".

39) Hubert - A Dutch and German name meaning "mind, and bright".

40) Isaak  - A popular name from both Dutch people and those across Europe, meaning "he will laugh".

41) Jacobus - A variant of the English Jacob, or Jack, this name means a "supplanter".

42) Jansen - Occasionally used as a surname, this moniker means "son of Jan".

43) Kobus - A shortened form of the name Jacobus, meaning a "supplanter".

44) Lars - A lovely name meaning "crowned with laurel".

45) Luuk - A common Dutch boys name meaning "from Lucania".

46) Markus - This name is widespread across Europe and means "dedicated to Mars, the Roman God".

47) Rhett - An excellent choice from parents, this moniker means "counsel, or advice".

48) Ruben - This charming name means "behold, a son", and is also very popular in Portugal.

49) Steffan - The name Steffan is very well-known, and means "crown, or wreath".

50) Zaan - With Dutch and Hebrew origins, this name means "from the river Zaan".

Unisex Dutch Baby Names

Baby on back touching face.

Ready to get started with picking out a name but not sure what gender you're expecting? Or you simply want to opt for a gender-neutral name? That's not a problem. The Dutch baby names below are well suited to both boys and girls, and all have significant meanings to them. Take a look and see if you can find your perfect fit.

51) Diede - A shortened form of Diederik that is used for both males and females, meaning "people".

52) Elian - Similar to names such as Elisabeth or Elijah, meaning "God's oath".

53) Hanne - A short and sweet moniker meaning "grace, or graceful".

54) Hazen - This famous name is also sometimes used as a Dutch surname, and means "smooth and beautiful".

55) Jan - While this name was initially used mainly by males, it has slowly turned into a unisex name. It holds the meaning "God is gracious".

56) Quant - (pronounced kwant). Meaning "one who is rogue", this unique name is also a pretty popular surname across Europe.

57) Schuyler - (pronounced sky-ler) An adaption of the German name Schüler, this Dutch name means "scholar".

58) Skylar - A name that has also become popular widely across the world, this name means "a shelter" in Dutch.

59) Voshell - This Dutch name means "Fox", and is also a known surname.



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