Top 101 Boys Names Beginning With R

Boys Names Beginning With R

Deciding on the perfect name for your baby boy is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make.

You can easily spend hours pondering over list after list with your partner, only to end up undecided (or at loggerheads!). While some parents favour a particular name before their baby is born, others prefer to simply see their baby first before knowing right away what name will ‘suit’ them. Either way, choosing the right name for your baby boy is not a decision to be taken lightly!

There are some useful things to consider when choosing a  name for your baby boy. If you've decided on the letter R,  it's always interesting to learn the meaning or inspiration behind the name and where it originates from.  Is there a biblical or historical story behind it or is it based on a certain place and time? Most names represent interesting associations like, "meadow"  or "dwelling", while others have bold descriptions such as "brave" or "regal".  Are you after a popular, classic name that most people are familiar with? Or do you prefer something modern and different that will add a unique flair to your baby’s name? Other factors include how well it sounds with the family name, initials, spellings or any nicknames that may be given.

So if your favourite letter happens to be R or you just need some extra inspiration, read our top 100 names for baby boys.  After all, a name is for life not just for Christmas!

Contemporary Names With A Modern Day Twist:

1) Rae (English/old German origin) an alternate spelling of Ray, meaning “wise protector”.

2) Rain (American origin) meaning “abundance blessings from above”.

3) Rainer (English origin) meaning “army counsel”.

4) Ramsey (English origin) meaning “wild garlic” from Rams island.

5) Randall (English origin) meaning “Shield Wolf”.

Boys Names Beginning With R

6) Reeve (English origin) meaning “baliff”.

7) Reggie (Latin origin) meaning “ruler’s advisor”.

8) Reid (English origin) meaning “red-haired”.

9) Reed (English origin) variant of Reade, Reede and Reide meaning “red”.

10) Reign (English origin) meaning “rule” or “sovereign”.

11) Reis (Celtic origin) meaning “knight on horseback or “gatherer of twigs”.

12) Reuben (Hebrew origin). Biblical name meaning “behold, a son”.

13) Rex (Latin origin) meaning “king”.

14) Rey (Spanish origin) meaning “king”.

15) Ricardo (Spanish/Portuguese origins) variant of Richard meaning “strong ruler”.

16) Richie (English origin) meaning “brave ruler”.

17) Ricky (English origin) abbreviation for Richard meaning “strong ruler”.

Boys Names Beginning With R

18) Rico (Spanish origin) meaning “brave ruler”.

19) Riley (Irish origin) meaning “courageous”.

20) Rio (Spanish origin) meaning “river”.

21) Rishi (Indian origin) meaning “sage”.

22) River (English origin) meaning “stream of water that flows to the sea”.

23) Roan (Irish origin) meaning “little redhead”.

24) Rocco (Italian origin) meaning “rest”.

25) Roman (Latin origin). Biblical name meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

26) Romeo (Italian origin) meaning “pilgrim from Rome”.

27) Ronaldo (Portuguese origin) equivalent to Ronald and meaning “advice ruler”.

28) Ronan (Irish origin) meaning “little seal”.

29) Ronin (Japanese origin) meaning “drifter” or “wanderer”.

30) Ronnell (Israeli origin) meaning “song of God”.

31) Rooney (Irish origin) meaning “red-haired”.

32) Roshan (Persian origin) meaning “daylight”.

33) Royal (French and English origin) meaning “kingly”.

34) Royce (English origin) meaning “son of the king”.

35) Ryden (Scandinavian origin) meaning “horseman: or “rider”.

36) Ryder (English origin) meaning “knight” or “mounted warrior”.

37) Ryker (German origin) meaning “rich”.

38) Rylan (English origin) meaning “island meadow”.

39) Ryton (English origin) meaning “from the rye farm”.

Boys Names Beginning With R

Classic Names That Never Go Out Of Style:

40) Radley (English origin) meaning from “The Red Field” or “red meadow.”

41) Rafferty (Irish origin) meaning “prosperity” or “one who will prosper”.

42) Raheem (Arabic origin) meaning “compassionate”.

43) Ralph (English origin) meaning ‘wolf counsel”.

44) Ramses (Egyptian origin) meaning “son of God”.

45) Randolph (English and German origin) meaning “shield” or “rim”.

46) Randy (English origin) meaning “house wolf”.

47) Raphael (Hebrew origin) meaning “God’s healer” or “God heals”.

48) Raul (Spanish form of Hebrew origin) meaning “wolf counsel”.

49) Raymond (German origin) meaning “counsellor” or “protector”.

50) Raymundo (Spanish variant of Raymond) meaning “protecting hands”.

51) Rayyan (Arabic origin) meaning “watered”, “luxuriant” or “plentiful”.

52) Reagan (Irish meaning) meaning “little king”.

53) Reed (English origin) a nickname for someone with red hair or a red, ‘ruddy’ complexion.

54) Reginald (German origin) meaning “King”.

55) Remi (French origin) meaning “Oarsman” or “remedy”.

56) Remington (English origin) meaning “place on a riverbank”.

57) Remus (Latin origin). Along with brother Romulus, Remus is one of the legendary twins who founded Rome.  

58) Rene (Latin origin) Biblical name deriving from Renatus, meaning “reborn”.

59) Renfred (English origin) meaning “peaceful raven”.

60) Ren (Japanese origin) meaning “water lily” or "lotus”.

61) Reynold (German and English origins) meaning “powerful” or “bright”.

62) Rhett (English origin) meaning “counsel” or “advice”.

63) Rhodes (German origin) meaning “where roses grow”.

64) Rhodri (Welsh origin) meaning “circle” and “wheel”.

65) Rhydian (Welsh origin) meaning “ardour” or “dweller by the river crossing”.

66) Rhyson (American origin) meaning “Rhy’s son” or “son of Reece”.  

67) Ridge (English origin) meaning someone “who lived on or by a ridge”.

68) Ridley (English origin) meaning “reed clearing”.

69) Rigby (English origin) meaning “ridge farm”.

70) Ringo (Japanese origin) meaning “apple”.

71) Roary (Irish origin) meaning “red king”.

72) Robert (German/English origin) meaning “bright fame”.

73) Robin (English origin) meaning “fame-bright”.

74) Robinson (English origin) meaning “son of Robin”.

75) Rockwell (English origin) meaning “rock spring”.

76) Rocky (Italian origin) variant of Rocco meaning “rest”.

77) Roddell (French origin) meaning “ruler”.

78) Roderick (English origin) meaning “famous ruler”.

79) Rodney (Old German and English origins) meaning “Roda’s Island; island near the clearing”.

80) Rogan (Irish origin) meaning “redhead”.                                

81) Roger (German origin) meaning “famous spear”.

82) Rohan (Irish origin) meaning “red-haired”.

83) Roland (German origin) meaning “famous throughout the land”.

84) Rolf (German origin) meaning “famed wolf”.

85) Ronald (English origin) meaning “counsel rule”.

86) Roosevelt (Dutch origin) meaning “rose fields”.

87) Rory (Irish origin) meaning “red king”.

88) Roscoe (English origin) meaning “from the deer forest”.

89) Ross (Scottish origin) meaning “upland, peninsula”.

90) Rowan (Celtic origin) meaning “little red-haired one”.

91) Rowley (English origin) meaning “roughly cleared meadow”.

92) Roy (Scottish origin) meaning “red”.

93) Rudra (Indian origin) meaning “remover of pain”.

94) Rudy (American origin) meaning “famous wolf”.

95) Rufus (Latin origin) meaning “red-haired”.

96) Ruger (German origin) meaning “renowned honourable spear”.

97) Rupert (German origin) meaning “fame bright”.

98) Russell (French origin) meaning “little red person” or “redhead”.

99) Rusty (English origin) meaning “someone with red hair”.

100) Ryan (English origin) meaning “little king”.

101) Ryatt (American origin) meaning “created name”.

Boys Names Beginning With R


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