The List Of Best Kids Magazine To Subscribe To

best kids magazine subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are one of the best gift ideas for kids of all ages.

There are lots of children's magazines to read and enjoy, covering every topic imaginable, from Minecraft to arts and craft, technology to creative writing. A kids magazine should be fun and engaging, as well as being informative and inspiring. We have gathered a list of the best kids magazines, which are designed to inspire, engage and educate, as well as encouraging children to read. This can potentially spark life-long learning and a love of reading in the future.

best kids magazine subscriptions


Suitable For Ages: 3 - 6

Dot is the 'happy mag for preschoolers', which focuses on imagination, creativity and fun. Children are encouraged to be resourceful, finding solutions and problem solving by using the tools that they already have, as well as reading about the joys of childhood, like jumping in puddles and learning through play. This is a smart, purposeful and beautifully designed magazine for kids aged 5 and under. Available through bookshops, kids shops, libraries and newsstands.


Suitable For Ages: 5 - 10

Okido is a magazine that is designed by science and education experts, founded on the belief that every child is a creative scientist. Engineering, science, the arts and mathematics are at the core of each issue, and the magazines are designed to encourage curiosity, collaboration, exploration, creativity and critical thinking. Full of fun activities, games, crafts and projects, children will love reading and engaging with Okido, sparking a life-long love of the arts and sciences.

Jacqueline Wilson Magazine

Suitable For Ages: 6-10

Full of stories, crafts, challenges, puzzles and prizes, this magazine features all of the favourite characters from Jacqueline Wilson's bestselling books. A great way to get reading, the magazine shares tips and tricks for writing great stories, and each issue has writing activities to try - making it a great choice for kids with a strong interest in creative writing. The illustrated magazine focuses on writing, drawing and other creative activities - and it encourages kids to be brave, confident, kind and creative.

best kids magazine subscriptions

Minecraft World Magazine

Suitable For Ages: 6 - 10

Keen gamers will love the Minecraft World magazine, which shares tips, tricks and tutorials for building their own worlds. The magazine features inspiring projects from other gamers, including amazing replicas of real-life sites, as well as the craziest buildings, mazes and rollercoasters from the land of Minecraft. This magazine encourages gamers to get more creative and ambitious with their projects, as well as giving step-by-step guides and detailed instructions to improve their skills.


Suitable For Ages: 6 - 12

Anorak is a beautifully designed magazine that aims to provide children with a fun, immersive, thoughtful take on our lives and culture. Unlike many magazines for children, Anorak is made to be collected, cherished, handed down and revisited, and the brilliant stories and stunning designs are printed on recycled paper, using vegetable inks. The magazine encourages kids to use their imaginations and be creative. Each issue will spark a passion for words and images, inspiring children to do, make and create.

best kids magazine subscriptions

National Geographic Kids

Suitable For Ages: 7 - 14

A great magazine for children that love the natural world, every issue of National Geographic Kids has hours of fun - reading, making and playing. Read about current affairs from around the globe, as well as exploring the most amazing hidden cities, remote islands and exotic, dangerous animals. Full of stories that cover nature, science and the wilderness, National Geographic Kids is full of incredible photos, as well as interviews with legendary scientists and explorers. Games, prizes and posters are included in every issue, and there is even a Junior reporters club for those that want to get involved.

The Week Junior

Suitable For Ages: 8 - 14

From the makers of The Week, this is an informative current affairs magazine designed for kids who have curious minds. Kids can stay up-to-date with the latest news from the worlds of politics, science and technology, as well as other educational news stories about animals, nature and sports. The Week Junior encourages kids to think for themselves and to develop their own opinions, and it presents the news in a fun, colourful and easy to understand.

How It Works

Suitable For Ages: 11 +

For those kids who love learning about the world around them and understanding why things are the way they are, this is the perfect magazine. Aiming to educate, engage and enlighten its readers, the magazine covers technology, science, space, transport and history, as well as lots of other stories designed to satisfy curious minds. Packed with fascinating facts and statistics, How It Works is available through subscription and in the shops.

Mollie Makes Magazine

Suitable For Ages: 11 +

This lifestyle magazine focuses on all things crafty, sharing brilliant how-tos for making unique and creative clothes, accessories and homewares. Children that love making and crafting will find lots of inspiration in this magazine, which has lots of new ideas and fun activities to make in your own time. The magazine encourages its readers to use what they already have - changing and adapting their clothes to give them a new life. The magazines also feature the latest news from the world of art and design, including up-and-coming designers and the latest trends.  As magazines go, this has to be one of the most creative for children.

best kids magazine subscriptions

Teen Breathe

Suitable For Ages: 12 +

From the makers of Breathe, Teen Breathe is a magazine that focuses on mindfulness and wellbeing. Teens can read about social media, sport, art, design, craft and exercise, all through the lens of being mindful, happy and well. Every teen can benefit from the concept of mindfulness, so this is a great way to help them de-stress and navigate life as a teen. These magazines share tips of how to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, making it a great choice for older children who are looking for ways to cope with the stresses and strains of their teenage years. The magazine encourages kids to be curious, positive and to pay attention to the world around them, as well as teaching them the valuable principles of self-love and self-care.



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