5 Reasons Why School Of Rock Will Rock Your Socks Off!

School of Rock

Everybody knows and loves the classic Jack Black comedy, but now Andrew Lloyd Webber has taken the film to the next immersive level on stage. School Of Rock - The Musical at the New London Theatre will make you feel like you’re at an actual rock concert, and you won’t believe the music is all coming from kids! Here’s 5 reasons why we think you’ll love it.

The Kids Are Hugely Talented

Whilst Jack Black might be the star of the film version, here it’s the kids that really steal the show. Everything you see onstage is really them playing and their talent is unbelievable - it’ll leave you awestruck and your kids inspired, air-guitaring and raring to pick an instrument themselves.

School of Rock Musical

It Certainly Lives Up To The Film

Sometimes adaptations of our favourites can never live up to the original, but playwright Julian Fellowes has stuck close to the film and it pays off here. You get to be reunited with your favourite familiar characters and see the story you love come alive on stage. 

It’s Hilarious!

One thing that certainly translates from screen to stage is School Of Rock’s comedy. Just like the film, the show is laugh-out-loud funny and Noel Sullivan does a great Jack Black-esque job as slacker Dewey Finn.

School of Rock Musical

The Legendary Composer

As well as catchy favourites from the film like ‘In The End Of Time’ and ‘Stick It To The Man’, the musical features 14 new songs composed by the king of theatre Andrew Lloyd Webber and award-winning lyricist Glenn Slater. If that’s not a recipe for musical success we don’t know what is!

You’ll Feel Like You’re At A Rock Concert 

School Of Rock is like a musical and gig all-in-one - the energy and music are so explosive that it’s like being at a kid-friendly rock show. If you love live music then it’s worth paying a bit extra for seats near the front, as by the end of the show everyone is up dancing, singing and completely rocking out. A Kidadler tip though - if you or your child has sensitive ears, bring ear defenders! These kids don’t hold back.



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