4 Truly Wonderful Sights Kids Will Discover On The Classic Tour of London

London bus

Taking a Classic Tour of London is one of the very best ways you can discover some of the top London attractions. On this bus tour for those aged four and above, you can you learn about places you might not have thought to visit before! You can also hop off the bus when a particular place takes your fancy, and jump back on again once you’ve explored it thoroughly. 

Of course you’ll get to see all the famous and historic landmarks, like the Houses of Parliament and London Bridge, but you’ll also pass some of London’s most child-friendly attractions as well. So if you’re bussing around London with the kids, look out for these stops on your way - the little ones will thank you!

Learn to fly with the London Eye

Okay, so it’s not exactly flying, but at 135 metres above the ground your kids will be just as impressed as if they were soaring over the city with their very own pair of wings. This isn’t one of London’s oldest landmarks, but it’s quickly become one of its most famous - and with good reason. Almost four million visitors per year enjoy spectacular views over the capital from this giant ferris wheel with its transparent glass capsules - each of which can hold up to 25 people. It’s a must, and an unforgettable experience whatever your age!

View of London with London Eye

Try your luck at Trafalgar Square

While adults may admire the architecture and heritage behind this most well-known of London public spaces, kids will go crazy for the giant lion sculptures, the tiny police box, and the great battle story behind Trafalgar Square. All the statues and monuments in and around Trafalgar Square are permanent, but look out for the wildcard that is the Fourth Plinth, where a variety of exciting modern art pieces pop up thanks to the clever curation of this otherwise empty spot. As a central gathering place for all kinds of public activity, you never know what might be going down in Trafalgar Square from one day to the next, but with the art gallery and so many tourists so close by, you can bet it’s always interesting!

View of Trafalgar Square with market stalls and people

Don’t just visit, join the staff at London Zoo

The oldest scientific zoo in the world, London Zoo has got its offer down pat. More than just a place to wander and gaze at different species, there are daily activities you can drop in on during your visit. See feeding time happen, watch the tigers play, and observe animals showing off their skills at public demonstrations. Kids can even play at being zookeepers with the Mini Keepers events, getting stuck in with some of the daily tasks involved with looking after the animals. 

tiger at london zoo

A change is as good as a rest for the guards at Buckingham Palace

Not strictly an event for kids, but one they’ll love nonetheless, the changing of the guard is an impressive display of history, theatre and precision that has absolutely no age limit. 
Once the Queen’s well-dressed guardsmen are due to have their tea or go home for a nap, their replacements need to come out and take over outside Buckingham Palace. Rather than simply stroll out, shake hands and swap places, the Changing of the Guard is a formal ceremony that tourists travel from all over the world to see. It's definitely not one to miss during your bus tour - there’s nothing else quite like it. Best of all, it’s free! 

guards at Buckingham Palace



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