25 Best Camel Jokes For Kids

Camel with its mouth slightly open, looking like it's laughing.

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What did the camel say to the Kidadl reader? It's time to learn some new ways of having a giggle with this selection of puns and kids animal jokes! We've served up some brilliant lines on water-based animals like whales, now its time to take a trip to the desert. So waddle away from the penguin jokes and feast your eyes on some dry humour.

These comical creatures can travel up to 40 miles per hour, stand up to two metres tall, and can live up to 50 years old in the wild. Adapted to live in the desert with multiple eyelids and lashes and nostrils that can close to keep the sand out.

Camels know how to survive, and can even go without water for 2 months, getting energy from the fat stored in their humps. World camel day is celebrated in June, and there's even growing demand for camel milk ice cream, but what will you find to add to your comedy collection below?

The Famous Camel Jokes

There's a couple of much-loved camel jokes that could be the most famous of them all. Why not try them out and see what your audience says? We can promise laughter with this first classic joke, and another made famous by the Disney movie Zootropolis. Remember the hilarious scene between Nick Wilde and Flash the Sloth?  

1.What do you call a camel that has no humps? Humphrey!

2.What do you call a three humped camel? pregnant!

Camel Quips From The Desert

The well definitely hasn't run dry with this selection of desert-themed genius direct from the sand dunes.

3.What is sweet and walks across a desert? A Caramel.

4.What Christmas carol do they sing in the desert? O' Camel ye faithful.

5.Where does a camel go after he's eaten his main course? He walks straight to the desert trolley.

6.How does a camel go across the desert without going hungry? Because of all the sand-wiches there!

7.One evening a camel is walking across the desert and he hears a coyote screaming. He walks towards the coyote and asks him; How come you coyotes are only screaming at night? The wolf replies: during the day you can see the cacti before sitting on it!

Camel standing in the desert with some grass in its mouth and a saddle on its back.
© H Bieser, under creative commons licence.

Funny Camel Jokes

Use some of these on your friends and family, and they'll never be in a hump.

8.How do the cool camels say hello? How you dune?

9.How do you serve a camel a cup of tea? Ask them if they want one hump or two?

10.Why was Camel-lot famous? For its knight-life.

11.Why do camels blend in so well to their surroundings? They use camel-flage

12.What do you call a camel that cries? A Humpback-wail.

13.What is a baby camels favourite nursery rhyme?  Hump-ty dumpty!

Four Of The Best Camel Puns

Will you get the chance to make use of one of these short, sharp animal puns? They are the perfect way to make your friends laugh.

14.Lights, camel-ra, action.

15.Let me get my camel-corder

16.My favourite cheese is camel-bert, what's yours?

17.When the caravan (flock) was asked what it wanted for dinner, a camel replied 'just deserts'.

More Camel Jokes

From a hit animated movie, to clever plays on words and reworking of a classic, Kidadl says it'll be a laugh a minute with these extra camel funnies.

18.What is Aladdin's favourite blend of tea? Jasmine and camel-mile tea.

19.What do camels say to the Oasis? I won't ever desert you.

20.Why do camels say they leave a party early? Because they get the hump.

21.Why did the camel cross the road? Because there are no chickens in the desert.

22.What is a camels favourite day of the week? Hump-day! (Wednesday).

23.What did the camel say to the Sahara? Long time no sea.

24.What’s the difference between King Arthur and Cleopatra? One had Camelot and the other had a lot of camels!

25.Why was the camel always fed up of this partner? Because she was always giving him the hump!



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