50+ Best Bee Puns That You'll Buzz About

child with bee puns

We've found some of the best bee puns, bee jokes and one-liners we can - we reckon they're the bee's knees!

They're all so honey - I mean funny - that you'll get a buzz just from reading them. find just the right bee pun or joke that will bee perfect for sharing with your friends and family.

Once you've read these bee puns, jokes and one-liners, we reckon you'll have caught the bug and want to find more and be the queen bee of the joke world.

Bee Puns

Bee puns

Prepare to be bee-witched by these honey puns!  Need puns for a poem or card? We hive everything you need!

1) That posh wasp is just plain snob-bee!

2) Will you quit pollen my leg?

3) Can you catch the buzz to school?

4) To bee or not to bee, that is the question!

5) have you got a bee in your bonnet?

6) A force to bee reckoned with

7) Honey, I'm home!

8) Buzz off!

9) I don't hive a clue!

10) Hive a nice day!

11) Bees love the summer because its swarm outside.

12) Wasp are you talking about?

13) Give me a hive five!

Bee Puns

Bee one-liners

You'll hive them laughing in the aisles with these funny-honey bee jokes.

14) Do you think a bee brushes their hair with a honeycomb?

15) I went to the bee store because I wanted 12 bees. But the cashier gave me 13 - he said it was a free bee.

16) When a dad bee leaves the house, do you think the mum see says Honeycomb home?

17) That bee is talking way too quietly. She must be a mumble-bee!

18) Do you think a bee's favourite book is the Great Gats-bee?

19) I went into a pet shop and asked to buy a bee. The shopkeeper said they didn't have bees. I said: ''But there's one in your window''.

20) The bee who preferred to fly backwards all the time was heard going "zzub, zzub, zzub!"

21) I may have never seen a humming bird, but I've definitely seen a spelling bee.

22) When bees get married, they really look forward to the honeymoon.

23) The bee got fired from the hairdressers. The only style he could do was a buzz-cut.

Bee Puns

Question and Answer Bee Jokes

24) What do you call a bee that's a bad loser? It's a cry ba-bee!

25)  What's a bee's favourite sport? Rug-bee.

26) What did the mummy bee call her baby? My little hum-bug.

27) What do you call a bee that can't make up its mind? A maybe

28) What are the names for bees from America? USBs.

29) What do you call a bee that needs a drink? Beehydrated!

30) What did the mummy bee say to her naughty son? You must beehive!

31) What do you call a bee that never quite got into the hive? A wanna-bee!

32) How do bee boys and girls get to school? They take the buzz.

33) What do bees get given on the first day of school? The sylla-buzz.

34) Which painter do bees like? Pablo Bee-casso

35) If you have a bee in your hand, what do you have in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

36) What is a bee's favourite Spice Girls single? Wanna-bee!

Bee Puns

37) What’s stripey and flies at 30,000 feet? A bee on a plane

38) What is yellow and black and goes along the seabed? A bee in a submarine.

39) What do they call a bee that doesn't stop talking? Blabb-bee.

40) What are the bees' favourite weapons? BeeBee guns.

41) What happens to a bee that belches near the queen bee?   It gets a royal pardon.

42) What's worse than being a fool? Fooling a bee.

43) What do bees love to chew? Bumble gum!

44) What did one bee say to the other when they both landed on the same flower? Buzzzzzz off!

45) Which shape is a bees' favourite? A Rhom-buzz!

46) What did the teacher bee say to their students? Bee on your best bee-haviour!

47) What was the hive's favourite Shakespeare line? "To bee or not to bee"

48) What does a bee like playing in the park? A fris-bee

49) What do you call a bee that's dressed up for halloween? A bee-witched

50) What does the queen bee say to the worker bees? You should bee more productive.

51) What do you call a bee who doesn't show off? A humble bee

52) What do you call a ghost bee? A boo bee.

53) Why did the bee live through the winter? Because it wore a yellow jacket.



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