7 Horrible Reasons Why You Should Go and See Horrible Histories Barmy Britain: Part Four!

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories Barmy Britain: Part Four is invading a theatre near you! Headed to the Apollo Theatre in Piccadilly Circus for just one month only, Horrible Histories Barmy Britain is providing your dose of gore and humour this summer! Mount a mutiny against King Henry VIII, learn why it's very important to go to the dentist with Queen Elizabeth I, see if you're a good witch or bad witch with King James I and so much more in this fun-filled show for all the family aged five and up. It's a killer! Don't forget to take advantage of Kidadl's horrible 2 for 1 deal on tickets for one week only beginning 29th July!

Here are seven horrible reasons to go if you don't believe us...

1. See figures of history you thought were dead, well... alive!

In this wacky, hilarious show you’ll witness characters from history that you thought were dead! Watch as iconic figures of the Tudor period including Henry VIII and Mary Queen of Scots are brought to life before your very eyes, live on-stage. Get a feel for what it felt like to be under the reign of a King who had a soft spot for beheading and King James I who hung those he thought were witches (ouch!). Experience the wrath of Richard III and the Ruthless Romans in this fast-paced, witty show!

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII performing in Horrible Histories Barmy Britain

2. It's essentially a history lesson, but not as you know it!

Move aside all of your textbooks and notepads and get out your tickets! Come on down to the Apollo Theatre to experience a history lesson - but not as you know it. This one isn’t taught by teachers, instead, actors! At the heart of Horrible Histories Barmy Britain there’s a history lesson to be learnt and the performers do an incredible job of keeping the audience entertained and engaged whilst actually teaching you some pretty epic facts about Britain! As an educational and entertaining piece of theatre - it’s bound to impress your mini historians!

3. Experience the magic of live (horrible) theatre

There’s nothing more horrible than sitting in luxurious, velvet seats in a dark room, full of anticipation, ready to witness some of London’s best entertainment… The good news is with Horrible Histories Barmy Britain, mini historians are so immersed in the history that they won’t feel like they’re at the theatre at all! And the even better news is that you don’t have to have seen the other three parts to enjoy and understand the show! But on a real note, getting to see Henry VIII live on stage - that’s pretty cool.

Performers dancing in Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Four

4. Marvel at the Royal robes and stately sets

Aside from the hilarious acting, impressive facts and comical (but surprisingly good) singing, the costumes and sets in Horrible Histories Barmy Britain are a sight to behold. The robes and dresses are intricately designed, adorned with pearls and lace, adding to the immersive nature of the production - we wouldn’t mind a few of Queen Elizabeth’s dresses ourselves! The sets are unique and clever and will be sure to put a smile on your youngsters’ faces as they become completely transfixed by what Barmy Britain has to offer!

Tudor fashionable dresses and robes

5. Be grossed out by some gruesome truths!

Barmy Britain is most definitely not for the faint hearted! Filled to the brim with gruesome details of plague symptoms and beheadings, get ready for an afternoon of gore, guts and well... heads! Get up close and personal with Queen Elizabeth I’s terrible, rotten teeth (always go to the dentist!), learn how to survive a night with the night soil men (ew!) and help Georgian detectives find the headless man! Get ready to witness the history of Britain with all the nasty bits left in.

Portrait of a Tudor Queen in the National Gallery

6. If you love the TV show and books, you'll love it live!

From page to stage, Horrible Histories has taken British reading and daytime telly-watching culture by storm. From the catchy songs to laugh-out-loud sketches, to the love-to-hate characters and of course, Rattus Rattus - the talking rat, Horrible Histories has definitely made a name for itself in our households! You’ll get all the gore but ten times the laughs as you witness familiar characters and sketches live on-stage! Forget reading the story of Samuel Pepys to your little ones at bedtime, peep into his world and watch his famous diary come to life, mount a mutiny against King Henry VIII, see if you can knock the spots off Mary Queen of Scots and so much more!

Horrible Histories BBC television show Vile Victorians

7. Catch it while you can!

Unfortunately, these figures of the past are not hanging around for long. Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Four is only on for a month - catch the Rotten Romans, Gorgeous Georgians and more from 1-31st August at The Apollo Theatre while you still can! It’s bound to tickle your funny bones and teach you a thing or two about Britain. Oozing with gore and bursting with facts, Horrible Histories is the fast-paced, daft yet clever, hilarious, family show you need in your life right now. Book now but be careful - don’t lose your head.

Two Tudors in Horrible Histories live onstage


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