11 Funny Lockdown Moments That Happen To Every Family

remembering funny lockdown moments

As restrictions are eased, we look back on the challenges of lockdown life with kids.

Perhaps you shared lockdown with preschoolers; maybe you had to convert your house into both a school and an office. Whatever the challenges, every parent will have experienced some of the following funny moments.

funny lockdown moments

1. "Daaad. Can you come and wipe my bottom please!?!," screamed in repetition while you're having a Zoom meeting with the boss.

2. Today's elaborate craft project has successfully transformed a pile of junk into... a slightly larger pile of junk covered in glitter, which can no longer be recycled. Well done, you.

3. You tell yourself: "An hour or two playing games on the iPad definitely counts as a form of homeschooling."

4. You find mugs in the strangest of places, most of which are one-third full of cold tea, and which nobody remembers making.

5. A favourite toy has gone missing. It used to be at the bottom of the toy box. Now you have to dig through endless strata of Lego, dolls, action figures, discarded craft projects, and assorted layers of mess. You briefly consider calling in the Time Team to oversee the excavation.

7. "Do not mention glitter. If the child wants glitter, we must pretend it has run out. If the child gets hold of glitter, we must run for the hills."

funny lockdown moments

8. You laugh deliriously at all the newsletters that urge you to "get baking", when nobody's seen a bag of self-raising flour for weeks. And you've as much chance of finding the goose that lays golden eggs as tracking down some actual, normal eggs.

9. You think back wistfully to a time when your cultural references were broader than Frozen, Moana and Tangled. On the other hand, you can now impress your friends by identifying any species of Disney Princess.

10. That daily email to a client, apologising for your previous message, which included the phrase "sdfljg dfsbl s adsa xxxxxxxxxxx". A toddler's elbow may be to blame.

funny lockdown moments

11. And after lockdown has ended? "Muuuuum. I don't want to go out!"



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