38 Unique Boys Names Beginning With Y - Why Not?

Three smiling babies on their back, whose boys names are beginning with Y.

Around the world there are many beautiful boy names that start with the letter Y,  so read on for some unique baby name ideas.

Whether these baby boy names have Russian, Japanese, Native American or Welsh origins, names beginning with Y often have long and interesting histories. Read on for our pick of the top baby names that start with Y, as well as some brief notes on the name meaning and history.

Classic Names with Alternative Spellings

Boys Names Beginning With Y

1. Yacoub (Greek origin) meaning 'from the forest' - also spelt Yakub or Yaqub.

2. Yaghoub (Assyrian origin)  meaning 'to heal'.

3. Yakub (Middle Eastern origin) meaning 'God will protect'.

4. Yehoshua (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Jehovah is salvation'.

5. Yoel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Jehovah is the Lord', this forename is a variation of Joel.

6. Yonatan (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God has Given' - an unusual form of the more common, Jonathan.

Unusual Yet Contemporary Boys Names

Boys Names Beginning With Y

1. Yadhu (Indian origin) this is the name of a much-loved King from ancient times.

2. Yael (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God's strength'.

3. Yahya (Arabic origin) pronounced Yuh-ya,  this the Arabic version of John.

4. Yale (Welsh origin) meaning  'upland' or 'fertile moor' - it is pronounced 'Yay-l'.

5. Yancy (Native American origin) meaning 'Englishman'.

6. Yanni (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is Gracious', this is a variant of the Greek forename, Yannis, and another form of John.

7. Yannis (Greek and Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is Gracious'.

8. Yevgeny (Russian origin) meaning 'aristocratic' or 'noble'.

9. Yrjö (Old English origin) meaning 'he who hails from the boar estate'.

10. Yuma (Native American origin) meaning 'chiefs son'.

11. Yuri  (Greek and Russian origin) meaning 'farmer' - it is a form of George.

12. Yusef (Ukrainian origin) meaning 'the Lord increases' - its is a form of Joseph.

13.Yves (French origin) meaning 'yew', Yves is thought to be the French form of the German, Ivo.

Boys Names with Beautiful Meanings

Boys Names Beginning With Y

1. Yaashvan (Oriya and Sanskrit origin) meaning 'winner'.

2. Yacine (Arabic origin) meaning 'happiness', Yacine is another form of 'Yasin'.

3. Yad (Lebanese origins) meaning 'jade', it is a great choice for a green-eyed baby.

4. Yadid (Arabic and Pakistani origin) meaning 'beloved friend'.

5. Yado (Kurdish origin) the name of an admired and respected Kurdish leader, Yado is popular throughout the Kurdish community.

6. Yafir (Arabic origin) meaning 'the one that leaves a mark'.

7. Yash (Hebrew origin) meaning 'eminence', this is one of several Hebrew baby names that start with the letter Y and is a lovely choice for a baby boy.

8. Yasir (Arabic origin) meaning 'well to do', Yasir is a popular forename.

9. Yavin (Arabic origin) meaning 'easy' or 'homely'.

10. Yehuda  (Hebrew origin) meaning 'praise' - Yehuda is the masculine form of Judith.

11. Yadiel  (Spanish origin) meaning 'God has heard', this is a beautiful name beginning with Y.

12. Yisreal (Old Norse origin) meaning 'the tree that binds earth, heaven and hell'.

13. Yura (Spanish origin) meaning 'youthful' or 'young' - this forename comes specifically from the Basque country.

14. Yafeu (African origin) meaning 'strength' and 'boldness' - the name has its roots in the Christian faith.

15. Yagya (Nepalese origin) meaning 'holy ceremony'.

16. Yaj (Sanskrit and Malayalam origin) meaning 'a sage', this name is popular within the Hindu faith.

17. Yaksh (Gujarati origin) meaning 'representative of God'.

18. Yakshit (Gujarati and Sanskrit origin) meaning 'permanent' or 'he who is made forever'.

19. Yuval (Japanese origin) meaning 'lily child'.



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