40+ Best Zabrak Names

Find great Zabrak names with this handy list.

Zabrak are instantly recognisable to fans of Star Wars.

They are near humans but have some distinct physical attributes which separates them from humans. They have a wide range of skin tones (from peach, to white, yellow, red, brown and black), distinct horn patterns and unusual hair growth (most of the Zabraks don’t have any eyelashes or facial hair).

Zabrak also have facial tattoos which represent their tribe. Zabraks have a strong sense of determination and they are quite independent as well. In the franchise Zabraks can breed with humans, and thus evolved a sub species known as Dathomirian. Darth Maul (whose real name is simply Maul) is often considered to be Zabrak, but is actually a Dathomirian.

Zabraks are native to the planet Iridonia, so these names were all derived from Iridonia. A number of Zabrak families are named after Bukks. Bukks are the herd of animals found in the Iridonia region who were initially raised as a food source. This list includes loads of great Zabrak names, we hope you enjoy them and if you are still looking for more character names, why not take a look at these Twi'lek names and these 'Star Wars' girl names.

Male Zabrak Names

Names from the Zabrak community have a very interesting tradition. For instance, unlike Jedi, Sith have been long associated as  worshippers of dark forces, they were known for their selfish powers. Below are some Zabrak names from 'Star Wars'. Most of these names are derived from the nature or animals associated with the Zabrak species. Let's see what are these names and what is the meaning of each name.

1. Akhoi - (Sanskrit origin) Zabrak name meaning "champion with horns".

2. Be'et - (French origin) meaning "superior to".

3. Blok - (Dutch origin) meaning "domesticated Iridonian animal name related to Banthas".

4. Edalin - (Dutch origin) meaning "ancestors or old".

5. Edar - (Silesia origin) Zabrak name meaning "adult one".

6. Jhere - (Indo-European origin) meaning "a clan member".

7. Kal'vyshade - (American origin) meaning "war or honor".

8. Kep - (English origin) meaning "child".

9. Lok - (Chinese origin) meaning "domestic animals, but not related to Banthas".

10. Ordae - (Latin origin) meaning "brain".

11. Res Selenoren - (English origin) meaning "rites of adulthood" in Zabrak language.

12. Vyi - (Norman origin) meaning "battle", this name has long been associated with warriors.

13. Zur - (Jewish origin) meaning "fast flying insects", they have quite an old tradition of being fortunate.

Find lots of Zabrak names in this great list.

Female Zabrak Names

Below we have given some female Zabrak 'Star Wars' names inspired by the Zabrak mythology. These are quite interesting names, why not take a look?

14. Amina - (Arabic origin) meaning "Goddess".

15. Am'Jenor - (Hebrew origin) meaning "holy knowledge".

16. Am'Keynal - (Biblical origin) meaning "holy speaker".

17. Ay - (Star Wars origin) meaning "a crown".

18.Ay'edar - (Hebrew origin) meaning "elder".

19.Fik - (German origin) 'Star Wars' Zabrak name meaning "fast".

20.Linare - (Spanish origin) meaning "old family traditions".

21.Mali - (Mali origin) meaning "member of old inferior clan".

22.Nuin - (English origin) meaning "friend".

23.Orakep - (New Zealand origin) meaning "novice".

24.Pelial - (Greek origin) meaning "old planet".

25.Sash - (English origin) meaning "great strength used while dancing".

26.Yemeslari - Jedi Zabrak name meaning "creating life".

Gender Neutral Zabrak Names

Below are some of the most popular gender neutral names. These names also include some Zabrak Jedi names. You can see that many Zabrak joined the Jedi order in 'Star Wars'.

27.Abram - (Hebrew origin) meaning "the person who is a new resident of Manchester".

28.Amira - (Hebrew origin) old name meaning "prayer and someone who would like being religious".

29.Babiak - (Russian origin) characters of 'Star Wars', meaning "a friendly and amicable person".

30.Barak - (Semitic origin) meaning "lightening and is often used during wars".

31.Cabral - (Portuguese origin) meaning "the place of goats".

32.Labra - This is the habitational name of people who are the residents of Asturies.

33.Labrake - ('Star Wars' character name) meaning "brave and courageous person".

34.Mabray - (English origin) meaning "a person who see to everyone and has lots of mercy".

35.Marak - (Derived from Swtor) meaning "a person who lives near the sea".

36.Maynel - (Middle English origin) meaning "wanderer  who like to move in the battlefield areas".

37.Pelire - Zabric name meaning "precious".

38.Sith -(Middle English origin) meaning "one from the Sith order who are part of the dark side of force".

39.Tabak - (American origin) meaning "a brave and courageous warrior".

40.Triz - (Russian origin) the name of some of the primitive species who are said to be the original  residents of the Zabrak community.

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