Adorable Girls' Names Beginning With A

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Deciding on a baby name can be tough, especially when you have a specific letter in mind and just can't seem to come up with many ideas.

If it's names starting with the letter 'A' that you're after - we're more than happy to help you out. From Alice to Amelia to Ava, there are so many lovely, popular, and unique girls' names to choose from - and all of which have their own special meanings.

With categories such as classic names, unique names, names from around the world, and even names with noble connotations to pick from - check out our favourite 54 girl names starting with 'A' down below and see if you can find that perfect fit!

Classic Baby Girl Names That Start With A

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If it's classic or well-known girl names starting with an 'A' that you're after, check out our list below and see if you can find the one. There's something so appealing about naming your baby girl after a popular name or one that you've grown up hearing and loving that's familiar to you. After all, there's a reason that these baby girl names are classics!

1) Abigail (of Hebrew Origin), a lovely name for a baby girl meaning "my father's joy".

2) Addison (of English Origin) meaning "son of Adam".

3) Ainsley (of English Origin), a quaint baby name meaning "a solitary clearing".

4) Alexandra (of Greek Origin) meaning "one who comes to save warriors".

5) Alice (of German Origin), a popular baby name for girls meaning "noble, or exalted".

6) Alisha (of American Origin) meaning "one of noble kin".

7) Amber (of Arabic Origin), one of our favourite baby girl names that start with 'A' meaning "the fossilised tree resin, or the colour red/orange".

8) Amelia (of English Origin) meaning "work".

9) Annabel (of English/Hebrew/French Origin), another of our favourite girl names starting with 'A' meaning "beauty of grace".

10) Anastasia (of Greek Origin) meaning "resurrection".

11) Anna (of Latin Origin) meaning "favour, grace, or beautiful".

12) Arabella (of English Origin), a sweet and popular baby girl name meaning "a beautiful lion".

13) Ashley (of English Origin) meaning "an ash tree meadow".

14) Aubrey (of French/German Origin) meaning "an elf, or a supernatural being".

Unique Names For Girls

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After something a little more unique? It can be great having a name that's slightly unusual or simply not very well known - take a look at the baby girl names below and see what you think. All easy to pronounce and with special meanings - these girl names with 'A' may just be the perfect fit!

15) Acacia (of Greek Origin), and the name derives from the name of a tree.

16) Ajaya (of Hindi Origin) meaning "invincible".

17) Alara (of Armenian Origin) meaning "a water fairy".

18) Aleyda (of Greek Origin) meaning "she who is like Athena".

19) Amira (of Arabic Origin), one of our favourite baby names starting with 'A' meaning "a princess".

20) Andie (of American Origin) meaning "courageous".

21) Arla (of Swedish Origin) meaning "early".

22) August (of Latin Origin), another of our favourite girl names starting with 'A' meaning "to increase".

23) Autumn (of Latin Origin) meaning "fall, or autumn".

24) Aya (of Japanese Origin), a popular baby girl name meaning "design, colour, or beautiful".

25) Aylin (of Turkish Origin) meaning "halo of the moon".

26) Azaria (of Hebrew Origin), a pretty girl name beginning with 'A' that means meaning "God has helped".

Names For Girls From Around The World

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There are plenty of lovely girls names beginning with 'A' out there, but if you're looking for something a little more exotic rather than traditional - you've still got plenty of choices. You may just find that there are so many gorgeous baby girl names out there that you haven't even heard of!

27) Adriana (of Latin Origin), a lovely baby girls' name meaning "of Adria, or of the Adriatic".

28) Agatha (of Greek Origin), a name meaning "good".

29) Aimee (of French Origin) meaning "one who is beloved".

30) Alaia (of Arabic Origin), a gorgeous name choice for your baby girl meaning "sublime".

31) Alba (of Latin Origin)  meaning "sunrise, or dawn".

32) Alexis (of Greek Origin) a lovely girls name meaning "a helper, or a defender".

33) Allegra (of Italian Origin) meaning "joyful, happy, or lively".

34) Amanda (of Latin Origin) meaning "deserving to be loved".

35) Amara (of Indian Origin), a lovely girl name beginning with 'A' that means meaning "eternal".

36) Amina (of Arabic Origin), a girls name meaning "peace".

37) Andrea (of Italian Origin), another of our favourite girl names starting with 'A' meaning "virile".

38) Angel (of Greek Origin), a sweet name for your baby girl meaning "a messenger of God".

39) Angela (of Greek Origin), a lovely name meaning "an angel".

40) Angelique (of French Origin) meaning "a messenger of God".

41) Aoife (of Irish Origin), one of Ireland's most lovely baby names meaning "beauty, or radiance".

42) April (of Latin Origin), a name signifying the fourth month of the year.

43) Aria (of Italian/Albanian Origin) meaning either "air", or "treasure".

44) Arianna (of Greek Origin), one of our favourite baby girls' names meaning "most holy".

45) Astra (of Greek Origin), a sweet name meaning "from the stars".

46) Ava (of Latin Origin), a short and snappy name meaning "like a bird".

Names of Nobility

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Noble may not be a word that you hear too often when describing a person but by definition, being noble can mean someone who has fine personal qualities or high moral principles that others can admire. With that in mind, while you may want to consider girls names that start with an  'A' - the names listed below also hold that special meaning of being noble - perfect for your baby girl.

47) Aaliyah (of Arabic Origin), a gorgeous girl name beginning with 'A' that means "high, or exalted".

48) Ada (of German Origin), this name means "nobility".

49) Adeline (of French Origin), a pretty baby name meaning "nobility, or noble".

50) Adele (of German Origin) meaning "nobility".

51) Alberta (of German Origin) meaning "one who is noble, and bright".

52) Alina (of Slavic Origin) one of our favourite girls' names beginning with 'A' meaning "one who is noble, and kind".

53) Alissa (of English Origin), a pretty baby name meaning "of noble kin".

54) Audrey (of English Origin) meaning "noble, or strength".



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