Best Girls' Names Ending In A

Baby girl peeping out from underneath a lilac fleece blanket.

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Names ending in a are among parents' top choices for baby girls in the UK at the moment.

Of the top 10 most popular girls' names of 2020 so far, 6 of them end in a. So why are they proving so popular?

Putting aside the fact that girl names ending in a are some of the prettiest out there, the simple fact of the matter is that the way European languages have evolved has also made them some of the most common. Traditionally, the female form of Latin names end in a. This means that many of the Latinate languages of Europe (as well as English and the various other languages that are so heavily influenced by Latin), from which so many of our favourite names derive, have naturally produced a whole host of girl names that end with a. It is also traditional in various other languages to create female names out of male names by adding the suffix 'a', making girl names ending in a both prevalent and beloved the world over.

From Olivia to Layla, Mia to Sophia, we've got tons of the top names to help you make your selection. Whether you're looking for something well-loved or attempting to steer clear of the most common choice, our list of girl names ending in a should provide you with all the inspiration you need.

Most Popular Girl Names Ending In A

Looking for something well-loved for your baby girl? Check out the following list: these are some of the top girl names that end in a.

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Amelia - (German origin) means 'work'.

Anna - (Hebrew origin) one of the top names on our list, Anna has been a consistently high performer in popularity lists for years.  It is said to be derived from the Hebrew 'Hannah' and means 'grace'.

Aurora - (Latin origin) a newer (but no less beautiful) addition to the more habitually popular names on the list, Aurora means 'dawn'.

Bella - (Italian origin) means 'beautiful'.

Ella - (German origin) there are several supposed meanings of this name, our favourite of which is 'fairy maiden'.

Emma - (German origin) a consistently high scorer in the top names category, Emma means 'universal' or 'whole'.

Erica - (Old Norse origin) means 'eternal ruler'.

Isabella - (Hebrew origin) means 'pledged to God'.

Isla - (Scottish origin) this beautiful name, derived from the name of a Scottish island, has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Luna - (Latin origin) a newer addition to the popularity charts (allegedly thanks to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen!), Luna means 'moon'.

Olivia - (Latin origin) Olivia was the most popular girls' name in the UK from 2016-2018, and still remains one of the most coveted names on our list. It comes from the Latin 'oliva' and means 'olive tree'.

Sophia/Sofia - (Greek origin) means 'wisdom'.

Classic Baby Names Ending In A

These well-known girl names ending in a have all been popular at one time or another.

Baby sleeping underneath a fleece blanket.
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Christina - (Greek or Latin origin) means 'Christian'.

Diana - (Latin or Greek origin) means 'divine'.

Fiona - (Gaelic or Scottish origin) means 'fair'.

Helena - (Greek origin) means 'light'.

Jessica - (Hebrew origin) means 'gift' or 'to behold'.

Joanna - (Greek, Hebrew or Latin origin) means 'God is gracious'.

Linda - (Italian or Spanish origin) means 'pretty' or 'beautiful'.

Lydia - (Greek origin) means 'from Lydia'.

Martha - (Latin or Aramaic origin) means 'lady'.

Miranda - (Latin origin) means 'admirable'.

Monica - (North African or Latin origin) means 'advisor'.

Pamela - (Greek origin) means 'all honey' or 'sweetness'.

Samantha - (Hebrew origin) means 'God heard' or 'listener'.

Susanna - (Hebrew or Greek origin) means 'lily'.

Veronica - (Latin origin) means 'true image'.

Victoria - (Latin origin) means 'victory'.

Pretty Baby Names Starting With A

These top baby girl names are pretty as they come.

Bianca - (Italian origin) means 'white'.

Camila - (Italian or Latin origin) means 'perfect' or 'unblemished'.

Carmela - (Hebrew origin) means 'orchard'.

Carolina - (Latin origin) means 'free man'.

Cassandra - (Greek origin) means 'prophetess'.

Clarissa - (Latin origin) means 'clear' or 'bright'.

Claudia - (Latin origin) means 'lame' or 'crippled'.

Corrina - (Greek origin) means 'maiden'.

Dahlia - (Hebrew or Scandinavian origin) meaning 'flowering branch' or 'valley flower'.

Eleanora - (Arabic or Greek origin) means 'God is my light' or 'light'.

Estella - (Latin origin) means 'star'.

Francesca - (Italian origin) means 'free one' or 'from France'.

Gabriella - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my strength'.

Inessa - (Russian origin) means 'chaste'.

Johanna - (Hebrew or Greek origin) means 'God is gracious'.

Juanita - (Spanish origin) means 'God is gracious'.

Julianna - (Latin origin) means 'young' or 'youthful'.

Katrina - (German or Greek origin) means 'pure'.

Layla - (Arabic origin) means 'night'.

Maria - (Latin origin) means 'bitter'.

Natasha - (Russian origin) means 'born on Christmas day.'.

Nathalia - (Latin origin) means 'Christ's Birthday'.

Octavia - (Latin origin) means 'eighth'.

Ophelia - (Greek origin) means 'help'.

Rebecca - (Hebrew origin) means 'to tie' or 'to bind'.

Samara - (Arabic origin) means 'protected by God' or 'guardian'.

Sasha - (Greek origin) means 'to defend'.

Savanna - (Spanish origin) means 'open plane'.

Talia - (Hebrew origin) means 'dew of heaven'.

Willa - (German origin) means 'protection'.

Yolanda - (Greek or French origin) means 'violet'.

Zara - (Arabic or Hebrew origin) means 'blossoming flower' or 'lady'.

Zinnia - (Latin origin) means 'flower'.

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3-Letter Baby Names Ending In A

These three-letter names for girls ending in a are short and sweet.

Ava - (Latin origin) means 'life'.

Bea - (from the Latin 'Beatrix') means 'she who brings happiness'.

Eva -(Hebrew origin) means 'life'.

Fia -(Latin origin) means 'fire' or 'flame'.

Gia - (Italian origin) means 'God is gracious'.

Lia - (Italian origin) derived from the Hebrew 'Leah' which means 'weary'.

Mia - (Italian origin) means 'mine'.

4-Letter Baby Names Ending In A

Looking for a classic four-letter name for your baby girl? Look no further than this list.

Anya - (Russian origin) means 'grace' or 'gracious'.

Aria - (Italian origin) means 'air'.

Asia - (Greek origin) means 'the rising sun' or 'lively'.

Ayla - (Hebrew origin) means 'oak tree'.

Baya - (Spanish origin) means 'berry'.

Cara - (Latin origin) means 'beloved' or 'dear'.

Dana - (Hebrew origin) means 'God has judged'.

Dina - (Hebrew origin) means 'judged'.

Dora - (Greek origin) means 'gift'.

Elsa - (Hebrew origin) means 'God's promise'.

Etta - (English origin) the short form of 'Henrietta', Etta is believed to mean 'ruler of the home'.

Fara - (Arabic origin) means 'happiness'.

Gina - (Italian origin) means 'queen'.

Imra - (German origin) means 'entire' or 'whole'.

Jada - (Hebrew origin) means 'wise' or 'he knows'; (Arabic origin) means 'goodness'.  

Juna - (Latin origin) means 'June'.

Kaya - (Hopi origin) means 'my elder sister'.

Kyra - (Greek origin) means 'lady'.

Lana - (Greek or Slavic origin) means 'light'.

Lena - (Hebrew origin) means 'woman of Magdala'.

Lila - (Arabic or Persian origin) means 'night'.

Liza - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my oath'.

Lola - (Spanish origin) means 'sorrows'.

Lyla - (Arabic origin) means 'night'.

Lyra - (Greek origin) refers to 'a lyre' (a small, harp-like instrument).

Maya - (Hindu origin) means 'illusion'.

Mila - (Russian origin) means 'dear' or 'gracious'.

Nora - (Arabic origin) means 'light'.

Nova - (Latin origin) means 'new'.

Nyla - (Arabic origin) means 'winner'.

Rosa - (Latin origin) means 'rose'.

Zora - (Slavic origin) means 'dawn'.

Zoya - (Persian or Greek origin) means 'life'.

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5-Letter Baby Names Ending In A

A round-up of the top five-letter baby names for girls.

Amaya - (Arabic origin) means 'night rain'.

Ciana - (Italian origin) means 'God is gracious'.

Dalia - (Hebrew or Swahili origin) means 'branch of a tree' or 'gentle'.

Dania - (Hebrew origin) means 'God's my judge'.

Dayla - (Hebrew origin) means 'bough' or 'branch'.

Delia - (Greek origin) form the Greek island, 'Delos'.

Elena - (Greek or Italian origin) means 'shining light'.

Eliza - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my oath'.

Elora - (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my light'.

Flora - (Latin origin) means 'flower'.

Freya - (Old Norse origin) means 'lady'.

Frida - (German origin) means 'peace'.

Genna - (English origin) means 'white wave'.

Greta - (German origin) means 'pearl'.

Hanna - (Hebrew origin) means 'grace' or 'favour'.

Imara - (Swahili origin) means 'strong'.

Inesa - (Greek origin) means 'pure' or 'innocent'.

Jenna - (English origin) means 'fair one'.

Julia - (Latin origin) means 'youthful'.

Kayla - (Hebrew origin) means 'crown of laurels'.

Keira - (Hebrew origin) means 'a beam of light'.

Livia - (Latin origin) means 'envious'.

Lucia - (Italian origin) means 'light'.

Pippa - (Greek or English origin) means 'horse-lover'.

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6-Letter Baby Names Starting With A

Looking for a 6-letter name? These baby names might be just what you're after.

Alicia - (German origin) means 'noble'.

Danika - (Slavic origin) means 'morning star'.

Ivanka - (Slavic and Hebrew origin) means 'God is gracious'.

Kamila - (Arabic origin) means 'young person in religious service'.

Katiya - (Russian origin) means 'pure'.

Mikela - (Hebrew origin) means 'who is like God'.

Stella - (Latin origin) means 'star'.

Sylvia - (Latin origin) means 'of the forest'.

Names That End And Start With A

Girl names that start and end in a have a certain ring to them, making them a lovely choice for your baby girl. Take a look at our picks below.

Adriana/Adrianna - (Latin origin) means 'man of Adria'.

Alexa - (Greek origin) means 'defender of man'.

Alyssa - (Greek origin) means 'noble' or 'rational'.

Angelina - (Greek or Italian origin) means 'messenger' or 'angel'.

Arabella - (Latin origin) means 'given to prayer'.

Ariana - (Italian origin) means 'most holy'.

Athena - (Greek origin) referring to the goddess Athena of wisdom and war from Greek mythology.



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